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Lendix, crowdfunding platform.



Lendix is a platform of lending to SMEs. It is a society of crowdfunding, that is to say, a crowdfunding that describes all of the tools and methods of financial transactions involving a large number of people in order to finance a project. Crowdfunding has various areas such as the gift (donation crowdfunding), the reward, the loan (credit crowdfunding, crowdlending) and capital investment. Lendix is a platform of lending to the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), located in Paris and founded by Olivier Goy in 2014. Thus, SMEs can borrow directly from private and institutional lenders. There are currently 40 778 462 euros which have been borrowed by business leaders in order to finance their project including 6 148 047 euros already reimbursed.

Why choose Lendix?


Lendix offers a veritable revolution since this crowdfunding company offers investors and businesses access to a new world of opportunities. Lendix allows to have access to a new type of investment until then inaccessible to individuals as well as to institutional investors, to put his savings of a simpler, more direct and more useful way. In addition, it also allows a new way of financing for businesses, beyond the traditional banking channels. In fact, she is the first platform of loans in France. Lendix unlike a bank only has one activity: Finance of TPE and SMEs. Thus, it has no agency, no trading or investment banking activity. Lendix don't lend money but facilitates networking between companies that want an investment and investors who are looking for performance. There is no guarantee or deposit. The sole purpose is to offer a simple, transparent and cost-effective process to lenders and borrowers.

Most of the Lendix platform.

For borrowers

Borrowers getting firm, final and known conditions from the launch of the project. Thus, there is no hazard on the rate or the date of disbursement of funds. Once the project has been validated by the Lendix platform, the financing is guaranteed by the community of specific lenders, supported by institutional lenders that complement the unfunded portion of the project. Thus, the success of the funding is guaranteed 100%.

Rate lender there are also several advantages:

  • Choice
  • Lendix is number 1 of the crowdlending in France
  • diversification
  • monthly repayments
  • performance
  • Member Agency of crowdfunding France
  • Registered at Orias number 15000364
  • Known and non-anonymous, team
  • RCS Paris 808 353 15594 Street victory 75009 Paris publication Director: Olivier Goy
  • The leaders also invest in projects


The super important thing



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How to lend?

The Lendix account.

Major people possess a tax residence in France, with at least 100 euros to spare and a bank account and a mobile phone can lend on Lendix. But if a person wants to become a lender but not resident in France, it can contact the company Lendix in order to open an account but that in some countries: the Germany, the Belgium, the Spain, the Italy, the Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Sweden and the Switzerland.

To open a Lendix account simply an email address, mobile phone number, a copy of the identity document, proof of address and a RIB. Thanks to a piece of identity, passport or residence card and a proof of address of less than three months to make your account Lendix a verified account to perform all types of transactions such as loans, the contributions or withdrawals. In addition, when a Lendix account is created, it is completely free. He there or entry, or investment or costs out fees and no annual fee.

The minimum amount that a lender must file is 100 euros and there is no maximum, however if the lender agrees his account lendix by credit card, the total amount is 1,000 euros but not bank transfer, it is without limit. In addition, a lender can withdraw money available at any time to his account that he provided the RIB to the platform during the creation of the latter. However, if money is provided through a promotional campaign, to be transferred by bank transfer, it must have been paid to a project later.

Available on a Lendix account money is deposited on an account secure at LemonWay. This is a property of payment approved by the authority of control Prudentiel and Resolution (PTAS). Lendix then has no access to money from the accounts, allowing different lenders to control and give Lendix lending decisions. Finally, lenders can monitor made loans and future payments on the portfolio page. They can also export in Excel format, the list of upcoming payments, for all loans made.



A loan on the Lendix site is similar to a conventional amortizing loan. During, throughout the term of the loan, every month, the borrower is imposed a deadline, including part of the capital loaned and interest calculated on the amount remaining due to repay. The interest rate so that the term of the loan are set in place from the outset. Companies with projects on this platform are the TPE and French SMEs with at least two recipient exercises.

For the lender, he can choose the projects they want to support, but it must follow its risk profile. In the first case, if the lender needs money quickly, it must then interpret at 6 months and be careful that returns are tailored to its needs. But to get a higher yield, better lend longer-term. To take less risk, it is better to choose projects with score a. for return more attractive but also a little more risky, but choose projects rated B. And finally for lenders wishing to potentially face a higher defect rate, he must choose C rated projects. These three notes (A, B and C) allow for an appreciation of the level of risk of a project.

