The secret of lendix rating criteria husked


If like me you often invest on LENDIX probably ask yourself the question of how lendix note the projects. Indeed, if you looked lendix to a good default rate and we can therefore deduce that the criteria of selection of lendix are excellent.

crowdfunding calculation rating lendix crowdlending lendix

There are three categories of criteria:

lendix crowdfunding crowdlending test analysis project

lendix crowdlending criterion rating project crowdfunding

Financial performance

Very important, it accounts for 60%

Level of profitability: the break-even point corresponds to the minimum activity level from which the business becomes profitable. Is the time from which obtained revenues cover (fixed or variable) costs incurred by it all.
Beyond this threshold, the company shall enter the enviable area of profit. The value of this threshold can be expressed in product volume, turnover cashed or time periods (years, for example).

financial structure: the financial structure of a company consists both of its equity as well as banking and financial debts.

debt: the debt ratio compares the debt (short, medium and long term) to the total of the actifs(immobilisation, machine, terrain,cash etc) owned by the business.

The calculation of this ratio is:

(Total liabilities / Total assets) x 100

This ratio should be as low as possible to say that the company is little debt. However a ratio no is not optimal (lack of leverage effect)

An average debt load could be 25 to 40% depending on the sector.

A debt level higher than 80% of capital means that the company is already heavily indebted and so that the creditor (the bankers) have almost given the company.

Ability to repay: the ability to refund to a company is a financial ratio that shows the ability to pay off its net debt by self-financing capacity. Yes said like that it's a bit barbaric but good I have not really better now because to do a full article on it.

several ways to calculate (not exhaustive here)


For loans to a company, it is:

  • for a medium term loan, cash flow 'free' (= after deduction of the incompressible common investment needs) she can identify each period of amortization of the loan;
  • for a short-term loan, it is the amount of its predictable cash flow at maturity taking into account in particular the payments that the company will receive its clients before that date.


Repayment capacity = net debt / cash flow

The calculation of the cash flow is the following:

Cash flow (CAF) cashable products = – charges disbursable (simplified version)



The business environment

20% of the rating. Indeed I can assume they use the criteria to wear and probably a matrix opportunity type strength weakness or BCG… and of course the product life cycles.




Les_cinq_forces more un_de_porter

:schema-life-cycle product and demand cash

This ultra classic schema management (thanks Nat.) is useful to see the needs to cash a business. combined with this fast we know a lot about the company.

The phase of the life cycle of the product:

  • Introduction phase: the key factor of success is the mastery of technology
  • Growth phase: the FCS is the mastery of marketing
  • Maturity phase: the FCS is the ability to produce in large quantities at reduced costs
  • Period of decline: the FCS is the ability to offer reduced costs

Quality of the management team

also 20% rating.

Mainly represented by the governance and the history of the company. In my opinion we will focus on the CV of the leaders, are historic and the address book.


Once the criteria calculated there is a notation

lendix crowdlending calculation ability refund crowdfunding

ABC application

crowdfunding calculation rating lendix crowdlending lendix



Result in a project

In a project, on the tab to the right, there is a score. Here for example B, this is divided into sub categories ranging from A to C, has of course being the best score.

  • Profitability
  • balance balance sheet
  • history

lendix crowdfunding crowdlending final score calculation

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