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In recent years, the economy turned of increasingly towards a participatory mode. Bolden is part of this movement but focuses on financing for SMEs by individuals and legal entities.

Today, 20% of French SMEs seeking Bank loans do not get it, or not completely, and 6% did not dare to ask for fear of rejection. Nearly 400,000 small businesses have a need for funding and do not have access to bank financing.

Participatory professional credit (crowdlending), caters to these SMEs/small business as well as those looking for more human, more speed or more flexibility in their financing.
The Malek crowdlending new strategy for SMEs. From crowdfunding (crowdfunding), the crowdlending (lending ready =) allows businesses to borrow from retail and professional investors. For the lender, it is to lend money against interest.

The concept of funding by the crowd isn't new: in 1875, the Statue of liberty has been funded through a campaign of this kind, which Federated more than 100,000 donors. Today, thanks to the advent of social networks and the web, these campaigns are increasingly frequent.
In 2014, the crowdlending helped raise 88.4 million euros, almost two times more than in 2013 (47.9 million). Figures for 2015 will be even better.

In France, the market is still only at its premises but in England, the crowdlending has quickly won over the financing market: Internet users and financial institutions, but also the Government and commercial banks through the crowdlending to finance projects!

The crowdlending is crowdfunding by the loan. The crowdlending is one of the methods of financing gathered under the banner of crowdfunding. As for the other modes of financing of crowdfunding, the investment process is fast.

The crowdlending is a financing solution too little known of SMEs and the general public, even if it is taking a considerable boom in France with 31 million euros ready in 2015 only and almost as much in the first half alone 2016.

Today, many youth-led crowdfunding platforms are trying to find a place alongside of banks and other financial companies.

The crowdlending is crowdfunding by the loan. The crowdlending is one of the methods of financing gathered under the banner of crowdfunding. As for the other modes of financing of crowdfunding, the investment process is fast.

Platforms benefited from the opening of regulatory framework in October 2014. Among these Bolden led by its general director Tristan Grué.

Tristan Grué is founder & Director General of Bolden. He was Manager of investment funds in London for 9 years. He has held various positions: co-manager of RBS Asset Management Fund, then associate director, investment manager at Barclays. It has 180 projects to its credit in a personal capacity.

Through a platform, individuals can finance projects of business or artistic creations. This funding may take the form of donation (with or without hardware compensation), participation in the equity of the company or of a loan for SMEs (crowdlending).
Bolden, the most selective crowdlending platform on the market today

What Bolden?

Bolden is a site of alternative credits based on loans to SMEs by individuals. Individuals can finance small and medium-sized enterprises with a 3 to 9% interest rate.

"Bolden" is the newborn in France in the area of the "crowdlending". It is a platform of alternative credit that allows individuals to lend directly to SMEs in their choice.

Bolden is a legal and authorized site

Bolden is the 9th Street Columbus, 75008 Paris. SAS with a capital of 150 000 euros, registered at the RCS of Paris n ° 810 250 746

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The idea

The idea of creation of Bolden started at the salon of 3D printing in 2013 in London. In order to meet the needs of SMEs a modern financing technique.

The crowdlending knows a meteoric rise in France to the point of today represent the largest segment of crowdfunding.

Bolden, new crowdfunding platform, specializing in loans between individuals and entreprisesrepresente an innovative start-up that uses technology in order to rethink the financial and banking services. His ultimate goal is to make the loan to SMEs more accessible by providing services of better quality and more rapid and effective.

Bolden highlights the co[bold]urage (English) french financiers and entrepreneurs. Contrary to popular opinion, the French are pessimistic and have development projects, as well for their SMEs than for their economies.


What are the characteristics of Bolden?

A quick and simple financing

Bolden to fund all projects of SME development, differently.

Simple, fast, without personal guarantee or deposit, Bolden loan values the business from a community of funders (private, professional and institutional) and accelerates growth:
Durations between 1 and 5 years
Amounts of 5 000 to 400 €000

The SME has a dedicated contact, regardless of the size of your company, your business or your project.

Review of the records is not limited to accounting items.

Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about this new funding opportunity. To ensure the best conditions to find funding, Bolden wanted to initially focus on selectivity among eligible applications.

Bolden is a platform of affordable financing, secured and simple use, it offers everyone the opportunity to be player of the French economy and participate in the entrepreneurial adventure of SMEs by lending against interests. Bolden is characterized by its simplicity, indeed this platform invests according to the conditions of the pack and offers a right of veto if the project is not matching expectations.

