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Mintos is a new crowdfundng platform open to all Europeans.  It provides loans between individuals with a mortgage guarantee and/or a guarantee of redemption in the event of default.

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Mintos description

Mintos is a new crowdfundng platform open to all Europeans. This platform is located in Latvia in Riga (the capital). Originality of this platform is to offer loans to individuals with a mortgage guarantee and/or a guarantee of redemption in case of failure (on the part of the issuer of the loan, for example a leasing company).

The largest share of loans are loans cars, but it of also home loans, personal loans and business loans. Failure to pay executor sells the property for repayment (the loan are consistently lower than the value of the purchased goods) for mortgage loans.

As most of the loans are attached to an insurance policy a big share of loans (those with a shield logo) are redeemed in case of default of + 60 days directly and automatically. C´EST very convenient for l´investisseur because it reduces the risk.

The performance is interesting, up to 15% annual, which makes office one of the best values in Europe.

You can invest in 4 countries Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania / Georgia (much more now).

There is even an automatic mode with reinvestment of interest, it is very convenient. This automatic mode, for having him tested, allows to choose if you want loans with mortgages or guarantees in case of default or both.

Lenders in mintos

Why invest?

Toll free

Mintos is a platform free of charge, it is very advantageous because the net yield is so very important.

15% yield

Mintos to yield 2-digit loan of 15% and toll-free, admit that it is green with envy most of the platforms of the world.

In the real economy!

Mintos ready to credit companies known and gives off a margin between themselves and investors. Companies are winning, because it pays so not fresh money and investors are winning because they have access to very profitable investments.

Virtually no risk!

In case of default, i.e. If a credit repaid not more than 60 days, mintos you bought your position and even with the delay as if this credit had always paid, making it's risk-free! reminder. risk 0 there is no

What are the main advantages for investors?

In Mintos investors can invest in loans that originate in various non-bank lenders style leasing company who use the platform to fund their loans. They lend them even to individuals.

The main advantage for investors is that they get access to much wider investment opportunities through a single platform, both in geographical terms and in terms of various loans issued by various non-bank lenders.

The Mintos platform investors can invest in mortgage loans, loans guaranteed automobiles, small business loans, and even loans not guaranteed. The loans are currently originating in Estonia, the Latvia, the Lithuania, and they are about to add the initiators of loans of the Finland, the Georgia and the Spain.

This, combined with the fact that the minimum investment in a single loan is EUR 10 what is almost the lowest in the market (€ 5 is the lowest), means that investors can easily build very well diversified investment portfolios.

In addition, continued to have various authors of loans and many investors on the secondary market platform is very liquid (you can then resell or buy if you need liquidity).

The platform is used by Capitalia, which is the main lender to small businesses in Baltic countries. Lenders have mastered all the process and have the experience, and he has access to historical data. This is essential for investors who can be sure that the detailed credit analysis precedes the grant of a loan. In addition, the platform Mintos loan originators are required to keep a portion of each loan on their books, to align the interests of their investors and also put their eggs in the basket of such out they can't keep good credits and sell less good at risk do not leave on the Junk market.

Finally, all loans on the Mintos platform are SERPS by loan originators. so investors can start earning the moment of investment, time is money. At present more than 1 million euros (end of 2015) were placed on the platform.


FAQ Mintos

Mintos is a market type crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending, which brings together investors seeking strong returns through non-bank borrowers.

In Mintos investors can invest in different types of loans issued from many originators of loans. On the other hand, the organizers of loans (lending business), may enjoy the benefits of peer-to-peer lending model in financing their loans.

This is how it works:

  • Borrowers request a loan.
  • The loan giver evaluates the application, fixed interest rate and lends money from its own funds.
  • Loans are then listed on the Mintos platform, where individuals and institutional investors can select loans in which to invest.
  • By investing in a loan investors buying a right to repayment with interest against the borrower on the basis of the transfer agreement.


In having more money without having to dip into its own funds, a type leasing company may lend more and therefore grow.

What return / return on investment expected?


So far, the average net annual return for investors who invest via the Mintos platform was slightly lower at 14%.

We think it will stabilize around 10 per cent.

However, it is appropriate for investors to consider not only the return, but also the risks.

