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Equity crowdfunding allows to make a new solution of financing for start-ups. Individuals can invest directly in the capital of a company of their choice and become shareholders. 1001PACT develops the crowdfunding solidarity capital and allows individuals or companies to become supportive shareholder from just € 100, this is much more accessible than the industry average. If you want to learn more, read on.


D´investissements 1001pact site description

1001PACT is a young company that wants to contribute to a world where personal investment to developing social entrepreneurship. The mission is to democratize investment capital to social enterprises. To achieve this, 1001PACT develops a platform for equity crowdfunding linking individuals wishing to give meaning to their money and companies with a social impact, societal or environmental. 1001PACT is an actor of the investment capital for seed and developing companies.

Investors at 1001pact

Why invest in 1001pact

for 1001pact it is useful

You can finance the project of an entrepreneur who wants to grow his business and create jobs. You know exactly what will serve as your money. You invest in real l´economie creating l´emploi in France, which is increasingly a solidarity gesture. Via 1001PACT.com, you can discover responsible companies, which have a viable economic model and social, environmental and/or environmental impact.

because 1001pact is simple

You choose the projects you want to support, you invest, you receive your interests and remove your money online. You can also subscribe a financier Pack.

At 1001pact the ticket input is not expensive at all and very accessible for some action

1001PACT develops the crowdfunding solidarity capital and allows individuals or companies to become supportive shareholder from €100. It is much better than the industry average and this truly democratizes the shareholding.

1001pact gives you the opportunity to choose

Indeed l´epoque where experts from the Bank grew you to invest in such product qu´ils had to sell is now officially over. You can now choose you even companies on which you want to put your money and your confidence. When you invest in a Fund, these are managers who choose in your place the destination of your savings, you do not have a full transparency, and you have an annual fee. With 1001PACT, it is you the expert who chooses the company of your choice, you have direct contact, complete transparency in your investment and you have the visibility on the use of your savings. So you are the one to decide how to invest your savings, and you enjoy capital gains on your investments.

Perhaps will you even money at 1001pacts

You can benefit from a potential return on investment through a dividend or a capital gain that is a function of the success of the company.

There is a tax benefit at 1001pact

You get a tax benefit of: 18% on the income tax of 50% on the tax of solidarity on fortune. For more information, you can consult the heading for this purpose.

1001pact gives the ability to change your mind.

1001pact investment solidarity crowdfunding 42 withdrawal

After the signing of the newsletter subscription, you have 14 days to make the payment. If you want to cancel your subscription during this period, please contact us by mail: contact@1001pact.com.

Payment serves as final confirmation of the subscription.

FAQ investors 1001pact




Through a due-diligence, the 1001PACT team ensures that the below rights are well respected for investments from platform: 1 voting on the principle "action / a voice".  2 right to proportional dividends number of securities.  3 right to reinforced and regular information.  4 right of output according to different cases (entry of a new shareholder, abandonment of the social mission of the company, etc…).

The community 1001PACT investors will remain systematically minority in the capital of the company. Their participation will be between 5 and 25% of the capital of the companies.

The funds are blocked for 5 years at least. During this period, 1001PACT supports the relationship between you and the community of investors.

To register


Registration is totally free.

To access business data and being able to invest in accordance with the regulations defined by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, you complete your investor profile. The main information to inform are as follows:

1. Your identity

2. Your investment preferences

3. Your situation and your experiences in investment

4. Download your identity documents


1001PACT undertakes to keep confidential information of investors and to not use or disclose all information to purposes other than the performance of its mission. 1001PACT was held to professional secrecy.

However 1001PACT may provide some of that information to administrative authorities or regulatory bodies on request of the latter. In this case, 1001PACT will notify the investor of any possible application, as soon as possible.


You may lose 100% of your investment in the event of bankruptcy of the enterprise, not more. You may also face liquidity problems (not be able to resell your units). 1001PACT thus advise you to invest in several companies to diversify risk. 1001PACT will try to the maximum at the end of 4 years to find solutions of liquidity.

How many ÇA ME cost of investing, how many are there fees?

1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 12 FAQ
missing one S to commission

When you subscribe to the capital of an undertaking, 1001PACT only supports a single Commission. This commission varies between 1% and 3% depending on the amount invested. This commission covers the costs of electronic signature, secure payment and file management.

1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 13 fees
see the menu right at the bottom of the site
  • 3% VAT if the investment is less than €6000
  • 2% VAT if the investment is between € 6000 and € 15999
  • 1% TTC if investment is greater than or equal to € 16000

This commission is included in the price of the investment and will therefore, automatically deducted from the amount paid by the investor.

