Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr Crowdfunding for lending to SMEs. is a platform of lending to SMEs. It is a society of crowdlending, that is to say, a form of participatory financing, as to take out a loan from private individuals. connects borrowers looking to finance an investment and individuals who want to make investments. Thus, individuals may choose companies which they will lend and fund the real economy while achieving attractive returns.

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The assets. has aims to become the french leader of loans between individuals and small/medium businesses. To do this, the principle is based on three important elements. The pricing is transparent and competitive. It is a pre-acceptance immediate online, inducing a definitive answer within 48 hours and finally there is a borrower insurance. And access is simplified and quick to credit for SMEs, the yield is attractive to lenders. assets are:

  • A quick response

  • No personal guarantee required

  • A community that chooses to support you

  • Competitive rates and offered insurance.

Borrow on

This platform is aimed at very small businesses (TPE) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs French). They can emprunez of 20,000 euros to 200,000 euros to a community of lenders, regardless of their legal form or their industry, on a hard 3 to 5 years. Rates range from 3.40% to 8.70%. But this varies according to the duration or the classification of the company. No deposit or guarantees are requested because wants to simplify the conditions of borrowing, and therefore not asking to hire private property as do traditional financial institutions.


  • 3.40% for 36 months / 4% for 48 months / 4.60 on 60 months: selective

  • 6% for 36 months / 6.60% for 48 months / 7.20% over 60 months: balance

  • 7.50% for 36 months / 8,10% over 48 months / 8.70% over 60 months: Dynamics.

To borrow on, happens in six steps:

  1. Demand: you drop a file on and get an answer of immediate eligibility.

  2. Study: analysts study your application with the development of the market. They give you a definitive answer in 48 hours.

  3. Project: teams help you and advise you for the presentation of your project. Once your file has been published on the site, start collecting. Of course, only lenders can access financial details of your business.

  4. Collection: your project is visible on the site for the duration of the collection. Lenders can invest between 50 euros and 2,000 euros. Your project is possible thanks to the multiplication of the sums paid.

  5. Funding: once the desired amount has been obtained, you are part of the community. Funds are transferred only once on your bank account.

  6. Refund: site you will be charged a monthly then the redistribie directly from your lenders.

When the project is funded, it’s the borrower to promote his business to the near the vast community of potential customers. The project is visible during the phase of collection from the community of lenders to and the company is still present on the site for the duration of the loan. Thus, the borrower can publish what seemed important and so to share the news and the life of his company with the entire community.

Lend on

For lenders to, the service is completely free, with a careful selection of business over four years and death-disability insurance is available to all borrowers for their safety. More performance can go up to 8.70% for a loan paid but it depends on the (selective, balanced or dynamic) category of the company that the lender chooses to finance and the life of the loan. Indeed it is the category and duration which determine the interest rate that the lender will receive from 3.40 percent to 8.70 percent. Lenders can fund their account by credit card or bank transfer but can also withdraw money available by simple transfer. Contributions and withdrawals no cost. They can lend fifty euros to 2,000 euros per company. Two thousand euros is the amount fixed by the law. The invested amount is blocked during the project collection. It is unlocked and becomes available again if the total amount of the loan is not reached before the end of the fundraising.

To lend on, happens in five steps:

  1. Registration: Click to open an account on Then check out the projects that interest you and touch your new savings with the tips of the fingers.

  2. Feed: Drop the sum you want to invest your account The transaction is secure and it is simply done by a bank transfer or by credit card.

  3. Select: You can choose projects that seems to you, according to you, the more attractive based on custom criteria. Go to the community and share freely with entrepreneurs and management teams.

  4. Pay: You can lend from 50 euros to 2,000 euros per project. If the amount of the loan is not reached during the duration of the fundraising, you get back all of your money free of charge but you can also reinvest it in another project.

  5. Receive: Every month, you receive the refund of or of the companies you support, on your account Your money is then paid into your bank account, but you can very well reinvest it again for a different project.

Sign-up bonus

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Freedom of choice for lenders.

