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Personal Finance

It comes to personal finance, this has much to do with pure finance you will find rather in understanding the world or scholarship.
Here we teach you to manage your budget, get rich with key concepts: the performance is associated with risk, the power of compound interest, the principle assets and liabilities…

→ 26/10/2016


The value

The concept of value is something fundamental in finance, trade and personal finance. It is so important that it has many subcategories. …

Your financial independence in 5 steps only

Many people dream to be millionaires. Some people play the Euromillions is relying to chance or luck. Others buy financial products fashionable …

Consume is preventing you access to happiness

Happiness is the only quest logic   If you put your concerns of adults aside for a moment and think about it, …

Become rich and independent financially by earning the smic minimum wage

Getting rich by earning the SMIC (minimum wage growth) is possible nowadays, but no matter how. This article is a response to …

This summer, don't be too cicada.

  In france, 1 in every 2 saves for 9 to 12 months * approximately €2233 * to pay for a holiday. …

The Government and businesses, are looking not they do not know the subject

At the corner of google + I found this #expérience #entreprise #gouvernement #compétence #humour (suite…)

The money, the school war nerve

Of our day, it is hard to write that we are at war, yet in these troubled times, there is a severe …

The scarcity determines the price and the quality, or how to sell more expensive.

Economics is the science of management of rare things. It is, in general, any student learns in one of his first lessons …

Vernimmen, the reference in corporate finance

I give you the secret of the masters in finance, one of the reference books, a veritable bible in finance. The book …

How to get rich quickly and really easily: Final l´article

How to become rich? Is there a simple formula to apply? The first thing is to know that some become rich because …

→ 30/03/2016


10 things that rich people know that you do not

People become rich not by accident, here's how they become As a financial advisor, I sometimes find myself envious of some customers. …

5 habits of the wealthy who allow to be rich

  5 habits of the rich who helped them rich d´etre Why the rich get richer? Most of the time, this is …

How to become a millionaire in 20 years, 25 years or when I was young?

Imagine becoming a millionaire. How would it be to have all the money you need to live the life you always wanted? …

To become rich with 40/50/60 years it is always still possible

Nowadays, when we talk about money, you move so easily. Especially in France. The topic is taboo. As if to be ashamed …

→ 07/02/2016


→ 23/01/2016


Book: think and get rich by Napoleon Hill

You will find in this book that nobody will ever teach elsewhere: how to assimilate and apply the principles that you will …

Students learn how to manage your budget

If you are a student, you should know that it is possible to reconcile good time and savings, or even later investment, …

A few tips for becoming rich

A small list of sometimes simple advice, but all full of good sense. The keys to wealth here rule no. 1: spend …

→ 19/11/2015


→ 18/11/2015


→ 17/11/2015


→ 20/10/2015


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