The price of the commission is indicated all taxes included.

In the event of failure of the project to increase capital in a target company, the amount of the subscription (including commission) will be refunded to the investor.


1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 11 FAQ

After the signing of the newsletter subscription, you have 14 days to make the payment. If you want to cancel your subscription during this period, please contact us by mail: contact@1001pact.com.

Payment serves as final confirmation of the subscription.

What this happens if the amount of the collection do is not met?

If the amount of fundraising is at least 75% of the target amount of the capital increase, then 1001PACT closing the fundraising.

If the objective is not reached at the end of the campaign, 1001PACT and the company may decide to extend the campaign of crowdfunding. If the operation fails, 1001PACT undertakes to reimburse all deposited funds (so to not remember, there is no commission or expense) to all investors.

Taxation of investors 1001pact

Companies selected by 1001PACT are eligible for the tax system for investment in the capital of an SME. So if you are eligible for the IR (income tax), you get a tax reduction of 18% of the amount invested on your IR. If you are eligible for the ISF, you get a tax reduction of 50% of the amount invested on your EWB.

Sign on the platform, and invest in a business. With the closing of the transaction, the 1001PACT team sends you a certificate for the tax administration which will allow you to obtain the tax benefit on the IR or the ISF.

How to benefit from the deduction of 18% on the IR via my investment on 1001PACT:


The IR device allows persons subject to the (IR) income tax of 18% reduction in the sums invested in the capital of SMEs French and European.


Payments are capped annually at:

  • -For a single person: € 50,000 for a maximum tax reduction of € 9,000.
  • -For a married couple, bound by a PACS or cohabiting and subject to a common tax: € 100,000 for a maximum reduction of €18,000.


Time limits:

To qualify for the tax year 2016 IR reduction, you need to make your investment between January 1, 2016-December 31, 2016.

How to benefit from the 50% reduction on the ISF via my investment on 1001PACT: 


Operative EWB allows people subject to the tax of solidarity on the Fortunue (ISF) to reduce by 50% the sums invested in the capital of SMEs French and European.



Payments are capped annually at €90,000 for a maximum tax reduction of € 45 000.


Time limits:

To qualify for the tax year 2016 ISF reduction, you need to make your investment before June 15, 2016, for greater than EUR 2.57 million heritages.



The criteria to qualify for these tax deductions:

Criteria on the company:

All companies presented on 1001PACT meet the criteria for eligibility for this tax exemption:

  •  -be a small business within the meaning of Community rules (less than 50 employees and less than 10 million euros of sales business).
  •  -be established for less than five years.
  •  -be subject to corporate income tax in the conditions of ordinary law.
  •  -carrying out a commercial, industrial, craft, agricultural activities, solidarity, real estate finance solidaire.
  •  -being in start-up phase of initiation or expansion.
  •  -be not listed on a french or foreign market.
  •  -to have its registered office in a Member State of the European Union or in another State party to the agreement on the European economic area.
  •  -use at least 2 employees on the date of end of the year following the right giving subscription to the reduction.


Criteria on the investor:

To benefit from the tax deduction for the current year, you must:

  •  -be an individual
  •  -be tax domiciled in France
  •  -make a commitment to keep the securities received in Exchange for their payment for 5 years
  •  -Subscribe to the capital of the company before December 31 of the current tax year


Postponement of payments exceeding the annual limit:

The fraction of investment that exceed the annual limit entitles the carryover of tax reduction under the same conditions for the next four years.



It is not possible to combine the tax deduction IR and ISF.

1001 pacts solidarity crowdfunding investment 04 tax


If you would like additional information, contact us directly by email: CONTACT@1001PACT.COM or by phone at 01 85 08 18 34 

Be financed 1001pact

Why finance itself on 1001pact?

Simple and effective, your customers can become your investors and therefore your ambassadors.

The projects bearing FAQ


1001PACT allows you to perform a fundraising online using a community of investors composed of individuals and actors of solidarity finance.

The principle is simple. After examination of your file and the negotiation of an offer of funding by the 1001PACT, your project team is put online on the www.1001pact.com platform. For a predefined period, investors subscribe directly to the capital of your company. Once the amount reaches, the fundraising is closed. The funds are blocked for 5 years at least. During this period, 1001PACT supports the relationship between you and the community of investors. You are only required to send to the quarterly information 1001PACT. This allows you to focus 100% of your business development.