In the case of Mintos, investors can easily build a portfolio well diversified in different products and with different geographies, thereby reducing the specific risk within an asset class.

In addition, the Mintos platform was the first with a guarantee of the loan with some of the loan originators buying non-performing loans from investors, which really reduces the risk for investors.

Because having 14% and 5apres defects is one thing but having 14% without a single fault c much better #est.

What is the importance of the safeguards of redemption?

The buyback guarantee means that when a loan on the platform is late by more than a certain number of days (usually 60 days), the author of the loan is going to redeem the loan, because it is not efficient.

This considerably reduces the risk for investors, but didn't really not increase the risk for issuers of loans because they are loans for pre-financing anyway.

We must remember that the risk of default can be measured, and with the guarantee of redemption of this risk is simply transferred from the sender of loan investors. The buyback guarantee will be for consideration of the lower interest rates offered to investors, but expected returns will be stable.

On the other hand, if the risk of default is passed on to investors, the price for the risk is higher to pay interest.

What is Auto Invest and how does it work?


Auto Invest automatically implements your chosen investment strategy.

After you have entered your investment criteria, Auto Invest will automatically invest in appropriate loans.

You can access Auto Invest at any time and monitor the activity of your portfolio in real time to ensure that it matches your investment objectives. Auto Invest is a very effective tool to save time that formerly have passed to investment activities, so it allows you to access loans newly placed in the system before the investments made manually.

As a user Auto Invest, you can suspend or cancel Auto Invest at any time.

Once you have confirmed your investment criteria, Auto Invest will review the ads of loans and will invest funds in loans that match. Auto Invest will continue to automatically analyze and invest in new loans appropriate as soon as they are listed on the market. If you change a setting Auto Invest, all listings in loans available will be scrutinised to make sure they meet your new investment criteria.



How can I stop Auto Invest?

If you want to pause Auto Invest way permanent or temporary, you can do this by clicking on the "Stop" button in your settings Auto Invest. It will pause immediately, however, you can enable it again at any time.

Can I still invest manually if I Auto Invest?

Yes. As a user of Auto Invest, you can browse the loans and invest manually at any time. However, this may give rise to an investment portfolio that diverges from your Auto Invest criteria.

Does cost to use Autoinvest?

There's no additional cost to use Auto Invest.

What is Auto Invest invests in loans with bonus (secondary market)?

Non Auto Invest only does not invest in loans with a premium.

Auto Invest invests in loans on the secondary market?

Not at the present time, early 2016 Auto Invest do not invest in loans on the secondary market.

How Auto Invest invests the funds in my account Mintos?

Once you have confirmed your investment criteria, Auto Invest will review the ads of loans and will invest funds in loans that meet your criteria. Auto Invest will continue to automatically analyze and invest in new loans that match your preferences as soon as they are listed.

If you change a parameter Auto Invest, all listings of available loans will be reverified to ensure that they meet your investment criteria. Auto Invest operates according to a queue system. If demand for the various portfolios Auto Invest for a single loan is larger than the available loan, based on our exclusive algorithm factors are taken into account.


Be aware that the twino accounts are therefore without taxation, rates are gross. Therefore, make a statement once a year of account abroad (I speak for french residents) (fichedescriptiveformulaire_8380)

test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding statement account abroad

and in the case of taxes declare interest income and complete a declaration No. 2047. (Very easy).

test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding foreign income statement




Mintos is a lending platform, a market place that brings together investors and borrowers by allowing various loan originators as the sale of car company to use a platform to market. Previously, the originators of loans had to establish their own platforms; now Mintos offers a unique platform for non-bank lenders who want to sell loans. This means that non-bank lenders should no longer make major investments in the establishment and the maintenance of their own platforms. Connecting to the Mintos platform, non-bank lenders obtain instant access to investors seeking to buy assets, i.e. rights to repayment of the loans. Thus, non-bank lenders can focus on their core competencies.


