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Quand devez–vous lancer une campagne de crowdfunding ?

C’est décidé ! Vous avez enfin imaginé le produit ou le service idéal à commercialiser et afin de financer sa création et …

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PretUp sign-up bonus

What is PretUp? PretUp is designed to develop the local economy by offering a new source of funding transparent, simple and fast …


You know the crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money by companies directly to individuals. You should know the crowdfunding success …

Lendix 20 euros offered with code JFLOER

  Lendix, crowdfunding platform.     Lendix is a platform of lending to SMEs. It is a society of crowdfunding, that is …

Bolden in gift a sign-up bonus

Bolden, take your economy in hand! In recent years, the economy turned of increasingly towards a participatory mode. Bolden is part of …

WeShareBonds in gift a sign-up bonus

Finance SMEs and boost your savings!   Finance participatory (crowdfunding = funding by the crowd) allows the development of projects by the …

Crowdfunding, auditors from abroad

When, like me, you need to do your taxes you must declare a no. 3916 (DECLARATION by a RESIDENT of an account …

lookandfin on TV

End and look is still on Television   In the ATV video This week the 30/08/2016, Progreso, who comes to borrow €250 … bonus Crowdfunding for lending to SMEs. is a platform of lending to SMEs. It is a society of crowdlending, that is …

Crowdfunding: Know everything, the ultimate guide. Investing / finance its project

Let's start at the beginning want? What is the crowdfunding? The crowdfunding is the financing by the crowd. That agreement – is …

Unilend is he serious or is it a scam?

Following the netbusinessrating on unilend status, I am forced to deepen. Legal? Yes   The site Unilend is published by Unilend, SAS …

The secret of lendix rating criteria husked

If like me you often invest on LENDIX probably ask yourself the question of how lendix note the projects. Indeed, if you …

Unilend, the rate change, does stay?

Unilend corrects partly are auction system. Content of the mail There are new for lenders on Unilend.     With almost 3 …

Top flop and ranking of crowdfunding platforms / crowdlending /crowdinvesting / crowdequity

Top of category crowdlending 2016 crowdfunding platforms   The super Star of the top 10: Lendix Lendix is the best platform and …

Top flop and ranking of crowdfunding platforms / crowdlending /crowdinvesting / crowdequity

The annual yield rate fluctuates between 4 and 9% but the length of the loans is much higher (up to 5 years). …

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