Note that there is an inconsistency between 30,000 and 40 000
40 000

1001PACT offers its investors of commercial or cooperative enterprises. These companies can be at the stage of boot (and having shown proof of their concept) or developing. These companies must show a need for funding between 40,000 and €500,000. The community 1001PACT investors will remain systematically minority in the capital of the company. Their participation will be between 5 and 25% of the capital of the companies.

1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 07 lift fondsjpg

1001PACT offers a range of investment on measure allowing you to create or grow your business in the long term while valuing your commitment social, environmental and/or societal. 1001PACT puts you in relation to its supportive financial partners such as CICADAS IDS. In addition, 1001PACT supports you during the fundraising and offers a simple, quick tool, and visible to the greatest number. Finally, realizing a fundraising via the 1001PACT platform, federate around your project a community of investors who share your values, and which will become potential customers, partners, the perscripteurs, or facilitators to develop your business.


To apply, it is very simple!

Log on to www.1001pact.com, click on "register" and then "I am an entrepreneur". Fill in the online questionnaire.

What are the criteria?

1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 08 raise funds

The basic criteria are as follows:

  1. Have a viable business model
  2. Have an impact social, environmental and/or societal

1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 09 raise funds


We want to support health projects directed towards the reduction of infant mortality, improving health
kindergarten, the combat of the HIVAIDS, malaria and other diseases such as the Millennium development goals so provides.


Social inclusion and employment is to assist persons with difficulties social or professional
by providing gainful employment, assistance or aid to social and/or professional reintegration sustainable.


The social estate includes infrastructure dedicated to fight the evil
housing and homelessness, promoting the accommodation of persons or disadvantaged structures.


We mean projects that encourage development of renewable energy, fighting against waste and
promoting the circular as economy provided the draft law on energy transition for green growth.


We mean here the economic development along the lines of the dynamization of entrepreneurship
or responsible economic activity within the priority areas or developing countries.


This theme of impact includes initiatives to develop social ties, promote
live together, democratizing culture, valuing participatory democracy and supporting education for all.

  1. Be responsible for
  • Comply with the French regulations
  • 1001PACT offers its investors of commercial or cooperative enterprises. These companies can be at the stage of boot (and having shown proof of their concept) or developing. These companies must show a need for funding between 30,000 and €500,000.

    How is happening t – it?

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 10 raise funds

    In 6 steps:


    1. I postulate

      I'm answering the questionnaire, download my Business plan and details my social impact, societal or environmental.

    2. Analysis

      1001PACT performs an analysis on the social impact, accountability, and development prospects. At the end, my file is submitted to the Committee of experts.

    3. Pre-collection

      My company is tested with the community of supportive shareholders. It expresses his interest through investment intentions.

    4. Collection

      Past selection, online fundraising campaign begins. 1001PACT accompanies me during the operation, and towards me financial partners.

    5. Monitoring

      Once closed, 1001PACT manages and animates my community of supportive shareholders and accompanies me in my social impact monitoring.

    6. Output

      Shareholder oversees the output and promotes a solution of value shared between employees, shareholders and the social purpose of the undertaking.


    1001PACT mission is to be the crossroads of the solidarity-based investors.

    Assuming on the 1001PACT platform, you mobilize our solidarity investment community but also our financial partners such as the IDF CICADAS.

    Thus, our offer is structured perfectly with the other players in the funding (investment fund, Business Angels networks, institutional investors / industrial / private, etc…).

     There – it costs?

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 13 fees

    For an enterprise

    The application on the www.1001pact.com platform is completely free.

    In the event of realisation of a project, the company shall pay fixed costs between €0 and €1500 to 1001PACT according to the importance of the support of 1001PACT. Also, it pays a commission of 4 to 8% of the amount of the investment.

    Other information about the company 1001pact, security question

    Sponsorship and bonus

    It is well a sponsorship, but the latter is done by agreements with the company.

    Security level, which is 1001pacts?

    1001PACT is a legal website, it is a platform that is registered as a participatory investment advisor by the ORIAS at number 15000150 dated January 09, 2015


    logo participatory financing platform


    • contact@1001pact.com
    • 28 rue Turbigo, 75003 Paris, this is the address of the Labour Office, different headquarters
    • 01 85 08 18 34

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 23

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 14 address

    Caution claims and the seat are different: to submit a claim to 1001PACT, send an email to the following address: 28 rue Strasbourg, Vincennes 94300.  Headquarters at 28 rue Strasbourg – 94300 VINCENNES.

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 22

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 17 address claim

    The company's values

    1001 pacts solidarity crowdfunding investment 15 values.


