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Top of category crowdlending 2016 crowdfunding platforms


The super Star of the top 10: Lendix

Lendix is the best platform and the biggest French platform. The annual yield rate fluctuates between 4 and 9% but the length of the loans is much higher (up to 5 years). Loans are also on the TPE and SMEs. Performance is determined by the platform based on the level of risk. more leaders are systematically investing in projects, thus limiting conflicts of interest. The site is also easy to use. You have the possibility to lend dice €20. Like all the top sites, there was no fee. Only downside, victim of its success, projects are sometimes funded in 3 hours in mid-2016, so if you are not connected no luck, you miss the project.

promo:, a bomb defends well and has much progressed, it became a platform lighthouse of crowdfunding, a true leader in the field of crowdfunding. Simple, effective, this platform to do anything to please the beginner. Like all the top sites, there was no fee. The minimum to lend is €50 and per €50, which is a little less good than the number 1.

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A good challenger Bolden

A good platform for several reasons. The interest rate is 4 to 12%. The advantage of Bolden that it is an easy to use site. With the packs almost everything is automatic. . Bolden chooses the rate, once the amount of the loan funded the project is closed. There are management fees that offset the rate more attractive than its competitors which ultimately amounts to the same thing. There is also the sponsorship but it is very anecdotal.



Each investment has a return between 6 and 11% per year. Opening a « Lender » account is free and no management fees. Pretup is nice but nothing more. The investment ticket starts at € 50 for a business project.

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Real estate investment: Crowdimo

The platform offers a real estate investment. You have 3 choices of investment. Redemption for renovation, leasing and life annuity, according to your investment horizon. You invest in the SCPI. With a return of 12% which is very good. Real estate investment, an attractive investment for the french. J

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The only guaranteed bottom Prexem

Prexem just logically Gets the bronze medal. The interest rate is chosen by the site, and that up to 10%. Prexem is a young platform user friendly.  At the concept level, Prexem is unique, in fact they are the first in France to have a platform of loans with a guarantee in case of default of companies Fund. Plus the loan’s former, more it is secure, because the guaranteed amount in the background increases. Possibility of loan of € 20. No fees. The site is still an empty stomach but is very promising. It is a sponsorship.

The historical leader Unilend

Historic and always friendly platform. Compensation up to 10% on Finsquare with an auction system. Unilend is easy to use and is one of the oldest in France. It is the value of the ranking, but she already had flaws of companies (proportionally she also made more loans than these competitors and is not the only one having). Unilend it is of savings bonds, there is everything in terms of length at the project level and also in terms of sectors.

The city of the loan: Lendopolis

LENDOPOLIS allows individuals to lend money to the French small business to finance their development projects against an annual compensation of 5 to 12%. C´EST Lendopolis that determines how much you win by setting the rate of pay.

Lendosphere, l´ecologique

Lendosphere, the ecological crowdfunding in France is a crowdlending site that has kept its social fiber. The concept is interesting and c´est a good dual action, for your wallet and the planet. Indeed, on lendosphere you think sustainable development and can lie down quietly on your two ears.

The flops of the crowdlending in france:

Eliminated: Finsquare (acquired by lendix)

Finsquare was the best platform for several reasons. The interest rate is 5 to 10% over a maximum of 24 months, so it is in average loans. The advantage of finsquare it is simplicity. The site is indeed very easy to use. Registration is fast, the concept grasps easily. You pay to the TMP and French SMEs with an important interest rate. Loans are made by enriching bid on the interest rate.  One of the advantages of this site is that he’s the loan insurance, which guarantees you a smooth. Sponsorship is also great. Can can loan of € 20 and icing on the cake it is no fee for lenders.

Promo (not valid between 01/01/2016 and February):

younited credit (ex union loan)

The need d ‘ be a qualified investor eliminates Office all of retail investors. Despite all the platform is good.

Tops crowdlending strange


Mintos is a platform with guaranteed loans, loans sometimes (depending on your choice) on more than 5 years (rare and really good in a strategy long term), a return to double-digit, a very selective investment auto mode. The whole without costs, a must have.


estate guru

Mortgage loans, very interesting with a double-digit yield, this platform is easy to use and quite frankly stunning.

Estateguru: 0.5% bonus


Mintos is a platform with loans secured and unsecured (since July, 2016), loans, sometimes very short (so investment short-term), a return to double-digit, a very selective investment auto mode. The whole without costs, a must have additional a mintos.


Unsecured loans with the biggest met performance (+ 15%, even 20%, declining), a risk proportionate, friendly, but some adjustments are needed. Unfortunately the platform only gets better with time, oversimplified it has lost a lot of customers who wanted to have a mode automatic customizable.

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