Inidev is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the city smart 'Smart City'

Page INIDEV d´accueil
Page INIDEV d´accueil

Inidev is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to the city smart 'Smart City'. C´EST a shapely generalist platform.

The concept of city intelligent 'Smart City'


The concept of 'Smart City' was born of the need to maintain harmony between the emergence of new technologies of information and communication (NTIC) and the evolution of the design of the cities caused a profound change in the needs and expectations of the people.


A smart city born of an increasingly urban population 


By 2050, about 70% of the world's population will live in town on 9.73 billion inhabitants.  Faced with the growing increase of the urban population, cities are confronted with evolve their model. A mutation to a smart and participatory city raises many questions on:

  • the economy,
  • housing,
  • transport,
  • the environment
  • the well-being of citizens.

The Smart city, an innovation initiative


SMART CITY & Crowdfunding: A smart city would require financial resources


Transform a city into Smart City would require significant financial resources. Today, private actors have a role to play alongside public stakeholders given the scale of the urban challenges that surround us. Many SMEs and projects have a strong local interest but are struggling to emerge due to lack of funding!


Other ideas, energies and resources must be mobilized!



It is in this context that involved participatory financing. 


Each city's future depends on the actions of its citizens. The crowdfunding is a way to raise awareness among french citizens on current issues of our cities of tomorrow.


But specifically INIDEV c´est what?

Inidev is a platform of participatory financing or crowdfunding. Individuals bring l´argent for real l´economie. Inidev presents only french projects. Unlike many other platforms, Inidev offers 3 types of distinct projects which actually fact a generalist platform.

INIDEV offers:

  1. Donations, necessarily project was more philosophical than anything else, since you support a project that keeps you in heart or a concept of interest
  2. Become shareholder, probably the most risky because you invest in a SMEs support but potentially an enormous gain
  3. To become a lender, more classic lend you to a project and the only true risk c´est that the company will be in default of payment, but its success is less important to you than as qu´actionnaire

What interests us here are mostly loans. The loan runs as on bolden and Lendix, c´est to say qu´on is rate initially and as soon as the project is funded c´est ended. The objectives of yields are between 4% and 10%.

Inidev is used as well to diversify your wealth, prepare your retirement, exempt from taxation and reduce your taxes: all your investment objectives. Yes in some cases INIDEV to reduce its taxes, in d´autre terms of pay less d´impots.

According to the projects and your investment, you receive interest, dividends, the repayment of capital or capital gains. You have the possibility to benefit from tax advantages on your income tax. L´impots are different depending on the case.

The d´entre ticket is from a €1,000 in a real estate project


Issue security

SARL Finango, operated by the Inidev platform is registered with the ORIAS under number 15000208 as an intermediary in funding participatory (IFP) and under approval for the activity of Council in investment participatory (CIP).

Finango is a limited liability company to the Variable Capital of 50,000 euros, registered at the RCS of Versailles under no. 801 408 857. and whose headquarters is located: 21 B rue Jacques Cartier, 78960 Voisins-le-Bretonneux

Remember to scan your RIB + map + d´identite proof of domicile.


"The use of the Services will result in the payment by the Subscriber of a potential advantage granted to FINANGO in accordance with the statutes of the dedicated Holding. This potential benefit, said 'carried interest' will materialise by the payment for the benefit of FINANGO for a sum equal to 20% (twenty per cent) of unrealized appreciation possibly held by the Subscriber:

  • on the occasion of the transfer, in any capacity whatsoever, by the underwriter of the shares it holds in the capital of the Holding dedicated or
  • When the liquidation of the holding company dedicated, after return of contributions.

In contrast, when the success threshold is not reached or when a Premature judgment of collection occurs, the Subscriber is reimbursed for its funding, and no amount shall be paid to FINANGO in any capacity whatsoever".

You can get the details about our compensation to holders of projects on request.

Remuneration of the INIDEV platform

  1. Compensation by the company target
  • €1500 HT: analysis of file
  • 7% HT: amounts collected for commercial support
  • 1 2% HT: for the management of investors and legal, financial and strategic support
  1. Earnings by investors
  • 20% HT: gross profits earned by the dedicated holding company.
  • Monitoring post-collecte as defined in section 4.2.6 will give rise to the payment of an annual fee for the benefit of INIDEV from the lender to the tune of 1%


This section deserves an article on its own.

The obligations

Like any fixed-income investment, the interest you receive in return for the loan amounts, are subject to income taxes. Inidev performs a non-discharge deduction at source of 24% as an advance on tax, as well as social contributions from 15.5% (CSG 8.2%, DRES 0.5%, 4.5%, 0.3% additional contribution social levy and solidarity levy 2%). For information, a fraction of the social contributions (CSG of 5.1%) is deductible from the taxable income of the year of the payment. This amount will be calculated and deducted automatically from your taxable income by the tax authority.


Capital gains on disposal of securities and social rights carried out on an account ordinary securities (stock capital gains) are imposed on the progressive scale of tax income after applying, where appropriate, a reduction for duration of detention. In addition social security contributions at the rate of 15.5%.

Transfers of securities concerned are as follows:

  • transfer of shares (listed or unlisted),
  • transfers of shares in companies,
  • transfers of obligations,
  • transfer of sharequotas of OPC (FCP, Sicav)
  • acquisition by a company of its own shares.


Mons notice after the test

As always it is necessary to create a portfolio of multiple loans allows you to diversify risk: it is to lend small sums to several SMEs with different profiles.

Inidev is a platform which ripens and becomes more and more interesting. What j´aime in this c´est qu´il platform is even possible to make the company to the loan. However, I advise you to look if you invest capital in what type of company you invest.

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