    Democratizing the investment in the capital of undertakings responsible, socially innovative and economically viable.


    We imagine a world where individuals investment allows developing social entrepreneurship


    A platform for equity crowdfunding connecting individuals, professionals solidarity investment and businesses to high social impact, societal or environmental.


    It is of the world. This is far greater than what you can imagine!


    Eva Sadoun, co-founder

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Eva Sadoun

    After working with the Indian crowdfunding platform pioneer in microfinance (Rangde.org), with a Togolese NGO as well as analysis CSR within a French Bank, Eva SADOUN co-founded 1001PACT. Eva graduated from the EMLYON.


    Julien Benayoun, co-founder

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Julien Benayoun

    After working in finance at the CDC, in research on the economics of welfare in the OECD, and the accompaniment of Indian social enterprises, Julien co-founded 1001PACT. Julien graduated from Kedge Business School.

    Editor's Note: it is with him that I had the pleasure to speak.


    Pierre Schmidtgall, head of investment

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Pierre Schmidtgall

    After having worked at Merrill Lynch in management of fortune and countertop of Innovation as a financial analyst and social impact measurement, Pierre joined 1001PACT as head of investments. Peter specialises in finance and entrepreneurship social and graduated from EDHEC Business School in partnership with the University of Mannheim.


    Nicolas Jacob, analyst

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Nicolas Jacob

    After working in accounting, financial audit in a firm, Big oven, and analysis ISR in the management of assets of a major French Bank pole Nicolas joined 1001Pact as an analyst. Nicolas is last year at Neoma Business School student.


    Marion Boulet, Communication investors

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Marion Boulet

    Connecting to the civic values, Marion studied letters and philosophy. She has worked in NGO in France, Burkina Faso and on several cultural events and social entrepreneurship. Marion is a graduate of the Sorbonne.


    Pauline Carrière, Chargé d'affaires

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Pauline Carrière

    Curious and versatile profile, Pauline worked within a large group such as BETC, passing by a SME consulting abroad (Gabon) and volunteer missions to the Mexico and the Philippines, where she developed a social enterprise. Pauline is a graduate of Neoma Business School (ex – ESC Rouen).

    Elissa Sfeir, graphic designer

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding Elissa Sfeir

    Holder of several masters in artistic direction and digital marketing, the multiple skills of Elissa and multimedia experience to implement innovative design solutions. Part of the Lebanon to pursue studies of artistic director in France, she joined in parallel 1001PACT as a designer team.

    The BOARD (what is the difference with the team?)

    LAURENT ATTIA, specialist in the organisation of real estate transactions

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding LAURENT ATTIA

    Lawrence led a public office for habitat and a society of expertise. He has supervised or directed missions for institutional investors such as Allianz, BNP Paribas, Chartis, ING, or Société Générale. Lawrence started consultant at IBM then Realnet and was Secretary general of an Sri investment fund. Lawrence graduated from the Master in Management real estate from ESSEC after trained as an engineer geometrician-topographer.



    XAVIER THAURON, expert on financing of SMEs

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity XAVIER THAURON

    Xavier Thauron has 25 years of experience in corporate and more particularly in capital investment. He served as Director of Natixis Private Equity risk. He has been consultant in responsible investing with ethical funds, Chairman of the Committee IDF Capital, PhiTrust partner Committee member and founding member of the AFIC Impact club.


    CLAIRE DE MAZANCOURT, engagement specialist

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding CLAIRE DE MAZANCOURT

    Engineer General of bridges, Claire, after a career at the Ministry of equipment and weather-France, developed with Martin Hirsch, who presides over, the Institute of Civic Service, she runs since its inception. Its objectives: build bridges between young people from all backgrounds and dies traditional ' excellence', between associations, businesses and educational institutions, between sectors, between projects. Its values: commitment, citizenship, the requirement and humor.


    MUSTAPHA ARBA, specialist in financial risks

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding MUSTAPHA ARBA

    Mustapha served as a consultant in finance for various Parisian banks. He is currently leading several companies and focuses closely on the development of socially responsible entrepreneurship. Moreover, he works as a teacher at the Faculty of sciences of Rouen.


    STÉPHANE RIOT, collaborative economics specialist

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding STÉPHANE RIOT

    Stéphane founded Stephen to help organizations and individuals to enable their reinvention and to prepare for the world of tomorrow in a sustainable manner. Before founding Stephen, Stéphane was Advisor in strategy and business intelligence to large international groups, then the first of the responsible development sustainable of Vivendi. Co-author of "long live the Corevolution!, for a collaborative society ', the first reference work in France on the collaborative economy.


