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Finance participatory (crowdfunding = funding by the crowd) allows the development of projects by the Group of all types buy based on financial contributions from the public, outside the circuits of financing traditional (Bank, Business Angels, etc…)

This mode of funding is more popular on the internet. It allows individuals to support the project of his choice, according to his criteria (region, activity, impact…). Originally the crowdfunding helped fund social or artistic projects. Changing the crowdfunding is today also for start-ups or leading innovation projects.

These projects can be carried by private individuals, companies or associations.

Crowdfunding appears as a new tool of financing for SMEs. It offers complementary or alternative solutions and contributes to the digitalization of finance, to the strengthening of the investment of savings in enterprises and the extension

Crowdfunding is not only an alternative tool to promote small projects: is a new powerful fundraising tool that allows to get financing but who can also get to activate other levers.

2014 marked the advent of crowdfunding in France with, among others, the explosion of the number of platforms that have emerged, an exponential number of projects proposed for funding, the arrival of large groups of funding in the landscape and funding levels never before achieved.

The Latest barometers showed all the more than encouraging figures on the growing evolution of crowdfunding in France and 2015 has continued. The numbers keep climbing!

What is WeShareBonds?

Emerged in the early 2000s, crowdfunding (or funding nt participatory) platforms help project leaders to achieve it by collecting money from Internet users. These platforms are oriented gift of money either, ready, or equity (investment in the capital of the company).

According to Forbes the world market of crowdfunding in 2013 totalled 5.1 billion dollars including 55.2% for the gift, 41.6% for the loan and 3.2% for equity.

WeShareBonds is a simplified stock company registered with the Paris RCS under number 812 309 284, with the capital of € 5.924,80, whose head office is located 14 avenue of the Opera 75001 Paris. Registered under number 16002193, on the single register of insurance intermediaries, banking and finance (ORIAS), in the category equity investments (CIP), approval issued by the AMF (AMF) financial advisor.

WeShareBonds represents a crowdfunding website for French SMEs based in Paris (island of France), created in 2015 by Cyril Tramon, Guillaume Hannezo, and Yoann Coumes Gauchet.
Unlike most of the players of the crowdlending, WeShareBonds has not chosen the path of amortizing loan, but rather that of the compulsory loan.

WeShareBonds, this French startup aims to allow SMEs to collect some 15 million euros in the space of 18 months.

WeShareBonds, the new actor participatory financing approved by the AMF (accreditation consultant investment participatory), specialist credit to SMEs, announced its launch and a fundraising of€ 3.8 million, carried out with 50 business angels from the world of business and finance.

Having received approvals from the financial markets authority, WeShareBonds does not address the very small businesses, it adopts a strategy that offers the public to lend has a larger SMEs.

Why WeShareBonds was created?

WeShareBonds was founded by Cyril Tramon, former investment banker in specialist SMEs and credit (J.P. Morgan), it selects and funds with his associates since 2003 via the management company Phillimore, approved by the AMF, which he is also president and founder.

WeShareBonds is licensed by the authority of financial markets (AMF) as a consultant in investment participatory (CIP), under number ORIAS 16002193, and has the status of intermediary in investment participatory (IFP).

Cyril Tramon went from a simple fact: among the 150,000 French SMEs, those who perform 1 to 5 m € CA particularly lack of funding in the form of credit (loans and bonds) to develop. They are forced by the banks, that don't consider as strategic.

On the other hand, according to WeShareBonds, investors are looking for higher returns; they naturally look to the crowdlending and the financing of SMEs, which is inherently a risky investment.

WeShareBonds so wishes to put at the disposal of investors a broken credit analysis team and experienced fundraising and development of SMEs, in order to advise and accompany them in this citizen and useful approach.


Why Wesharebonds does not finance the TPE?

The startup target only explains them SMEs, "the credit risk of these being regularly evaluated by the Bank of France, which is not the case for most of TPE", Cyril Tramon.

"The important point, especially in the start-up phase, is not to be number one in the industry, but one that has the lowest default rate", says Guillaume Hannezo, one of the members of the Supervisory Board of Wesharebonds, well known for its business and former banker economic advisor François Mitterrand and Pierre Bérégovoy.

The TPE have specific features, unfavorable for specific lenders. Analysis of credit risk concerns only limited risk companies. It will exclude all TPES that are not of this nature, and whose credit risk statement in fact of the shareholder Executive (individual risk).

The TPE are still, by nature, almost individual or individual businesses, which in fact means to lend indirectly to an individual rather than a company in the literal sense of the term.

