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Crowdfunding platforms tests

→ 16/11/2016


→ 31/10/2016


1001pact, test and solidarity investment crowdfunding platform notices

Equity crowdfunding allows to make a new solution of financing for start-ups. Individuals can invest directly in the capital of a company …

→ 23/02/2016


Credofunding: test and notice of the Catholic crowdfunding with lending platform

Credo funding is a platform to support Catholic l´eglise, you will find projects that are in line with l´eglise. The platform makes …

Test and notice of the Lendopolis site: remarkable

Lendopolis is a french d´investissements site in the line of the largest domain. There are the classic range of good site d´investissements. …

Inidev is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the city smart 'Smart City'

Inidev is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the city smart 'Smart City'. C´EST a shapely generalist platform. (suite…) a good quality d´investissements site is not a site of credit for individuals, c´est a site d´investissements in the line right of french crowdlending. Lend useful …

Bolden, a good alternative for your investments

Bolden allows you to directly finance French SMEs. It is a good site and an excellent alternative to competitors that are currently …

Mintos: Latvian of guaranteed loans, a huge performance site

  Mintos is a new crowdfundng platform open to all Europeans.  It provides loans between individuals with a mortgage guarantee and/or a …

Estate guru, test and notice of l´investissement secure real estate and + 10% performance in Estonia

For investors who are looking for reliability, I advise to invest in specific real estate loans. Indeed, if something were wrong turn, …

Abundance Generation

Description Abundance offers investments in renewable energy projects that pay regular yields. (suite…)

Lendosphere, the ecological crowdfunding

Lendosphere, the ecological crowdfunding in France is a crowdlending site that has kept its social fiber. The concept is interesting and c´est …

Look & end test and notice

Look & end is a platform that allows you to mature companies with attractive yields and by diversifying your portfolio. The company …

Anaxago test

  Anaxago, the investment platform dedicated to startups and SME's growth. You can find companies with strong potential and meet management teams. …

Saving stream: English l´investissement of real estate, profitable credit

A British d´investissement site that allows you to work your savings up to 12%. (suite…)

Pretup: clear and unfussy

Pretup is a platform of participatory financing (or crowdfunding) destined for TPE – SMEs in the form of loan paid between (lenders) …

October: test, in my view a site with excellent risk / performance

I present to you Lendix, a d´investissement site that allows d´avoir of revenues recurring and stable of companies without shareholder. Lendix allows …

Test and notice Finsquare: verdict, one of the best sites

Be the banker to corporations and really earn l´argent you feel like it? I will explain how it works and why j´adore …

Unilend: a site is pleasant to use

Tonight I present to you unilend a site of crowfunding, the TPE French SME loans. The principle is simple, just choose the …

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