    THIERRY SIBIEUDE, specialist in Social Entrepreneurship

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding THIERRY how

    Professor at ESSEC, academic entrepreneurship Social Director Chair of the Institute of Innovation and the entrepreneurial Social founder of the the key to autism association and member of the Scientific Council, Director of the FEGAPEI (2002-2010), Director of the Red Cross (2009-2013) Director of the PWC Foundation.


    NICOLAS GUERIN, risk specialist

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity Nicolas Jacob

    Nicolas is the management of risk and internal control of the Group Caisse des dépôts. Its role is to analyze the records of investments and participate in investment committees; He is also a member of the Committee of investment innovation of Paris Initiative Entreprendre (PIE) and accompanies startups of the incubator Telecom ParisTech.

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasguerin?authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=asJ6&locale=fr_FR&trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Amynetwork%2CclickedEntityId%3A1541219%2CauthType%3ANAME_SEARCH%2Cidx%3A1-2-2%2CtarId%3A1454007688069%2Ctas%3Anicolas%20gueri (mais pourquoi il a un lien de 3 km de long?)

    YAEL ZLOTOWSKI, specialist social enterprise funding

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding YAEL ZLOTOWSKI

    Yaël Zlotowski is CEO of the solidarity fund, a financial cooperative specializing in the financing of entrepreneurs in the territories and companies of the ESS. She has previously worked 10 years to Crédit Coopératif. Also, it has contributed to the creation of the investment company CoopEst, supporting the social and solidarity-based finance in Central and Eastern Europe, which she is now a Director.


    He participated

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 16 participates

    Capital and shareholders

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 22

    1001PACT, company stock simplified with a capital of €12,000, whose headquarters is located, 28, rue Strasbourg – 94300 VINCENNES, registered at the RCS de Créteil under number 805 139 383. The capital is being increased.

    It is not really clear but saw the team of less than 50 years and the capital of € 10,000 I think they hold 100% of the shares. It is a credo funding level. Unilend for example has 25/03/2016 515 EUR 350.

    1001 pacts solidarity crowdfunding 20 other capital investment
    Bolden, still one of the smallest capital with a € 150,000
    1001 pacts solidarity crowdfunding 21 other capital investment
    credo funding also € 10,000

    Partners (they probably aren't in the capital)

    Solidarity Fund


    The solidarity fund is a specialized credit cooperative status, authorized "solidarity undertaking of social utility". With its partners, it gives meaning to the real economy by offering products savings and innovative loans contributing to the economic development of the territories, job creation and the emergence of short circuits economic and solidarity. The solidarity fund is a complementary player in banking networks which aims to facilitate the access to credit of local businesses: TPE/PME, cooperatives, associations, startups…


    B Corporations

    b corporation partners 1001 pacts

    1001PACT is certified B Corp, for "benefit corporation": a company engaged in the service of society, nature and men. B Corp is an international label demanding, given to companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. It is also a network of women and men who share a humanist vision of the economy.

    B Corp in France, it is a community of pioneers wishing to strengthen the requirement of the principle of corporate "citizen". Associations, actors of the ESS, incurred of all sizes are working to develop and adapt the principles of Banwar international companies.



    Cicadas IDF


    The word "Cicadas" means investors Club for alternative and local solidarity savings management. A cicada is a structure of solidarity venture capital of nearby dedicated to funding and to the accompaniment of the creation and development of small businesses with a capital gain social and solidarity.

    The regional Association of the cicadas in the Ile-de-France region coordinates a network of thirty of cicadas. Solidarity partnership with 1001PACT, crowdfunding platform in equity, aims to ensure greater visibility to projects, to optimize the co-financing, and create a culture of collective and citizen support over the long term, gage sustainability companies. This strong complementarity aims to lay the foundations for a truly participatory and solidarity-based finance.




    Since its inception in 1995, Finansol association is designed to promote solidarity in savings and finance. Through awareness and various communication tools, Finansol made aware to everyone he can play a role in the establishment of a finance useful, fair and reasoned.

    Promote products which allow to grow their savings while promoting access to employment and housing for people in difficulty, but also by encouraging entrepreneurship and ecological activities in the developing countries, as is the role of Finansol, collective of actors of solidarity finance since 1995. Finansol gathers today more than 60 members – major players of the solidarity finance – which, together, are working on the development of the sector.