Mintos does not loan issue, but it is important the loan originators who use the platform to be able to offer more competitive rates for borrowers. In addition, the loan process is much more convenient for these originators of loans. When you borrow money from Capitalia, for example it is much faster than in a Bank, which could take several weeks. Finally, some of the originators of loans that use our platform provide loans and services to borrowers who could not have had access to affordable credit before. For example, among the clients of Mogo, the largest provider in the Baltic region non-bank car loan, there are those who are looking for a car with an average requested amount around 3.000 EUR. This segment is currently underserved by banks.


No sponsorship in October 2015.

Since June 2016 there is sponsorship.

the 30.09.2016 completed sponsorship program.

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Information about payments


The means of payment on the mintos site are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Minimum deposit: 10 euros


Other info

  • Site language: English

Who is mintos, security question

Address: Skanstes iela 50A, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvia

History of mintos

We have started working on the idea in the middle of 2014 and launched the platform in January 2015. The Director comes from the sector of the Investment Bank, where he spent six years before going for an MBA at INSEAD. This, actually, was the first time that the Director has heard lending crowdfunding or peer-to-peer because he borrowed from Prodigy Finance, a platform that provides funding to foreign graduate students attending high ranking business schools, while providing competitive financial returns for institutions and private investors.

The other man, Martins Valters, CFO's and also a co-founder, has 11 years of experience of Ernst & Young (ED one of the 4 largest accounting /audit) where he checked some of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic region.

To fuel the growth, they collected EUR 1 million in venture capital to date. It has helped to form a solid team and an experienced Board of Directors. In a little more than six months since the launch, more than 2,400 investors from 30 countries have registered on the platform and Mintos has funded more than 1,500 loans for a total of more than EUR 4 million, including EUR 1 million in the 6 th month only.


Supervisory Board

Ramona miglane mintos crowdfunding p2p

Ramona Miglane
President of the Supervisory Board
Ramona is a partner at the law firm of FORT. She has over 10 years of experience in the provision of legal advice on Bank and finance. Ramona holds a LL. of the University of Latvia and studied at Riga Graduate School of Law (LL. )

Martins Krutainis mintos crowdfunding p2p

. Martins Krutainis
Member of the Supervisory Board
Martins is a partner to Superia Corporate Finance. He has over 12 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions (M & A) and the mobilization of capital in Northern Europe. Martins holds a BSc. Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Janis Abasins mintos crowdfunding p2p

Janis Abasins
Member of the Supervisory Board
Janis is the Director of the Latvia Association of insurers. Janis has extensive management experience, having served as CEO of the insurance if the Latvia Balta and IT product wholesaler ELKO Group. He holds a BSc. A graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


It is the translation of wikipedia

The Mintos team began working on the idea in the middle of 2014 and launched the platform in January 2015. More than €250,000 was invested in loans secured by Mintos P2P lending platform during the first week.

In March 2015 Mintos began offering investors the opportunity to invest in guaranteed vehicles that are originating loans and served by Mogo(une entreprise) in Estonia.

In may 2015 Mintos in cooperation with Mogo introduced the guarantee of redemption to investors, first of its kind in the industry. The guarantee of redemption occurs where the loan becomes non-paid for more than 60 days, so it is then redeemed the investor value plus accrued interest capital, in doing so, the investor supports not the risk of default.

In may 2015 Mintos starts to offer loans secured on cars in Lithuania which are supplied to consumers in cooperation with Mogo, leader of car loan market in the region.

In June 2015 they co-fondent the crowdfunding Latvia Association.

In July 2015 Capitalia joined the Mintos loan market. Loans originated by Capitalia are available on the Mintos market and each investor may invest in small and medium-sized enterprises in Latvia and Lithuania.

Mintos is planning to move the platform under the United Kingdom and to submit it to the financial Authority (CFA) regulatory Conduct. The decision was taken due to the fact that the United Kingdom, and London in particular, he y aplus major centre in the world for FinTech.

In September 2015 Creamfinance joined the Mintos platform. short term loans unsecured, issued by Creamfinance in Georgia with the Crediton brand.

In conclusion of an agreement with the lender Creamfinance, peer-to-peer lending platform has expanded investment opportunities by offering investors the opportunity to invest in loans unsecured short term issued in Georgia.


They worked on the platform a half year before launching it in a public way, and everything has been developed internally to zero.  The Mintos platform is used by various non-bank lenders. Currently, eight software developers are in the team.

