Students learn how to manage your budget

Balance is important
Balance is important

If you are a student, you should know that it is possible to reconcile good time and savings, or even later investment, and, even if you have left the family home and that a large part of the daily fee is your responsibility (in 2012, the average expenditure of a student were €784 per month).

Through this article, you will find valuable tips to learn how to budget for your everyday life and no longer systematically finish in the Red at the end of the month.


Determine your income, fixed charges and associated costs


To determine its income and expenditure is the basis of a budget. To do this, give you a full month for this analysis. Start by writing down your income then your fixed expenses: rent, invoices of electricity, telecommunications, transport, power… Throughout the month, write down your expenses.

To find savings, it goes without saying that income must be higher than the charges. It is at this time that you will know where we have to make savings. Most often, these are fixed costs that occupy the largest share of expenditures, so fetch savings elsewhere or reduce these charges.


To save money easily and short term


After reviewing your budget and if you notice that your fixed costs take a too large part, react! Too much rent can be solved by choosing a roommate for example.

Be sure to check the amount and the terms of your home insurance. Today there are many comparison of insurance online that will allow you to choose the most suitable to your situation insurance (Amaguiz offers, for example, customizable home insurance contracts).

Regarding transport, if you travel by car, try to carpool to reduce your travel costs. Here again, many sites like blablacar exist!

There are many possible examples, but it is impossible to not be able to reduce these fixed costs of our days. Many from concepts of collaborative and circular economy are constantly emerging in recent years and allow you to save money in the short term.


Anticipate your spending and keep a line of conduct


It is in the long run you have the largest economies. Be entrepreneur of your life and take the time to design a budget about three months to start. So you know where you're going about your expenses. In addition, write its objectives is always a source of motivation and promotes their achievement.

Be specific in your budget modeling without preventing you to enjoy your student life. Do not set a too high goal that could discourage you along the way and leave you a margin error of more or less 15% for this first test.

Finally, it is important to keep a line of conduct about the evolution of your expenses. Try to plan your outings and learn to say 'no' to some unforeseen circumstances.

If your first test is successful, congratulations! Continue in this way, and do not hesitate to see on the longer-term (six months, one year, two years…). So you may be able to put your savings and invest later.


Try to have an additional source of income

For example by working to rate or by giving lessons, you can also sell your skills or begin to build a network, this can be very useful when your first jobs.

First, build your background of rescues

Indeed at the beginning to find work he fa will probably have to invest a bit, costume car, books. It is much easier if you already have the equivalent of 3 months on your booklet available.

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