On the other hand, this platform offers diversity in order to maximize performance and reduce any risqueoperationnels of the platform working with partners of qualitetels than S-money (BPCE Group – Bank popular savings) for the conservation of the Fund and anti-money laundering controls. The average gross yield is estimated to 7.50%.

Individuals can invest in TPE and French SMEs from 25 euros. Bolden don't forget to specify that the "capital are kept at S-money, a subsidiary of the people's bank – savings bank group. Businesses, however, will be able to borrow from 20,000 to 400,000 euros, "quickly and unconditionally", over a period of 1 to 5 years.

This platform of crowdlending is considered to be the more selective with an approval rate of loans by about 1%.

Bolden is aimed to finance between 200 and 300 SMEs per year over the medium term, this funding represents a turnover of 1 has 1.5 million euros.

Level security Bolden is a legal website, for evidence he is registered with the authority of control Prudentiel and Resolution, approval n ° 16528. Bolden IFP, Bolden SAS subsidiary, is entered in the register of ORIAS as an intermediary in crowdfunding (IFP), registration No. 14006823.

The benefits for lenders

It is possible to lend to businesses from €20. Reminder regulation imposes a ceiling of €1000 per project.

Interest rates are determined by the Bolden team. They are between 3% and 9% (before tax and social charges).

The platform offers an interesting option called "Financiers Packs" and thus differs from the competition. This system allows to diversify its investments and therefore risks leaving Bolden invest in its place.

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What are the main missions of Bolden?

Launched in October 2014 under the IFP status (intermediate in funding participatory), Bolden SAS caters to individuals, business and institutional.

The goal of Bolden is to lend directly to SMEs in their choice against interests. But projects are under "scrutiny of financial analysis to present strong cases and limit the risk-taking" according to Tristan Grué

Bolden to directly finance French SMEs as many platforms currently. The loans have a duration of 1 to 5 years and are remunerated at a fixed rate, between 4 percent and 12 percent, before charges Bolden and taxes.

It is therefore operating costs, paid by the lenders, 1% of the principal outstanding annually (fees offered to purchase a Pack financier) which is very much in the industry average.

Bolden offers dynamic SMEs, in growth or development phase, an alternative financing solution: these companies can borrow from enthusiastic and citizens, individuals who join the French economy by taking advantage of a new and profitable investment solution.

By allowing them to borrow directly from donors (individuals and businesses), without multiplication of intermediaries, SMEs receive a quick fix (response within 48 hours), transparent (no hidden fees) and flexible (without personal guarantee).

However, the risk of default is mastered: the platform is driven by finance professionals and computer implementing best regulatory practices and the latest technology to ensure a high selectivity of files (less than 2% of the candidates for a loan are retained).

More loans are depreciable: each month a portion of the capital and interest are repaid, and exposure in the event of default decreases gradually.

Bolden is a platform recorded with ORIAS and the PTA with the status of go-between crowdfunding (IFP).

Bolden is a "start-up" formed by experts of financial analysis. The company began in April 2015.Son originality comes from the fact that Bolden has literally used the techniques of packs to invest and diversify, for example a 1000 pack allows 4 projects of €250 per bill with 0% fresh operation (instead of 1%) and priority access to new projects.


What are the factors of success of Bolden?

The team of experienced analysts of Bolden rigorously selects SMEs, according to an exclusive model of credit rating and financial performance monitoring. The process of selection of Bolden is based on several successive filters. A first loan applications is sorted on the basis of evidence, according to a defined decision tree Bolden.

The selected companies are systematically contacted to discuss their project and the context.

Bolden analysts then proceed to a detailed analysis of the company and its project, studying both quantitative aspects (financial past, intermediate and planned sectoral information) and qualitative (strategy, economic environment, quality of the management team).

Each project done at this level subject to a rating that takes into account the level of risk and determines the interest rate which will be applied. Thus, the risk is considered important, the more performance.

This process allows quick access to funds, Bolden being able to respond to applications for funding within 48 hours there where banks may take several weeks before you move.

Finally another essential factor of success lies in the transparency of the platform: sponsors have access to analysis of Bolden, accounting elements as well as the rating; borrowers know the reasons of the agreement or the refusal of their application and do not charge hidden fees.

The terms of access to financing for businesses

SMEs and very small businesses, can borrow between 20 000 and €400,000, fixed rate over a period of 1 to 5 years. To do this simply drop the online project, it being then studied by the team of Boldenavant the networking with lenders.