Loans on the market industry is developing very rapidly, and the industry is competitive. It is also a challenge to inform investors, because the development of platforms of loan market in continental Europe took place more slowly than in the United Kingdom, for example.

Note that in an interview we learn that mintos wishes is to regulate in London (before the crisis brexit)

You plan to move the platform to the United Kingdom and to submit it to the financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory oversight. That is what led you to that decision?

The United Kingdom, and London in particular, is the largest center in the world for FinTech. From the point of view of p2p lending, we must think about three major advantages to move our platform to the United Kingdom. Firstly, the legal framework in the United Kingdom is ordered, and there is a clear regulatory system. Secondly, the British Government has clearly indicated its support of p2p lending by itself investing via these platforms or by the introduction of Innovative Finance ISA, which will allow investments of peer-to-peer, which will be held in the envelope tax-free, to April 2016. Finally, more and more investors on our platform come from Western Europe, so we want to be closer to them. Our strategy is to be competitive at the European level, and our move to the United Kingdom is a logical step in this direction.

Who speaks?

 Okay so for once I can't get out you of french newspapers, I leave you a wikipedia search.
test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding references

Mintos has titles

mintos won titles such as the best startup in Rietumu FinTech, contest organized by TechHub Riga and Rietumu banka in 2015.[17]

Mintos has also been selected as the runner up (the second or Dolphin) for The One to Watch award presented by AltFi Awards 2015. [18]  What still reassured me.

 test notice mintos crowdfunding p2p contest


Notice on the site after the test

At the beginning I had, like everyone else I think, a little fear because the site is not really regulated. However mintos won titles such as the best startup in Rietumu FinTech, contest organized by TechHub Riga and Rietumu banka in 2015.

Mintos has also been selected as the runner up (the second or Dolphin) for The One to Watch award presented by AltFi Awards 2015.    What still reassured me. Anyway past this point here, I found the site frankly well made, difficult to get lost or don't understand anything, nevertheless, it lacks a diagram of the process or something of the sort I mean damage.  Although this last point has been corrected.

Take advantage of the sign-up bonus: 

button interested


test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding registration

There is a faq and the entire process that explains how it works, but frankly it's really not complicated.

test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding 2 registration benefits


To begin to invest in Mintos, you must register as an investor. This is a simple process that will take less than 5 minutes.
Second, it is necessary to make a transfer of funds to your investor account

Once you have registered with Mintos, transfer the desired amount of money from your bank account to your investor account Mintos.
Build your investment portfolio

Once the money is added to your account of the Mintos investors, you can start to build your investment portfolio, either by using the tool Auto Invest or by browsing the loan listings.
Receive monthly payments

Each month, you will receive payments of borrowers consisting both of capital and interest *. You can choose to reinvest these funds in other loans or transfer them to your bank account.

  • Mintos is not responsible for the borrower does not repay the loan, including payments in arrears. I recall process, you lend through mintos (example leasing company) company that lends to the individual and it is this society (leasing) which guarantee your redemption of debt in the event of defects.

Lists of loan

You can see all available in one place ready and choose loans in which you wish to invest. Additional details are available for each loan, including information about the borrower and the warranty. You can also consult the payment schedule and the list of other investors for each loan.

Auto Invest

Auto Invest is the easiest and most practical to invest in loans to build a diversified portfolio. You can set your own criteria Auto Invest and you can change them at any time. You can also suspend or cancel Auto Invest whenever you want.

Secondary market

If you want to sell your investment prior to full repayment of the loan, you can use the secondary market. Other investors can see all loans listed on the secondary market in the lists of loan.

Account overview

You can still see all your transactions in the account list. Loans in which you have invested can be seen on the tab "my investments." Contracts signed for each of your investments are also recorded.


test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding registration 3

NB: have you seen my other tests? in general we ask rib + card identity + proof of address and nothing here, just a transfer to confirm the account. In fact asked the documents in part widrawal (withdraw money), my advice, do validate your documents at the start, otherwise you won't be able to withdraw your money later.