The lender to different choices to make when he wants to lend his money to a company. Firstly the choice of the project. Indeed, saving is something very personal. However, if the idea of putting money in favor of the development of the real economy are interested in different people, it’s also for a community adventure experience. Lenders find the projects they dream support according to criteria such as geography, interests, industry, duration or the yields. Then, the lender will have to make the choice of the amount. It depends on his availability. It may form a loan portfolio from 50 euros to 2,000 euros per project and invest up to one million euros! Finally, he made the choice of driving. After each monthly repayment, it can reinvest on a new project or so wait for opportunity in line with its criteria. At any time, he can withdraw the money available on his account, free of charge.

The insurance. agreed in favour of the legal representative of the company who borrows, insurance in case of death or disability. The cost of this coverage is supported by for the duration of the loan. Thus, the lender are totally protected and this insurance guaranteed the return of capital outstanding problems.


For borrowers, credit demand and the licensing process are free. But the fees are 3% of the amount borrowed to release funds and management fees of 1% per annum of the capital remaining due on the anniversary date of the loan. Finally, there is no spawning during a total prepayment.

For lenders, there is no charge even when every contributions and withdrawals as they are made by bank transfer or by credit card.

The community. is human above all. So, borrowers can communicate about your business with all of the community, for the duration of the loan. In addition, they can meet and talk with lenders who wish to know the products and services of the company.

For lenders, we speak of Community funding. Indeed, the lender becomes player in economic growth to one or several companies, and this is just as rewarding. Becoming a lender and help companies that their appeal, they can interact with the borrowers and lenders around the project in development.

Security. made the choice to secure money from lenders to its payment partner, S-money. Subsidiary guarantees 100% BPCE and second largest banking group in France, S-money transfers of money, easily, safely and without additional. Lenders can fund their account by bank transfer or credit card safely. The number of credit card and banking data of lenders and borrowers, has no time stored on the internet server of the platform.

For the safety of lenders, a team rigorously evaluates the financial strength of each company that borrows. Thus, only companies with more than four years of service are eligible for loans. All the information and supporting documents transmitted by the companies are carefully analyzed by the experts of the platform. In addition, crowdfunding is accompanied by advice, expertise and permanent contacts between the actors. Prior to acceptance of the loan and throughout his period, analysts rely on the score of their partner Altares note and on the Bank of France rating to assess the financial situation of the company that borrows.

Contracts and deadlines.

When the amount of the collection is reached, Credit-en address a contract to the borrower. As soon as the signature, the platform and partner S-money, release the funds and the interests of lenders begin to run. Each month, S-money takes the automatic expiry of the borrower and redistributes it on behalf of lenders. They then perceive the monthly payments to the borrower, which is a part of capital and the interest income.

Taxation and statement.

For lenders, the tax is their country of tax residence. In France, like all fixed income, interest received in return for the loan amounts, are subject to income tax. reverse interest after a flat-rate withholding tax of 24% more social security payments, which is 15.5%. This is a down payment on taxes on the income, but any surplus compared to the tax is refunded. On the other hand, if a lender collects less than 2,000 euros a year of investment in fixed income products, it may be subject to a flat-rate taxation tax of 24%. Finally, the lender may also ask to be exempted from the regulation of the deposit for 2016 revenues, if the income tax reference of your home is less than 25 000 euros for singles and less than € 50,000 for couples.

Customer service. analyst team is alongside the borrowers for a dossier and propose the best solution for financing. In addition, experts from the marketing of the platform also help borrowers to highlight the qualities of their project. Finally, the corporate finance specialists are listening to borrowers throughout their project. platform customer service is available at 0 800 340 690 from Monday to Friday from 09 to 20 hours and Saturday from 10: 00 to 16: 00. People in the community can also interact with advisors online in real time.

The Remuneration of the platform. is paid by borrowers as a percentage of the funding received. On the side of companies borrowing, this platform pays 3% HT of the amount borrowed and 1% of the principal outstanding. On the side of individual lenders, there is no management fees. However, a place is reserved in their site for individuals wanting to become a provider of business such as brokers, associations, professional or even consultants in financing. In this case, there is a consideration in compensation.

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