The TPE they are practically not subject to monitoring by the credit score or the Bank of France. The Bank of France is that businesses with more than 750 k€ of turnover (CA), and more than three years of existence. Date the Bank of France followed by 250,000 companies. in comparison, there are in France 3.2 TPE million, against 150,000 small businesses about, all followed by the Bank of France.

These ratings (credit score, Bank of France) are very useful and can track statistics of defect and failure of scorees companies, SMEs, in time and on a reliable statistical basis.

These ratings are also a basic tool to build portfolios of loans whose rate of default and failure can be anticipated as measurable, allowing to estimate fairly accurately the net return of default and failure for the investor.

A fortiori, the only recourse to the risk on a portfolio of credit TPE is diversification over several transmitters, since there is nothing to measure risk more finely, reliably, on such businesses.

It is for these reasons that WeShareBonds does not offer financing for small business, but only SMEs.

Why choose Wesharebonds?

WeShareBonds is a P2P Business Lending platform, or crowdlending, created by a team of professionals in the financing of SMEs. WeShareBonds allows SMEs to find a quick and easy financing, and investors to place a portion of their savings in performance at attractive rates products.

WeShareBonds has differences to assert indeed unlike other credit platform, this platform has not chosen the path of the depreciable loan but rather that of the compulsory loan.

Members of WeShareBonds have the ability to invest in shares or lend bonds in unlisted SMEs, either by purchasing common shares, or by subscribing to regular bonds.

When you lend to an SME, the team and the shareholders of WeShareBonds, and possibly members of the Club Preview, co-investissent with you.

WeShareBonds is not the IFP, intermediate status in crowdfunding, but of CIP, participatory investment consultant.

The companies seeking funding retained by WeShareBonds issue bonds, which will be subscribed by investors who will benefit from a gross return between 4% and 8% per year.

WeShareBonds only targets SMEs because the credit risk of the latter is regularly evaluated by the Bank of France, which is not the case in most of the TPE.
This WeShareBonds of investments in different sectors. WeShareBonds puts at your disposal all of the evidence provided by the company concerned, as well as the analysis of his partner Phillimore note.

Analysis of credit risk concerns only limited risk companies. It will exclude all TPES that are not of this nature, and whose credit risk statement in fact of the shareholder Executive (individual risk).

The TPE are still, by nature, almost individual or individual businesses, which in fact means to lend indirectly to an individual rather than a company in the literal sense of the term.

Specialists in private equity launch WeShareBonds, to encourage retail and institutional lending to SMEs, a segment where competition is less harsh than the TPE.

This startup is intended to display a default rate for selected SMEs less than 2%.
The promise of WeShareBonds is not to propose on the platform as handpicked projects. With a part of fundraising has been made, and their equity, the founders formed a 'credit fund"which will invest in each project alongside investors.
They thus pledge to align the interests of shareholders with those of customers.

WeShareBonds offers on its site an eligibility test, which allows entrepreneurs to receive a response in principle and a pricing for their credit within 2 working days.

SMEs can rise on WeShareBonds from € 100,000 to € 1,000,000, in the form of credit bond or capital increase.

The credits have a maturity of 2 to 5 years, can be-ultimately or depreciable, for 5 to 8% interest rates. Fundraising takes place in 30 days.
The success of the lifting is provided by the shareholders of WeShareBonds credit fund, which funds systematically up to € 200,000 per bond operation.

Risky investment in unlisted companies including: the partial or total loss of invested capital, illiquidity and the risks specific to the activity of the company.

In respect of the French regulations and for the safety of your investment, the money is deposited in a secure account administered by the partner of WeShareBonds, LemonWay, authorized payment institution in France.


How to enjoy the bonus we share bonds?

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How does it work with WeShareBonds?

Crowdfunding also called crowdfunding is a solution that allows project promoters to find funding.

There are different types of participatory financing such as the crowdfunding with donations and crowdfunding with loans.

Crowdfunding has no legal definition. The notion of crowdfunding is refers to a fundraising – generally of small amounts – to fund a specific project, via internet. Funded projects can be artistic, humanitarian, social or entrepreneurial nature.

In practice, companies seeking funding retained by Wesharebonds issue bonds, which will be subscribed by investors who will benefit from a gross return between 4% and 8% per year.

Which will be at a cost of 6% to 10% for issuing companies. Wesharebonds has no IFP status (intermediate in crowdfunding), but that of CIP (participatory investment advisor). What freed him 1,000 euros (soon 2,000) threshold, beyond which an individual lending via an IFP cannot fund a single project.

The investment on WeShareBonds must be part of a process of building a diversified portfolio.

Each investment corresponding to the criteria of WeShareBonds investment is systematically analyzed by a partner, Phillimore, who is an independent equity management company dedicated to SMEs.