Thus a project represents less risk than a C project but a lower interest rate. These marks are awarded through the eligibility criteria that are rated according to three criteria: financial performance of the company, its history and that of its leaders and its sector of activity. For lenders, it is better to diversify lending because better pay 20 euros to 100 companies that 1000 euros to 2 companies. Indeed, lenders can invest between 20 and 1,000 euros.



Repayments are monthly and arrive around the 15th of each month. A notification is sent to each lender every month. The 5th of the month, Lendix will be charged the borrower of the monthly due thanks to SlimPay, obviously following the SEPA standard. Releases may be made up to 5 business days after the date of withdrawal. It takes 5 days to validate the collection before it is credited to your account Lendix, with two days of transfer. Lenders can get back them free of charge to their bank account. When a company is in arrears, the lenders are contacted directly by Lendix. The status of each project is listed in the portfolio page:

  • Green = all refunds are in order
  • Yellow = the project is 30 days or less delay.
  • Orange = the project has between 30 and 120 days late.
  • Red = the project has more than 120 days late or is the subject of a judicial procedure.

Lendix portfolio


Portfolio Lendix allows access to the loan contracts, to find history of investments, the Foundation and withdrawals, loans outstanding, past and future payments and the total of what the lender has lent, receipt and what he will receive. For the latter, a pie chart is available with three key information. Finally, the portfolio contains two types of performance. Gross profitability calculates the rate of internet performance of loans without taking into account the delays and defects. And net profitability of defects which estimates the rate of return internal everything by removing the future payments according to the status of the project by applying the following rule:

Delay Color Provision
Delay of less than 30 days Yellow project 40.00%
Delay between 30 and 120 days Project orange 80,00%
More than 120 days or legal proceedings Red project 100.00%

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Institutional investors.


Lendix is open to investors since from the inception of this platform, the financing were mixed personal/institutional. But institutional investors cannot invest directly on the platform. They must do this through the Lendix Fund.

There are two types of investors: those who agree to underwrite all loans on Lendix, what are investors constituents and those who are free to choose the projects they want to help on the platform, this are investors books and where including all of retail investors.


How does it work?

Lendix allows a financing of SMEs by individuals. Thus, once a project is accepted and its rate is set by Lendix, it is put online on the platform. Individual lenders can invest from 20 euros to thousand euros per project. Usually, a project is funded in less than ten days after the first contact with the borrower. After all less, the different loan repayments, i.e. capital remaining due and interest is paid on account Lendix of each lender.

Borrower Lender
  • Financhements of 30,000 euros to 1 500 000 euros, 3 to 84 months on attractive terms.
  • The process is simple and fast → firm answer in 48 hours.
  • Not personal surety or insurance and interest rates known beforehand.
  • Ready from 20 euros to SMEs and repayments are monthly.
  • Annual returns between 4 and 9.90%.
  • Lendix experts study in depth all projects, note them, and finally determine the rate of interest of each.

Borrow on the Lendix platform.

The loan application

All commercial companies (SA, SARL, EURL) so the TPE, SME, or French-ETI can present a funding request for a minimum amount of 30 000 euros and a duration of three to 84 less, regardless of their sector of activity. However, the Lendix platform comes with established companies, who realize a minimum turnover of 400,000 euros and are profitable, with sufficient repayment capacity. To borrow on this platform, it is not required to open an account, simply to test eligibility. The analysis of your application for funding is done in two parts. The first, an eligibility test that allows to have an immediate response. To do this, simply the SIREN number, amount, and time desired. Then a personalities of records is conducted by a credit analyst. A telephone exchange will take place, with the basis of the information provided. The response and the firm offer is available within 48 hours. A company can borrow party of 30 000 euros, within the limits of its ability to refund and up to 1 500 000 euros. Finally, the interest rate is the price of risk. So, it takes into account the term of the loan and the degree of risk posed by the project. Thus, the team of credit platform, Lendix, calculates a fixed rate interest rate directly. It is between 4 percent and 9.90 percent, according to note that gets a company. There is too much notes: A (excellent), B (strong) and C (good). The higher the score, the higher the loan is low.