All businesses are unable to support of this site to crowdlending. Need, a SIREN, at least 2 exercises and accounts available and have a turnover of more than €200,000.
Finally, the projects to be funded must match to investment, buying stock recruitment or communication.

The remuneration of the platform

Of Assembly of 3% to 5% are charged to businesses depending on the duration of the credit.
Another originality of Bolden site charges of running to the lenders. These fees are 1% up to €5000, and are decreasing. Will pay more than €100,000, or subscribe to a sponsor pack to get free of these fees.

How Bolden selects projects online?

The eligibility Test

You can test the eligibility of your business directly online, free and in a few minutes. Among the criteria studied, your industry, your seniority, and public financial data of your company.

The financial analysis

If your project is eligible, the Bolden team is studying in details your financial records, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts.

The analysis of the project and the team

Bolden team then comes in contact with the project managers for the team, the State of mind of the founders and their management tools.
No project is put online without having spent these 3 steps. The Bolden team then assigns a note, which takes into account the level of risk and determines the associated interest rate to your project. Finally the project is presented to Bolden's Investment Committee which decides whether the project can be presented to donors. They have access to the complete analysis by Bolden.

How the fundraising campaign?

Collection lasts about 30 days: specific funders have everything in hand to judge your project and decide to participate in its funding.

If your project convince funders, you receive the funds in the days that follow, and then can finance your project. You will repay each month then a share of the capital and interest.
If however the expected amount is not reached, the money is not released, and no fees will be charged to you.

How is Boldense different compared to competitors?

Bolden is positioned on the award-winning said loan, average duration, without sureties or guarantees, for the benefit of SMEs established (more than ten years of existence on average).

Bolden made the choice to give great importance to develop a real proximity with the project manager, since his application for a loan until full repayment of it.
Companies (creditscoring) rating is transparent and largely automated, in order to process large volumes with responsiveness and agility.

However financial experts are still listening to the candidates for a loan and interact live with them, to supplement the quantitative analysis and support them in their projects. This proximity allows for better understanding of our customers and to go beyond the simple financial transaction, both to provide added value by assuming an advisory role, and to better select records – thus limiting the risk-taking financiers.

Each project has different needs, it is necessary to choose the right platform, the right type of crowdfunding and goals.

Bolden differs on the type of SME focused compared to other platforms such as Unilend, Lendix. Bolden focused on smaller companies, often less than 10 employees, a turnover between EUR 100 000 and 1.5 million euros.

Bolden competitors attack instead of large SMEs that show a turnover of EUR 10 million or more.

The service is also differentiating: beyond technology services that Bolden provides (automated credit system), Bolden systematically organizes a phone interview or a physical meeting to understand the mechanics of business financing and follow-up.

Level funding, Bolden is distinguished by its:
Speed: The crowdlending allows you to finance your business quickly, within 30 days.
Simplicity: Just a few minutes to complete the questionnaire online and test your eligibility. Your application is then validated by teams of Bolden in a few days.

Freedom: Choose to fund your project € to €400 000 5,000, repayable over 1 to 5 years.
Assessment of a year of work and prospects

Bolden is a crowdlending platform (loan paid by the crowd) that connects individuals and real economy. It's been a year that Bolden platform is operational during this period, Bolden made crowdlending to established SMEs – TPE.

Bolden highlights the courage ("bold" in English) french financiers and entrepreneurs, valued risk taking and the desire to move forward.

Bolden has posted 25 SME records online or in funding for some of them to 1500 requests for funding received.

Today, the pace is faster, Bolden is able to put one or two cases per week. On a rolling year, Bolden would be able to produce between 50 and 100 folders and with the ambition to pay between 5 and EUR 10 million in the year 2016.

Bolden, new platform of crowdfunding IFP status (intermediate in crowdfunding), has created four "packs" to select several companies based on the amount to pay.

Entry-level, the first pack lets the user choose the amount they want to invest.

Then, for 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 euros.
Contractor Packs, Highlander, and Bolden Boy to allocate the sum in loans of 500 or 1,000 euros.

So Bolden wants the equity loan within the reach of all those who have neither the time nor knowledge of companies or industries.

The crowdfunding Comet is now launched. It will continue to grow and pick up speed in the next years to come challenger financing and traditional investment models. The collaboration of all stakeholders will be important and should open new business opportunities to seize.


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