    Bank Wormser brothers

    Bank wormser brothers partners 1001 pact

    The Bank Wormser brothers is a family private bank founded in 1936, yet independent and managed by family Wormser. It offers its customers – individuals, companies and associations – tailor-made, innovative and flexible assistance in the management of their heritage and their daily operations as well as financing projects and startups.

    In addition to its traditional trades, it assists its clients in on-line investment transactions in unquoted companies.


    Paris Region Lab – incubator Finance


    Paris Region Lab and Finance Innovation created the first incubator French dedicated to companies in the financial sector. This device is intended to accelerate the development of young innovative SMEs with high growth potential by providing them with a real estate solution flexible and scalable, personalized support and access to specific funding.

    1001PACT is incubated since January 2015.



    Garrigue partners 1001 pacts

    GARRIGUE, solidarity-based venture capital firm, accompanies financially in creation or development companies that place the human and his environment at the heart of their concerns. This partnership is designed to introduce individuals to invest in the side of this historic actor of supportive investment.


    Val-de-Marne assets for the Initiative

    Val-de-Marne assets for the Initiative partners 1001pacts

    Marne Val assets for the Initiative provides technical and financial support to all projects which, by economic activity, create lasting jobs.

    1001PACT is accompanied and supported financially by VMAPI.



    Antropia partners 1001 pacts

    Created in 2005 by the Social Entrepreneurship Chair of ESSEC, Antropia is the first incubator Social launched by a school of management in France. It aims at supporting the emergence of sustainable social enterprises and high social impact. 1001pact is accompanied by Antropia and Chair to optimize its social impact and to work on a tool for measuring the impact of funded firms.


    The Civic Service Institute

    Institute of the Civic Service partners 1001pact

    Chaired by Martin Hirsch and directed by Claire de Mazancourt, the Institute of Civic Service identifies young people who have shown their commitment and their potential during their civic Service and helps lead a future project that values commitment and this potential. He provides personalized support, opens doors to institutions of education, businesses and partner organizations, financially supports and organizes their attention from training seminars.

    1001PACT accompanies the winners of the Institute to an entrepreneurial approach and social innovation, in particular making aware them of the crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship.

    In 2014, 1001PACT intervened during the summer seminar of the Institute, which brought together more than 170 winners and at the fall seminar in the framework of "created challenges".


    Social 3.0

    3.0 social partners 1001 pact

    Social 3.0, partner of 1001PACT since its inception, supports social enterprises by providing them with what they need at startup. The Community Social 3.0 accompanied by 1001PACT and will be great support for projects on our platform.
    To discover this community involved, simply click here.



    newmanity partners newmany

    Newmanity is the platform where the actors of a greener, more responsible, more cohesive world meet. Citizen social network, Newmanity allows people who want to act, to support cases by associations, social economy enterprises, communities in the field of sustainable development, ecology, solidarity.

    More than 50,000 members, mainly in France and Belgium, have already joined Newmanity since its inception late 2013.

    More info on WWW.NEWMANITY.COM




    The move

    Move partners 1001 pact

    The move, movement of Entrepreneurs social, whose 1001PACT is an active member, mission is to represent this new wave of entrepreneurs that uses economic efficiency at the service of the general interest and to raise public awareness to social entrepreneurship.


    My Social Business Model

    My Social Business Model partner 1001 pact

    My Social Business Model (MySBM) helps entrepreneurs social step define the strategy of their social project, their business model and their development plans. This methodological tool will be useful in terms of communication to investors and allow project developers to structure their business plan before anticipating a fundraising via 1001PACT.



    logo capsens partner 1001 pact

    Capsens deals with the development, updating and referencing our web tool. It is the SPEAR platform and its founders who have created Capsens, structure of Council and white label in crowdfunding.


    S – money

    Smoney partner 1001 pact

    Our electronic money account management and payment system is operated by S-MONEY, subsidiary of group BPCE, 2nd banking group in France. S MONEY is an electronic money institution authorised in France and controlled by Capra (prudential and Resolution authority) under number 16528. S money is also other sites of crowdfunding as bolden


    EMLYON incubator

    EMLYON incubator partner 1001pact

    The incubator of the EMLYON supported us as part of the START-UP JUNIOR course.


    Kedge Business School

    kedge business school partner 1001pact

    1001PACT is accompanied by the Nursery Business, the incubator of innovative KEDGE.


    Workshop IDF

    Workshop idf partner 1001pact

    The workshop, Resource Centre of the social and solidarity economy, was to promote the development and the promotion of social and solidarity economy (ESS) in the Ile-de-France.

    1001PACT and workshop share the same vision, namely democratize social entrepreneurship and social and solidarity economy as well as its development.


