A few tips for becoming rich



A small list of sometimes simple advice, but all full of good sense. The keys to wealth here rule no. 1: spend less than what you earn

Rule No. 1: spend less than what you earn

This may seem obvious, but people often have no idea what they actually spend, and what this represents over what they earn. And today, with credit cards and advertisements, it is very easy and very tempting to live beyond its means. However, remember that the rich live below their means, because Yes it becomes not rich for nothing and it becomes not rich in brand.

Rule No. 2: never spend your capital

If, for one reason or another, you remove some of your capital to make an expenditure that is not an investment you lose enormously! In a single sample, you can lose the benefit of many years of investment. Indeed you sabordez your own base. Buy the latest iphone for example will not only cost the price of the phone, but no longer imagine all the interests that you will lose in the long run! You shouldn't have to chase your own hard earned money.

Rule No. 3: pay yourself first

Put at least 10% of your earnings aside each month. Before all the money you earn starting in invoices and expenses, remember to keep a part for you.
The easiest way to proceed is to set up an automatic transfer which takes 10% of your salary as soon as you receive it, and deposits into a savings account that you do not touch. The measurement of time and your d´epargne income will grow. Also make sure your situation is comfortable, c´est – to say that the other n´aient not your fat but your leftovers.

Rule No. 4: make a budget

Make a budget to the other rules. In fact l´essentiel is to know approximately how many euros return and how many come out. However, the budget must be more specific or if the amounts are very important if you are very fair.

Rule No 5: minimize your expenses

C´EST a rule of thumb, but often the most despised, because firstly the consumer society grows to consume. Second when you think 'rich' thought often "beautiful car" so that the real rich, those who hold long-term are not high rollers. More less you need to live more it is easy d´atteindre l´independance l´objectif and d´investir.

The simplest L´exemple: a young living with dad/mom with a salary to the minimum wage that pays no rent: its break-even point is at 500 euros so it can save 60% of his income was about 600 euros/month. It will therefore be more easily rich qu´une person working at € 2500 and €2300 of loads.

Rule No. 6: never borrow to buy a property which depreciates

Make it a habit to buy than what you can pay cash. If you do not have the money, save until you have the means to your purchase. When you buy credit property whose value decreases with time (car, TV, clothes, furniture, etc.), you actually turn your back to your goal of financial independence and you move away.
Not only the value of what you buy will decrease, but in addition you pay the price strong because it will add to the purchase price the interests of your credit.
Take a credit, it is also losing your freedom, because you will work to give money to your banker. Pay off your existing debts as soon as possible. Worse, at the end of the credit you have nothing because your property is broken by l´usure.

Rule No. 7: increase to a maximum and multiply all your sources of income

Looking to expand your sources of financial revenue, for not being entirely dependent on your salary. For example take a second job, a complementary independent activity, rent unoccupied part of your home, make investments to grow the money that you earn. You can have royalties, sell your videos, make a business etc.

In a nutshell you must diversify just this qu´il should be.

Rule No 8: invest in assets that appreciate

Invest is indeed for those who are there decides to renounce immediate consumption to increase its future revenues. Buy bonds, shares, l´immobilier, in short something that does not break out over time. To short an investment is something that pays you in the future more than this n´a cost qu´il.

Rule No. 9: protect the value of your property

Ensure and maintain as appropriate your assets to make them keep their value c´est to say your income, your property, your car and especially yourself (insurance against death, health insurance).
Do not forget your will to settle the details of the transmission of your heritage. This will allow you to make sure that it is indeed your heirs that will benefit the majority of what you have created, and not taxes. More families often tear to l´argent, it would be a pity to create a conflict because you n´avez anything.

Rule No. 10: don't let anyone else the signature of your business

Robert Kiyosaki said, but it is not the only one. Because other work first and foremost for them. Do blindly trust anyone, and especially not to the accountants, lawyers and other asset managers. Make calls to professionals to advise you is useful (see especially how they are paid), but never give power of attorney to someone to act freely with your money.
Human history is full of "trusted persons" who one day disappeared with all the money they had been given!
If you are not competent enough to handle your business, well… start to study to become!

Rule No 11: invest in you also

Council d´Investir itself c´est perhaps the most profitable investment to make. The effort that we are constantly investing in us plays an important role in determining the quality of our lives. In fact your health is your number 1 capital, just your family, then the rest. L´Argent is average qu´un.

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