Estate guru, test and notice of l´investissement secure real estate and + 10% performance in Estonia

L´Investissement secure Estonian real estate
L´Investissement secure Estonian real estate

For investors who are looking for reliability, I advise to invest in specific real estate loans. Indeed, if something were wrong turn, then it is obvious investor qu´un would feel more confident if there is a warranty attached to the loan. What is the case here, because the loans are with a mortgage. L´Avantage of this site is that, unlike d´autres, the sum of departure is that of €50, which is largely below the industry average. The site offers a highly interesting d´interet rate as for most Estonians sites (bondora).

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Description of Estateguru

The site is well done and it allows d´investir quickly. The platform is in Estonia and is open to all Europeans. At the level of the control it is classical in the crowdfunding: Bank, card d´identite and proof of residence.

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Why invest on Estate Guru

Since the beginning of the recession and credit crisis, the appetite of banks for the risk has been reduced significantly, which means that they have tightened their lending criteria. Banks have set strict criteria, which are not user-friendly and so many loans are rejected by banks. EstateGuru is more flexible and is willing to help these companies who, despite the fact that they may not fully meet the criteria of the Bank’s loan, can still borrow money.


Register, transfer money from your virtual account, choose a project to invest really securely. All loans are secured by real estate. Maximum ratio of the value of the loan / l´immobilier value (LTV) is 75%.


L´Estonie is not a country of rogue or persons hiding you will easily find l´adresse, number d´enregistrement and policymakers. Estateguru apply the regulations in force such as « know your custumer » regulation.

Head office in Estonia: Kohtu 10-15, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia Representative office in London: 372 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LT, United Kingdom

Possibility d´investir from any l´Europe!

Any person over 18 years living in the European Union or the Switzerland or companies registered in the EU may invest in Estate guru.

Possible also for companies. You must create an account of lender with your own name and at the end of the registration form, you must choose « Select this option if you represent a business ». Be sure to add the full name of your company and the corresponding code to your registry in a correct manner. Before you begin to invest, you must send us an exact copy of your identity document issued by the Government

platform secure and available

Check and manage your investments 24/7 on EstateGuru secure platform.

Regular receipts and a STABLE CASHFLOW

You will automatically receive the loan repayments and interest payments on your virtual account

No fees

No charge for investors. An investment from just € 50 for l´immobilier! L´Investissement lowest d´Europe for l´immobilier!

Choose your investments

Completed C´EST l´epoque where’s the experts decide for you, you choose where to put your money.

Contribute real l´economie

Your loans help real l´economie

Super performance

An average yield of 11%

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For borrowers:

Only companies registered with a bank account in Estonia and can currently borrow through EstateGuru. They will have to carry out checks, according to the law « know your client » and approve before real estate project to be allowed to request a loan on EstateGuru.

The borrower sign on EstateGuru and fill in the loan application.

2. EstateGuru assess the creditworthiness of the borrower, the corporate plan and the assessment of the mortgage report, ensure that the borrower is able to make loan repayments and avoid the situation where investors lose their money.

3. After the approval of the loan application, the loan will be open on the platform EstateGuru, where investors can assess risk and invest in loan.

4. When the loan is funded, the commitment will be created and the loan will be paid to the borrower.

5. Where the loan is not funded, contracts will expire immediately and all the funds invested will be returned to the accounts of investors.

6. The borrower is required to make repayments according to the agreed repayment schedule. Investors can follow the repayments on the page « portfolio » and can remove or reinvest all claims.

You are prompted to specify the amount of funding target and your price you want when you ask for EstateGuru of funding. Once we have approved your project and made all other controls, we will discuss and agree on a level of interest with you before you can publish your loan application. All loans are at a fixed interest rate. The amount of financing of the target can be from EUR 20 k to 1 million euros. Loans are depreciable with a content of 6 months to 5 years.

It is possible d´avoir in guaranteed land or forests.

The purpose of the inspection of the borrower is to ensure the ability of companies to repay the loan. We control the borrowers ‘ background, the solvency and current obligations. If possible, also the business plan and financial statements.