    Dream Act

    DREAM_ACT_partenaire 1001pact

    Dream Act is the city guide 2.0 social entrepreneurship and social and solidarity economy. It gives everyone the opportunity to discover initiatives positive impact that are close to home and to participate.

    Because 1001PACT and Dream Act share a vision and common values, Dream Act is a faithful and active communication for projects that go into funding on the 1001PACT platform.


    Companion of reinvention

    companions reinvention 1001 pact partner

    Companion of reinvention bring their stone to the edifice of the reinvention of a world better by creating favourable conditions for the outbreak of the largest possible number of entrepreneurial projects social. Through this companionship, 1001PACT beneificie for the accompaniment of a companion hired: Stéphane Riot, founder of Stephen.



    My opinion after the test of 1001pact


    rate entry, classic

    Nothing that the very traditional, identity card and proof of residence, investment questionnaire. Well I think however (guess) that must be french to invest I guess views the questionnaire type.



    Rate investment see menus, it is purified

    The menu is ultra purified can be said. in fact it is y still nothing, I just fill investor profile.

    1001pact investment solidarity crowdfunding 25 menu investment


    Rate investment see menus projects, it is beautiful and professional

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 26 projects
    U2GUIDE tourism solidarity U2GUIDE is the first alternative, collaborative and solidarity tourism site donating 1% of transactions and 50% of the profits to NGOs partners. 62.56% collected €200,000 remaining (s) from €301 in collection IR 2016 ISF 2016 development economic 11521192 Welp social link WELP is a digital platform that connects those who need help (individual or association) with all those who are willing to help for free. 55.16% collected €100,000 remaining (s) from €148 in collection IR 2016 and ISF 2016 company 14001428 grass red Mode responsible for the first French clothing 100% brand manager offering collections contemporary, innovative, sustainable and quality.

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 27 projects

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 37 projects
    Impact social EUR 12 million collected in 2019 for the financing of partner NGOs. 'The butterfly economy created a balance between the production of wealth and the reduction of inequalities across the world through partner NGOs' Paul & Eric, founding of U2GUIDE
    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 34 projects
    Eric Mangin is invited to BFM Business! 29-02-16 U2Guide, the "new trend in tourism: travel a meaningful and intelligent" Eric Mangin, co-founder, was invited to Karine Varma Thursday, February 25, 2016 > see VIDEO U2Guide in 50 countries, even in Tahiti! 09-12-15 "after the exchange of his apartment, his tools or carpooling, here came the time to share the best vacation spots. The U2 Guide platform offers unusual solidarity trips on the basis of exchanges between a local guide and the traveller." Tahiti news, read U2Guide is in Challenges! 03-12-15 "solidarity travel platform that reverse 50% of its profits" see VIDEO 1 new NGO partner! 03-12-15 the CCFD-TERRE SOLIDAIRE joins the list of NGOs partners of U2Guide community is growing! 19-11-15 + 40% in one month! It should be 50 k + to welcome you to the launch of our fundr[Profit for Non Profit]aising! Awards 04-11-15 U2GUIDE wins the audience award and the jury prize! AXYLIA and its independent jury award 5 years best altruistic finance initiatives [France, octobre 2015]
    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 35 projects
    The U2GUIDE.com company is a collaborative and supportive travel site: local guides, passionate people and alternative travel agencies list activities or tours for free on the platform: trekking in the Nepal, courses of Tango in Buenos Aires, etc. Travellers reserve them online through the recommendations of other users. They choose to allocate 1% of each of their transactions to their favorite NGOs while U2GUIDE dedicate 50% of its profits to cultural, environmental or humanitarian projects in the countries visited. The philanthropic community U2GUIDE Exchange effectively worldwide, simply by travelling. 1150 Eric Mangin 1111 Paul Ziadé 1144 Anouk LESPARDA co-founder co-founder co-founder