Menu clear and responsive, it n there has nothing say.

test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding menu registration main


In fact mintos does not work by project but by investment (remember I'm doing a translation of the site, there are misfires), they are clear and we need to diversify (always take the amount of minimum investment of € 10 to diversify your portfolio to the maximum and play statistics, although in the end as you have the guarantee of redemption in case of default ", eventually it plays too much).


test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding enrollment project 2

test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding inscription project

On these two pages, note the small yellow shield on invest, it means that you have a guarantee in case of default, if it n have not you have no guarantee (but the rate is more interesting risk performance)

test mintos p2p crowdfunding registration warranty buyback notice

My personal advice: I recommend auto invest to make money really passively.

test notice mintos p2p crowdfunding registration auto invest make money liabilities without doing anything

This is my real settings.


Update settings of 24/10/2016 requests in the comments



Why these criteria:

name: RAS (nothing to report, even when I don't have to justify myself no?)

guaranteed buyback: clear yes because I want that my investment is guaranteed, bondora being enough chances to level of risk everywhere, matter of diversification.

Size, good frankly without comments

loan originator: in fact you can turn everything on, (I said I activated but if mintos brought new suppliers, they are not enabled by default which explains why I 11/14, I also stated I just set 14/14)

Interest rate: 11% almost maximum, it will logically for longer loans because it is long more there are downtime of your capital, you want a return. Indeed, if one assumes that the rate at which you pay is constant, it is more interesting to lend 5 times 1 to 11% rather than to block his 5 years at 11% and savings to offset this will be 5 times to 11% or once at 12% (unavailability bonus see my performance risk liquidity articles and my future article performance and time). I think having to decline gradually and measurement of time, here for example I think having to drop to 10%.

remaining loan term: 59mois to select only very long projects (60mois being almost the maximum) then I found rates of bond yields down as and time measurement, more for the novelty (new platform) risk premium tends to be reduced.  Even though I think that a little inflation will appear there is much too much money on the market and the negative rates are starting to appear. Anyway I therefore anticipates a decline in return on new investments so instead more investment is long more I won, on the other hand if I anticipate an increase in the short term I place short to then take advantage of the lower rates which may appear with a maximum of liquidity.

current status. current, I'm not putting my money in a guy who already late payment, even if in theory I win more short term (penalties of the buy back guarantee within 60 days), but as I anticipate a drop I better not wait 60 days to be repaid and having to relocate and thus not be as less good investments.

loan type: all because it diversifies then I not sufficiently analyzed the differences to find fault with this strategy. I guess that mortgage and secured loan because are theoretically the most interesting in terms of security, but as I already have 100% buy back guarantee… This is useless in my case.

minimum fund in the account: nothing, I want to put everything

country: all because I don't anticipate differences or out of the country, all countries are in euros, so in fact it diversified me portfolio. (the new countries are not enabled by default on a former portfolio, so you need to select)

amortization: 4 methods

full and biased, with principal + interest monthly payments (I will have to be consistent with my strategy turn them off, but I didn't, in case I need to recover the money and that a big part of the loans are full of the biased, and if I'm too selective, it n ' there's no investment or so I put €200 and not 10 per investment I don't want)

interest only practical as you tap that interest

bullet: everything is paid in the end, even if it annoys me a little because we don't know before the end of 5 years that credit is bad, I just activate it because it is new and by default disabled on the old configuartion of auto invest, even though I am not sure to keep.

reinvest: Yes, not want to come back

Already invested in loans include: no, because I want to not put too much on a single investment

At the moment the higher rates are not necessarily the longest, it will therefore choose between 10% over 5 years or 12% on 5 mois(2 pays différents)… with a risk that move.

I like about mintos

  • performance
  • simplicity
  • strong diversification
  • the warranty
  • l auto customizable investment proper


I don't like

  • the fact that only at the time of withdraw his money asked identification documents
  • The fact that it is not yet regulated by a financial authority

My advice

NB: have you seen my other tests? in general we ask rib + card identity + proof of address and nothing here, just a transfer to confirm the account. In fact asked the documents in part widrawal (withdraw money), my advice, do validate your documents at the start, otherwise you won't be able to withdraw your money later.

Then use auto invest and come back in 6 months or more…


Very convenient to diversify a portfolio. Just d´enclencher the automatic mode. J´utilise regularly this site.


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