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lendix crowdfunding crowdlending Belgian declaration account alien 2

When, like me, you need to do your taxes you must declare a no. 3916 (DECLARATION by a RESIDENT of an account outside FRANCE) you may have been surprised and panicked. This is what has happened to many customers of Lendix. Indeed lendix works well in France, but its provider which holds it money (lendix n has not, by the AMF the right to hold money) is Belgian. At the time, according to the law, you must declare any account abroad, even if it serves as a transition (account paypal etc).

Finally say that to be exact, we do not know if he really need to declare this account as foreign account for 10 or €20.

But in doubt we interpret the code of taxes in a cautious manner and in this case, Lendix gives you a statement to give your paper tax or copy if your taxes are in digital version.

In short you have so a statement more to give, but don't worry, don't panic. You will not be considered as fraudster or anything (this is an idea widely used in France to believe that having an account abroad is a fraud.)

However be careful not to confuse income abroad and account abroad. In Lendix your income are french and that is why they give you an IFU (single tax form, not as in scams). However if like me you had money at bondora, the you must do a revenue abroad plug + account abroad (2 times if one is careful, 1 if it is less, because bondora yet abroad and its bank in another country, the Norway).

In the end a leaf to give more and a few lines to copy on your statement:

  • Tax levy line credit: 2 GB
  • Other income already subject to levies line: 2BH
  • Earnings line: 2 TR

example: my sheet of taxes (ps j have made any anonymous, not messing around either, for info it is very little even for someone who earns little, yeah I'm diversified.)

lendix crowdfunding crowdlending Belgian declaration account alien 2

lendix crowdfunding crowdlending Belgian declaration account abroadlendix crowdfunding crowdlending Belgian statement income

Who else declare?

It's twino mintos, lendopolis… Everything is the same.

My advice

Make a screen of earnings to 31/12



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