Your financial independence in 5 steps only



Many people dream to be millionaires. Some people play the Euromillions is relying to chance or luck. Others buy financial products fashionable attractive yields promise a future singing.

Live in abundance of goods and income be free from everyday worries (Bill unpaid or late payment, difficulties of regulation of the very expensive rent, regular failures of vehicle) are the legitimate objectives of a lot of people. Everyone seeks to achieve these goals sometimes taking shortcuts that make up the path of mediocrity. That is the path of the immediate solution that hinders the potentiality of the human resource.

The way advice for his dreams and be free from all worries is the voice of greatness. It is a process of growth from the inside and outside. This way us plunges into the heart of self-fulfilment and provides financial independence.

What is financial independence?

If I had to give a definition for "financial independence", it would be the ability for an individual to meet their daily needs, without the assistance of a third party or debt all the time.

Further, it would be the ability to get rich in order to permanently shelter need throughout its existence. You looking for financial independence?

Financial independence: it is also the opportunity to enjoy his life even in the event of unfavourable situation (loss of job, illness or accident…) a life without a boss, without superior hierarchical. The financial independence it is also did have the power of decision, to go and to come across where you want without compromising your income or financial interest. To achieve this level of life, tips are many, but I propose you some steps.

How to achieve financial independence?

Ensure financial independence is very simple, but it requires great motivation, perseverance and above all patience while keeping your goals in mind. To do this, simply:

Step 1 live according to his income

Achieve financial independence depends largely on your habits daily, such that spending money on non-essential items and spending money when you do not currently have. The first step toward independence is the fact that your income cover your expenses.

Track your spending for a month in order to have a good overview of what you buy and how you buy it. This will allow you to determine expenditures that you can remove and see how they affect your ability to save for the future. This will also help you determine the amount of your income that is wasted on interest on loans and credit card debt.

Then try to reduce unnecessary spending on a daily basis, especially if you don't have the cash on hand to make the purchase. This will allow you to reduce your expenses while avoiding debt. Eliminate all your debts except your mortgage starting with the debt with the highest interest rate and continue to monitor your expenses according to an already established budget.

The budgetest an very important part of your life if you want to achieve your financial independence. Because it allows to plan all your expenses under duress from your income. To prepare it, you must:

  • Take into account your income
  • List all your monthly expenses.
  • Keep a notebook of monthly account or you register all expenditures on the day the day
  • Also provide for the establishment of an emergency fund
  • Make sure that your expenses exceed your income.
  • The budget presents three types of expenses.
  • Fixed expenses (rent, insurance) or the incompressible.
  • Compressible or variable expenses (food, water electricity, gas, fuel…)
  • Occasional expenses (gift, leisure…) to reduce your expenses it is clear that you can act on occasional and variable expenses. This will allow you to save money and build savings.

 Step 2 to save

Saving is a part of the income which is not consumed. The savings is your reserve in case something unexpected happens, it is at least equal to 3 months of expenses. This is put in reserve to allow you to carry out our projects in the short medium and long term. To build up your savings, there are two possibilities subject to opening a savings account.

Either you pay a variable amount or the rest of the income we consumed on your savings account.

Either you go back to the 10% of your net income on the basis of savings and you make it a priority.

The savings allows you to have liquidity reserve which is a margin of safety against the vagaries of life (accident, illness) and constitute a heritage that will prove you an additional income, basic element for any investment.

It is not easy to change his way of thinking in regards to savings, but this point of view different help to free yourself of your responsibility by adhering to an automatic savings program.

There are several automated programs that levy an amount from your paycheque or from your bank account to deposit it into an investment account, which helps you put a side an amount and make your money grow. For example, most companies offer RRSPS and pension plans where the money collected periodically is invested in a tax shelter. To take full advantage of these plans, the amount to which you contribute periodically should match or exceed the portion of the amount your employer pays you.

You can make the savings similar to the way of brokerage accounts taxable or savings accounts that serve as an emergency fund.

Step 3 start to invest and develop his business slowly but surely

For financial independence, you must work hard to make your business work. It may even be necessary you to reduce your hours of work in a company or even leaving your employment.

At the end of your savings you have raised the necessary capital to carry out your projects even more crazy. I propose a few investments to grow your capital.
Make investments that will prove income or profit without personal intervention. Example: invest in real estate or furniture, buy a good life insurance contract (you can visit the Jean-Jacques rich Hénin.) En) with this site you can optimize your income.

You can create your own business or open a trade based on the link market trends you holidays.

Step 4 you earn more and more money with your business and it covers your expenses

If there is a shop or a store, it may make sense to open related institutions in other regions or cities in order to reach more customers. However the business always depends on your work, so in the end on your ability to produce. If you're in online sales, it may be necessary to create a second e-commerce site, or even a showcase site to present your products and also to gain visibility on the Web.
The goal, it is to always increase your income and thus to be financially independent.

Invest in other sectors of activities

Don't forget to earn money, always use the capital at your disposal and not put it in a corner and spend it little by little. Always make sure that your expenses are less than your daily, monthly and annual earnings. So, don't settle for your first investment.

Try also to invest in other areas such as real estate, the stock market, transport… Always note that before investing in a particular field, it is necessary to well learn, familiarize themselves with the area in question, studying the chances of success of each investment project.

The risks still exist when it comes to investment. That is not an obstacle for you. Do only preliminary careful studies so that your investments are always fruitful.

In a Word, dare to become an entrepreneur from talent and a real magnet to money.

Step 5 to build a heritage

To keep you safe from the need and live independently as financial, try to build a heritage. Your money must work for you or your business, in such a way that it n there was no need of you.

Through hard work and investment, you could for example have shops and stores in many cities and regions, have several income-generating sites on the Web, have real estate to rent to individuals and professionals, have cars that you will use for the transport of persons or goods.

In doing so, you will have several activities guaranteeing significant revenue. Thanks to your activities, you also allow creating work and insurance of sufficient income for many households.


There are no magic solutions to achieve financial independence. But in all things you have to take risks and never lose of seen targets the path is difficult card to the end you can enjoy a great satisfaction.


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