The WeShareBonds team reserves the right to appeal to other professionals recognized in order to provide the most relevant analysis platform.

Where the record investment, consisting of memo-type and attachments given to WeShareBonds is validated by Phillimore, managers of the SMEs wishing to raise funds are interviewed by Phillimore, a memo to investment is then prepared with a recommendation intended initially for the selection Committee of WeShareBonds.

This Committee, which is sovereign over the credit decision, is mainly made up of professionals independent of Phillimore and WeShareBonds, all from the Bank, management and entrepreneurship.

Stages of selection process for WeShareBonds

WeShareBonds finance SMEs only, and not the TPE (for reasons of credit analysis), who realize at least 1 M€ CA, are profitable and growing, and have notes Bank of France and credit score enough.

In return, WeShareBonds ensures a firm grip up to € 200,000 on the funds being sought, since the shareholders of WeShareBonds Fund also each bond alongside lenders loan to SMEs.

Records of financing SMEs meet these criteria are then analyzed by the WeShareBonds team, in collaboration with Phillimore. WeShareBonds meets the leaders of SMEs systematically, then prepares a memo of investment on the company of its selection Committee. This Committee, which is sovereign over the credit decision, is mainly made up of professionals independent of Phillimore and WeShareBonds, all from the Bank, management and entrepreneurship.

Invest in a SMEs risk, it must understand and accept this risk. Perform to identify, select, analyze SMEs in quality. In 2016 WeShareBonds opens the game and offers to co-invest in SMEs. The selection of WeshareBonds steps are as follows.

  • Realization of a first analysis of the file by WeShareBonds.
  • SIREN number
  • Sales and operating income for the current year
  • The name of its leader and his linkedin page
  • Amount of its need for funding
  • The validation of the criteria WeShareBonds check
  • A CA > 1 M€ (year N)
  • An EBITDA > 100 k€ (year N)
  • A CreditSafe score greater or equal to 30 for the company
  • Analysis of the company and the investment by Phillimore case statement
  • The historical and projected situation
  • The competitive environment
  • Validation of the file and physical appointments
  • Online or no project development and fundraising conditions.

Lend and invest with WeShareBonds

WeShareBonds select quality SMEs, and is a professional analysis of each funding project.

The best are presented to our selection Committee, mainly made up of funding and entrepreneurship, independent professionals who need to validate their on-line.

The investors and lenders can register very simply (name, surname, email) in order to access the projects, their economic characteristics, and the main features of the site. To invest and access the legal documentation of SMEs in financing, lenders must then complete their investor profile.

WeShareBonds being approved by the AMF, the platform is obliged to verify the adequacy of the proposed investment with the investor profile of its customers; It is an obligation to own accreditation CIP Council.

Lenders can invest or lend from 100 SMEs and receive quarterly interest ranging from 5 to 8%.

Each customer has a personal space in which it can track and manage their portfolio, in which he finds his subscription documents, documents of the projects in which it invests, as well as reports on SMEs in its portfolio.

What is the business model of WeShareBonds?

WeShareBonds is a new actor who landed in the area of crowdfunding: WeShareBonds, this platform offering to individuals to lend money to small and medium-sized enterprises must find its place. But how has this French company compete in a market already occupied by actors

Crowdfunding sector is booming. The loan represents the principal form of funds raised on the sites of participatory finance, before donations and capital investment, according to the barometer of the association France Finance participatory. And the growth is significant, with more than 196 million euros in 2015 fund raised in loans in 2015, up from 88.4 million in 2014.

To position themselves in this market, the economic model of WeShareBonds is based on the creation of a fund that will participate in the projects on the site. «To finally be able to ensure the success of the operations (…)» We put beside a credit fund that is agreed by the shareholders of the platform,"Cyril Tramon details.

And to speed up against its competitors, WeShareBonds completed a fundraising of almost EUR 4 million, 600 000 should allow the financing of the platform, and EUR 3.2 million in the Fund.

To differentiate itself from its competitors, Wesharebonds relies on the accuracy of the information given on each project.

According to Cyril Tramon, existing platforms do not submit to lenders sufficient data to choose wisely their investments. "Historical and projection information are little complete and projects do not tell much on the market, competitors, the risks, the quality of the management… "We want the contrary expose accurately." To achieve this, the start-up of five employees will recruit specialists in credit analysis.

Remuneration of the platform

WeShareBonds is completely free for investors and lenders. WeShareBonds Bill funded SMEs 4% HT of the amount up + 1% HT per year of principal outstanding on each anniversary date of the operation.

Share the sum of €50 from €200 invested in WeShareBonds. Sponsor code:

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