To become rich with 40/50/60 years it is always still possible



Nowadays, when we talk about money, you move so easily. Especially in France. The topic is taboo. As if to be ashamed to earn money.

As if wealth was reserved to an elite in knowledge of a magic formula or in possession of a well-kept secret. It had to be poor to be honest.

The question "can we become" rich in 40 years shows also the limitation, the fear that haunts us. Because a condition for the result. The good news is that the only requirement is a bit effort and apply the classic formula to become rich.

The implementation of machines to cash

The question that you might be interested, this is what and how.  How to set up an organization or a system that will make the money work for you. Your age is meaningless in the face of the effort but you have time it is easy thanks to compound interest.


Compound interest really have value only if it expected long (not just a few years) and the interest rate is high. Few investors seize the interest rate is crucial – a low rate for a long time is a waste of time.
If you place €10,000 at 7% for twenty years, it will affect almost €29 000 of interest (it will be in total €39000). In this case the composition of interests reported nearly €15,000, or a little more than simple interest (20 × €700 = €14,000).
Curve interests composed
Curve interests composed

You can become rich at 20, 40 or 60. What matters is to have a vision and to capitalize (Yes we are in a world of capitalists then capitalize).

Rare are the rich before age 40

Great men are rarely rich before 40 50 years at least (see napoleon hill)

Lot of wasted sexual energy


I discovered by studying the lives of more than 25,000 people that success comes rarely before the age of 40. Most often, people have exceeded fifty. This finding was so striking that I decided to further explore this reality.


Young people tend to waste their energy too often for their sexual emotion to express themselves physically. Most human beings humans have never learned that sexual energy can be used for creative purposes.


Most of those who make this discovery make it after a waste of several years, during which sexual energy is at its peak, before 45-50 years. It is at this point that the successes are recorded.


Until the age of 40 years, the life of a man reflects a waste of energy which, if it had been directed at one goal, would have given excellent results. The brightest and strongest emotions are thrown to the four winds.

To be able to take risks, and of course, do not be afraid to fail. Because failure is the best teacher.

How many years can a person expect to get rich in his country? This is the question that landed The Economist, who has calculated how much an average household earns annually in twenty different countries, and thus how long each reached the symbolic level of $ 1 million. The United States more quickly making millionaires – in 20 years or so – and increasingly many – 5 million households, representing 4% of the population.

The France is in seventh place with 40 years.

The tools to become rich at age 40

I already mentioned repeatedly. To make money, you should know to spend intelligently, but above all spend less than your income and invest.

Condition No. 1: get rich, to be interested in money and understanding of this last

Elementary my dear Watson?  The people who consider money as a result of their professional activity, looking at their financial situation as a part of their lives, are rare. A majority of people think that money or rather lack of it is rather a source of problems.

However if your wealth comes a professional activity, it can as well be the result of something else.

  • a hobby or a passion (kitchen, photography, internet…).
  • in your address book (in being paid as an intermediary)
  • the interest of your real estate or financial investments.

The most important thing is to capitalize, invest in assets.

Condition No. 2: get rich to de-correles income from work


For the many financial options available to you, you need to first learn how to separate work and money; Learn how to look at your finances and devote the time and attention. Impossible to get rich if "money doesn't interest you"! It makes perfect only by forging.

Define wealth. For a young man who has 25 euros in pocket money, or a smicards, when he sees that entrepreneurs on average earn 4,500 euros a month… He will treat them filthy rich… Whereas when we win it… and we're working 70 hours a week, without protection, etc… Ben it does feel really not rich at all. This notion of wealth is actually completely stupid.

Real wealth is to be able to live without working or working very little.

Being rich is defined by money, IE how much you have, while wealth is defined at the time. That is to say that the wealth is how long can live without needing to work, if the answer is indefinitely, you won.

In France, with a heritage placed carefully to $ 1 million, because what we speak of this amount, it will release after tax 3% per year. In other words a bit more than 2000 euros a month. There still not what is running naked in the street, shouting I'm rich.

The rich know the value of time. That is why the greater part, and often all, of their money is generated by passive income, which indeed requires little or no participation active to earn money.

You woke up this morning or not, money fills in your account in the Bank. even when you sleep.

This gives you time to spend on more important things, like your family.

A doctor, a lawyer, a Director must, if they want next year earn the same amount of money and be able to enjoy the same lifestyle, continue to work at least the same number of hours and at least at the same rate, it is what we call being in the rat race. In fact they will work even more than the previous year. The problem? They win, but don't have the time to spend or spend the weekend (they're gambling) because they frustrate the week. Even if such a career can offer a particularly interesting life, she asked a lot of sacrifice and self-giving, less sure that your profession is your biggest passion.

Once you want to retire, or something prevents you to work longer, your income ceases to exist from one day to the next. Even a manager at this problem.

At this time, it must, of course, that you have at your disposal some form of savings or business generating income for you.

Condition No. 3 know where to invest

Whether in real estate, financial markets or establishing a business allowing you to bring something to the society in which you operate.

The key is to start, but the earlier the better. I had the opportunity to see directors earn € 8000 per month and nothing place, tell me retirement is far (less than 10 years). What they do not know, is they have the beak in the water at this time.

It will take you either time or money. Other resources like an address book, knowledge… You or others (which you can therefore borrow).

The source that requires a capital base to start and grow

Those who choose to focus on the first category will need a family patrimony (often obtained by inheritance), or funds made available by investors, or a savings base, or a loan made in order to invest in assets (leverage effect). You start by love money(vous, famille, amis) and you expand.

Disadvantage need capital and the family.

The alternative is the leverage effect (so you use money, time, knowledge, the book of others). For example the mortgage loan to buy or build rental properties. This technique allows term to transform a small amount of money to a significant flow of cash flow and assets base.

Downside is even more risky that leverage is high.


 The source that requires no capital base to start and grow

This category is a good choice for those who want to start their own strength and build a fortune from scratch.

It includes assets you create as the copyright, an invention, a website like wealth and finance, commissions, or important as e-commerce companies that can generate profits without capital base.

Downside, a lot of work and particularly slow.

40 you have the means that the young have in principle not

At this age you probably have a teenager at home, but you especially certainly either a legacy or a stable job or an address book. Enjoy to start creating something from this, but be aware that your first results will be in 2 or 3 years at the earliest.


Contrary to what is believed to launch a second income to invest enough to keep it going and not get body and soul in there. It takes several years to only be able to live. 2-3 are a minimum, expect rather 5.


If you have a work start with unnecessary costs and invest your money, but not any how.


For a specific purpose

Network marketing, renovation of real estate, sales of recurring products, proposals of services based on a real expertise… what it takes, is free of the wage system and become financially independent. Because the wage system is not designed to make rich you but it is a short-term to a long-term problem (your financial independence) solution.



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