The money, the school war nerve


A little joke
A little joke

Of our day, it is hard to write that we are at war, yet in these troubled times, there is a severe battle school to place then on the labour market that is raging. The money is now the sinews of war as much as defence qu´en attack.

This is not to be naive. Money has always been a discriminatory factor in academic success. R. Boudon explained in the 1970s that educational inequalities were related to family policies, themselves correlated with money. The rich imitate the rich and the poor poor. A wealthy family, when it was related to the cost of the studies, the risk of failure and the expected benefits was not arrested by his purse, instead modest families.

The 1980s were the years of mass of pupils and students, many back more that the democratization of education. With the 2000s, unemployment, the scarcity of skilled industrial jobs, it appears that money becomes a key element in the academic and professional success. Indeed for the good teachings it takes more to put their hands in the Pocket.

There is a pyramid of graduates with top large schools that welcome the academic elite of the most talented and deserving. Even within large schools there is a very fine hierarchy: ENA is better than Polytechnic. To get to the top should have survived successive eliminations that punctuate the curriculum: guidance in general secondary school, sector science, class preparatory in Paris, successive contest.

At the bottom of the pyramid who fails to get even the lowest degree because he failed to learn to read is condemned to unemployment and hence poverty. All this seems a relentless logic and unchanging: the best classroom, examinations and competitions get the most advantageous positions. those who drop out of school early are at the bottom of the social ladder.

Always pay…


Now, to succeed the contest of medicine, such as caregiver, it is hard to escape paying additional training. For business schools, the filter of money is essential, when it is not exorbitant. Competitions also need to accumulate knowledge and an average student will be eliminated quickly, by an oral jury who will judge a lack of dynamism for the overweight for example or by a written examination designed to assess the degree of assimilation into the culture of the elite with the famous general culture. This culture that n´en is not really one, because it often requires to see les Musées parisiens, read some books (a rich activity in plsu of often unnecessary books)…

In poor neighbourhoods and regions teachers are more often absent, less well-trained, less experienced, the turnover is more important and frequent administrative dysfunctions. But can escape by paying another school.

Indian-School low range

And if the school system is too selective, we can try his luck abroad to become doctor in Romania or speech-language pathologist in Belgium. With the remoteness and the different costs associated with these studies, the absence of scholarship, the family scholarship must be busy. It is in fact easily possible d´eliminer the competition of knowledge by l´argent, l´argent to afford knowledge than other students for example Romanians cannot afford.

Otherwise in addition to equipment, it must also in addition to books, internet, a computer, a printer in order to complete his training.

Is what c´est wanted? I do not know but c´est one made, a good barrier to l´entree allows elite to remain l´elite (phenomenon of levitation). The widespread extension of studies has not increased social mobility but instead involves qu´il always more to stay in the middle.


Still more

It blamed not taken parents in a whirlwind that exceeds but who want to offer their children the maximum of chances of getting a good job. Wonderful time which sees prosper coaches (paid) in all genres, to plan its work to review, but also to orient themselves. The basic problem is the fact that anyway no matter the sector it n is not working. Qu´on not tell me qu´il y of the sectors that lack of hand-d´oeuvre because currently fail to hand d´oeuvre c´est have 30 candidates for a single position.

The time of Jules Ferry and the free school looks good away. It rivals imagination to make merchant what was not. Must be skimmed, always more, and to follow the marathon it'll be powered in the long term. In Toulouse, one creates a master's degree in English at €6000. Myself, I am tempted to explain to parents that make the program is not enough, especially if we think competitions such as preparatory classes or Sciences Po. Need a LV3, a specialty machin, a network thing and sometimes more.


Money is one of the factors of success in education and that of the primary. Take the case of two primary school children who have difficulties, one has affluent relatives of poor parents. The first will be eligible for tuition paid by his parents, he can fill these gaps. The second will not have this service, therefore, he will have to "fend for themselves" at the school. It will be more likely to intensify. Ditto for a student. It needs a relatively expensive housing. Featuring ´argent student will have at its disposal and can devote himself entirely to his studies. A poor student will have to work in order to pay for his housing. It will therefore take less time for his studies and his school results will be less good.

A child born of a socio-cultural environment high where we devoted time and money to education, where the mother, teacher, and father, Ecole Polytechnique, for example, accompany him in his school career will be at the base more chance to succeed his schooling as a child of the suburbs, where parents are unemployed, and where the language and the french school system are not controlled. Besides the book d´adresses's dad and MOM.

Determinism social c´est the transmission of capital from one generation to the other. For example the transmission of cultural capital. The social determinism is also reflected in social reproduction, i.e. the tendency to perpetuate social inequality and ways of acting and thinking from generation to generation. So the rich remain rich by having the best jobs with the most margin and the poor remain poor.

Gift - transmit

Be aware that in international investigations (baseline PISA surveys) the french school system has also the Palme of the reproduction of inequality. Échec scolaire c´est therefore the condemnation to occupy subordinate positions where l´argent is going to be a shortage. L´ecremage decided very early: a child who is unable to learn to read at the age of 6-7 years will never overtake his delay, because success in school through the mastery of the language, from the CP.


The system begins to twist. To see a well-paid job it takes l´argent so either follow my methods to enrich or already have a good income. Must be an ever greater investment for still weaker results.


In fact out of l´ecole places are expensive and poorly paid because he n´y was not working. There is the course or this performance crap that everyone looking. Sometimes known j´ai of jobs or l´on referred due to commercial performance in 2 to 3 weeks for jobs or the sales average is 1-2 sales per month! To have this performance c´est another story because first he'll have a job and for this we need now have many skills to unhook.


How do you monetize studies in this case? Always pay more to be just average. To succeed, it must have the means and for that portfolio.

According to an article

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