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 31 projects

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 39 projects
    The market of e-tourism dedicated to tourism reserving opens only: the TOP25 of most used e-tourism sites only applies to online bookings related to transportation or housing. Despite competitors historical (Viator) more dedicated to tourism professionals, collaborative solutions make an appearance increased when nobody offers a resoluement "solidary" product high social impact, despite an ever-increasing demand. In this context, U2GUIDE appears as a pioneer in a global tourist market which will double over the next 10 years to reach 1.8 billion passengers (World Tourism Organization). Value added offer Stimulation of local economies, through a direct remuneration of local guides, who freely determine the rates for their benefit and do not suffer any intermediary. A pool of considerable users through our partner NGOs with which we create a unique synergy:-our partner NGOs take ownership of U2GUIDE as a new tool at their disposal and promote it within their networks. -their members and supporters consider U2GUIDE with confidence and travel through this: they contribute to the financing of these NGOs; -more NGOs communicate about U2GUIDE, more they receive funding. Ease of use, a sleek and aesthetic site, developed according to the latest technological advances.
    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 32 projects
    Analysis 1001pact the international experience and entrepreneurial team, who worked in 15 countries and participated in several entrepreneurial projects; A comprehensive offer by 12 000 guides present in more than 50 countries; Technology operational and available in 3 languages (french, English and Spanish) and soon in mandarin (uncensored site); A community of 70,000 members and an increase of + 30% of request for booking on January and February 2016. A unique strategic positioning as well as a brand that gaining visibility, thanks to a social engagement very hard for NGOs.
    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 33 projects
    Financial data based on the development of the Asian market and South-American, U2GUIDE emits a simple goal: in 2019, 5 million users will spend 80 euros on the platform, generating 400 million euros of transactions; U2GUIDE prelevant 14% commission on average (i.e. EUR 56 million of net revenues in 2019). This financial performance will allow funding for 12 million euros of cultural, environmental and humanitarian projects; It will also investment and investor compensation in the amount of EUR 8 million. 3 year financial forecast (in K€)

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 36 projects


    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 38 projects
    damage file is sent by mail, what a waste of time

    Okay the folder I have to wait a long time have got the mail. Finally after an hour I still have nothing at the moment…

    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 40 projects
    too cute
    1001pact solidarity crowdfunding investment 41 projects
    what it takes

    the investment in him even

    Invest in the solidaire is above all a social gesture, the capital, frankly I'm not that profitability is at the rendezvous. The tax argument is not a slice of the cake but must remain a cherry, indeed taxation is useless if you lose money.

    My advice

    As always, diversify your investments, there is no performance without risk. Especially in capital investment, according to my information, there are many faults. Furthermore you are not in an area or the profit is the most important.

    The points that I do not like

    registration. A site that requires to have a browser to unpleasant day.

    First point I had to the difficulties in accessing the information indeed many menus only work under some versions of some browsers, it is very unpleasant to have this kind of poorly optimized site and buggy. Where the results are the best it under chromium, but under Firefox many inaccessible topics, personally it does me not want to put any money if the site does not, I believe as many users that it is not the user to adapt but at the site to adapt.

    But it is not fatal

    bug 1001pact

    Example of bug even under chrome, here a white link on white...

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 01 1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 02

    that redirects to a 404 page not found. https://1001pact.com/je-suis-entrepreneur-social/crowdfunding (this bug yet at 15/05/2016 article 01/04/2016)

    1001 pacts investment crowdfunding solidarity 03

    or typing mistakes. (told systematically, but good at the limit, it is a minor I had already corrected in finsquare of the mistakes on the site and I actually also (after I the same budget)…)

    1001 pacts solidarity crowdfunding investment 05 errors

    Short I asked a that this is corrected, including inconsistencies in the funding (30,000 on one side, on the FAQ and 40,000 on the Visual that is € 40,000, they are correcting), links, mistakes we will see if they are reactive. Apparently in a weekend this is corrected.

    1001pact investment solidarity crowdfunding 29 discussion

    Claims and address different?

    I don't like too much this stuff initially, good post discussion actually the an it is the Labour Office and the other the address Legale.comme it y chat, an e-mail and a phone number on the main page, so it's not very important. The claim is at the legal address, the contact address is a work desk.

    We wish them also saw the capital they have and growth compared to the very large platforms.

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 18 address of claim

    1001 pacts investment solidarity crowdfunding 19 address

    The positives I love

    • At the level of the team, to have discussed with Mr. Julien, he is very friendly.
    • I think that given the platform it should probably work hard and get results, the evidence, they are an increase of capital (with opening to other shareholders?).
    • I love the Visual of the projects.
    • I love the ticket low, especially to make the shareholding, solidarity (especially more than financial ethical vocation, you win rarely money in this kind of project in my experience)
    • I also like the concept.
    • I like the responsiveness
    • I love in the CGU the opportunity to retract


    Conclusion of the 1001pact test: well

    It's not bad at all considering the budget of the company (currently growing in March 2016), after clearly prefer bonds to make money, I do the cache. Then I always thought that the solidarity reports less, but we must consider other once become rich :-). One thing is certain if I invest in the solidarity it is clear that 1001pact is a (see the?) platform that I retain for a capital investment.

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