Note. Interest rate.
A Rate between 4% and 6%
B Rate between 4% and 7.5%
C Rate between 4.75% and 9.9%

The loan offer

When a company has received an offer of loan Lendix, different steps and important elements are taken into account in the implementation of the credit. First of all, Lendix loan offer is firm, that is, the platform agrees on the amount, rate and duration. A guarantee of success of the operation is present for borrowers, so once the offer accepted loan, they are certain to borrow the world indicated with the defined conditions so the rate and term. So the loan offer is irrevocable once signed, because the acceptance of the offer of the loan Lendix requires only a signature. The company is so committed to borrow the amount specified and Lendix is committed to maintaining the condition proposed. Once the contract is signed, the project is presented on the platform for about three days. But this duration is decided with the borrower. Then five days after the end of this period, the borrower receives the diminished amount borrowed from the file origination fees, to his bank account current.

When the loan offer is received, the schedule in the appendix is based on a provisional date of provision funds. Maos this date may change depending on the time taken to sign the contract, the duration of the launch of the project, time to lenders to join the latter. The company then receives a final version when funds are paid and which takes into account the date payments.

The presentation of the project

A business project is funded by lenders, not Lendix, so it must be presented all the information possible so that potential lenders can discover the activities of the company. In addition, all the information provided on the Lendix platform, constitute an appendix to the loan agreement. In addition, the duration of participation in a project varies according to the wishes of the borrower. The average duration is two days but the borrower can address this issue with caller Lendix during a telephone exchange for the implementation of the funding. Finally, from the outset, the company Lendix guarantees the success of financing for borrowers because it has to a wide community of lenders. Thus, when a loan offer is published, the amount granted will be reached.

A loan refunds

When a loan is set up, Lendix is responsible for all the samples, each month, since the borrower's bank account. Deadlines are indicated in the schedule. But the borrower has no transfer or check to perform. Of course, it is possible to repay a loan in advance, once the term of the loan is halfway through, with compensation for early repayment of 4% of the principal outstanding. So for example, for a loan of EUR 100 000 over 48 months at 5% a prepayment of can be done only after 24 months. Principal outstanding is 52 493 euros and the IRA (compensation for early repayment) 2,100 euros. The latter is of course distributed similarly between the lenders and Lendix. Finally, each month, the monthly change because it include management fees of flows that they depend on the principal outstanding. Thus, the latter every month so flow management fees also decreases. The monthly decreases then monthly also.

The difficulties of payment.

When repayments on a loan, a borrower may have difficulties of payment deadlines. First, it may be late, the Lendix company takes directly contact him in order to understand the reason and assist in the resolution of this incident to help find a solution. Most of the time, it's just a technical problem, the refund is made within two days after the telephone contact or email. If there is no place of reimbursement, Lendix sends a letter of recovery accompanied by interest on late payments. If this isn't always the case at the end of 8 working days, a demand letter is sent and the Lendix experts can help you on a daily basis to cover the funds and change the loan if necessary. Finally, after 20 days, Lendix notifies you the forfeiture of the term by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The borrower must make a prepayment of the amount remaining due, with interest, the interests of delay and cost recovery fees. If the borrower can't repay, Lendix may institute proceedings for judicial recovery, always on behalf of lenders.

How much does it cost?

The funding request is free, with the analysis by the credit Lendix team phase. However the implementation of the loan costs including 3% for the Assembly of the file and 1 / 12% for the management of flows, which are detailed in the offer of a loan but in a transparent manner. These fees are financial charges accounted for in the income statement of the borrowing company to reduce the taxable income. So the editing of records commission is equal to 3% of the amount borrowed. Indeed, this fee is deducted directly from the amount paid to your bank account. For example, if the loan is 100,000 euros, the editing of draft commission is 3% or 3 thousand euros on the EUR 100 000. So the borrower is credited with 97 000 euros. In addition, the flow management commission is equal to 1 / 12% of the amount remaining due. Here, the commission is charged on a monthly basis and covers expenses related to the treatment of many financial flows such as the sampling of a deadline on the account of a borrower and the allocation of the amount between all lenders. For example, on a loan of 100,000 euros to 5% for 48 months, costs are 83 euros the first month and 44 euros the 24th month. The borrower can find the details in the schedule that is passed with the supply of credit.

Charges related to exceptional events may occur. For example, when a refund anticipated loan or late payments will result in additional fees. In the case of early repayment, the fee of 4% of the principal outstanding. For late payments, the payment of interest on arrears is calculated monthly and amounting to 1.5% of each unpaid monthly due.

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