Lendosphere, the ecological crowdfunding

The ecological crowdfunding in France
The ecological crowdfunding in France

Lendosphere, the ecological crowdfunding in France is a crowdlending site that has kept its social fiber. The concept is interesting and c´est a good dual action, for your wallet and the planet.

Description of this ecological crowdfunding

Lendosphere selects the projects for their financial soundness and seriousness of their ecological approach. Choose the projects in which you believe, by affinity, by proximity to their loan terms. Your money is locked-in time to the duration of the loan. Do lend money that you do not need in this interval. Reimbursements paid on your Lendosphere account can be transferred to your bank account at any time the amount minimum being € 50.

You decide, between € 50 and € 1,000 per project. You can lend to as many as desired projects on Lendosphere. It is recommended that you diversify your investments. In France, the arrears of SMEs represent 1% to 2% funding. Admit that you pay to 100 businesses and 98% or 99% of them will reimburse you fully. Diversify your loans from a large number of projects to reduce this risk.

Interest rates are between 4% and 8% (nominal annual rate excluding management fee, before social security contributions and taxes).

For lenders, everything is free! No management fees, no commission. Transaction fees may be charged to you, and in the one case where you credit your payment on Lendosphere account and then charge it without paying. In this case, then 1% of the debited amount may be charged.

You can pay of €50 and directed by credit card or bank transfer account lendosphere from your bank account.

Security question:

LENDOSPHERE BC SAS – 61 quai Valmy, 75010 Paris. Intermediary in banking and Service of payment record to the ORIAS n ° 15004665

As d´habitude it is well legal records. There is a need to provide as qu´investisseur RIB + piece d´identite + proof of address.

My opinion on the site: A concept seductive

A concept attractive as we wish to be the crowdfunding. L´inconvenient is the low performance of the projects. Good post is on of l´ecologie. I think that the site is good to diversify its portfolio and especially if there are ecological fiber.


Leaders (copy of the site itself)


Laure Verhaeghe



After studying political science and journalism at the IEP of Lille, she joined values Green team, the magazine of sustainable development, where she worked for six years. Fascinated by finance and climate issues, she realizes to talk about topics close, concrete and positive for interest the greatest number to the challenges of sustainable development. This is the reason for Lendosphere, which she co-founded.


Amaury Blais



Engineer, he worked for 5 years as an analyst in various institutions in the banking sector (Natixis, BNP Paribas,…). He then joined the collaborative economy and web sectors. With these additional skills which structure the crowdlending, it is now co-founder of Lendosphere.

Sponsorship (obsolete):

For a month, Lendosphere reverse 100% of his commission to all its sponsors and godchildren! Explanations.
1. You refer one or more referrals and we send their names to the address contact@lendosphere.com
2. Until July 10, included all confirmed loans made by your downline will be a bonus, for them and for you!
3. Lendosphere will donate the equivalent of its commission, 4% total: 2% of the amounts loaned by referrals to their Lendosphere account, and 2% on your.
4. The bonus will be awarded to valid accounts (ID, proof of address and RIB to send).
Example: If you refer 5 people who lend each €1.000 until July 10, you will receive € 100 on your Lendosphere account, and your downline €20 each.

the mail is intended to julien_floer @ hotmail.fr (without the spaces autour du @) m please send to me directly your request, maximum 10 July included so I can me l send to contact@lendosphere.com

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