Where the borrower wishes to extend a loan period, they will ask reasons behind this and make sure that everything will sound in the future. If the loan period will be prolonged, the borrower will be required to pay a fee to cover the costs of documentation. The borrower is obliged to pay €100 to update the contract.

They charge no fee for the payment of the loan this face earlier. In the event of early repayment of a loan, the balance of the administration fee shall be fully paid at the same time that the prepayment of the loan. see the General Conditions in article 16.6.

The d´ Estate Guru system

C´EST a platform of debt financing online where users can borrow money and lend each other to finance real estate projects. Currently, projects are in Estonia.

To lend you must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account in Estonia or in another EEA Member State to lend through EstateGuru. They will will also carry out some checks on you under law ‘know your customer’ before you can start to invest in EstateGuru.

Only real estate projects in Estonia that are approved by l´ team can access funding through d´ EstateGuru. However, there is no limitation on the type of projects that can be submitted for approval. Both that the project contains a property for the property element and is likely to be used as security for the debt, please feel free to submit your project for approval.

Minimum investment amount is eur 50.

According to the characteristics of the project the annual interest rate may be 5% to 20%

The interest rate paid by the borrower is fixed for the duration of the loan. The rate of payment frequency and interest may vary depending on the type of loan.

All loans are secured by mortgage. The mortgage is owned by a separate entity from Estateguru company. Once the loan is fully invested the borrower must go to the notary office and entered on documents of security with the security officer to create a mortgage. The mortgage will be then registered in the land register (with the security officer as mortgagee). The security officer is a separate limited liability company whose main purpose is to hold title for the benefit of investors making investments via EstateGuru. The name of the entity is EstateGuru Tagatisagent OÜ. The entity is controlled by the office of the Baltic from Act leader Jesse & Kalaus.

Guaranteed loans have assets in guarantee so that if a borrower cannot repay the loan, EstateGuru law firm partner Jesse & Kalaus will begin the process of sale of assets. Hereby the risk of losing money is minimized.

All investment contracts are signed between the borrower and investor, leaving aside EstateGuru. All client funds are separated from the operational funds of the EstateGuru. Thus, in case of EstatGuru’s financial difficulties or even bankruptcy, client funds are safe and can always accessible. In this unlikely case, the law firm of Jesse & Kalaus, will appoint a company which will take over the role of EstateGuru for all investments.


As soon as the borrower is late in a refund a deposit, they will contact l´emetteur to find the reasons and ask for explanations. In case of delay, the borrower must pay the fine in case of delay, specified in the loan terms of general clauses 9 and 10. When the borrower faces financial difficulties, we will try to find best solution for both parties. If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the borrower will be able to take leave for a refund. If the borrower is still unable to repay the loan, we will cooperate with the company law Jesse & Kalaus, who, in order to recover the debt.

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Should I pay tax on the interest that I receive?

The interest you receive from the borrower is gross, which means that no tax n´a was paid on it. All interest earned on loans are processed by the tax authorities as investment income and are therefore subject to a fee. Investors have the option to defer payment of income tax by investing through a legal entity, but always subject to the tax. We do not provide tax advice and I recommend to turn a local tax advisor for additional information.

What follows is valid for the France.


Common law regime


The tax system currently in force is direct taxation in the person of the beneficiaries.

Revenues from foreign securities are subject to the same tax regime that they are cashed in France or abroad.

When they are cashed by physical persons real France home, the capital income from foreign sources referred to in article 120 of the code Général des Impôts (CGI), article 121 of the CGI, in article 122 article 123 of the CGI and CGI are subject to tax on the income in the light of the declaration of all revenues that the interested parties are required to take in accordance with the provisions of article 170 of the CGI.

The provisions of article 122 of the CGI specify that income of foreign securities is determined by the gross value in euros of products cashed according to the rate of Exchange on the day payments, without another deduction that that of the taxes imposed in the country of origin and the payment of which is the responsibility of the recipient. This device is presented to the BOI-RPPM-RCM-10-30-10-20.


In practice, the revenues of the species subject to a statement special on form No. 2047 (CERFA No. 11226), available online on the site, under the heading « search forms, annex to the statement of overall revenues.

This declaration No. 2047 allows taxpayers physical persons subject to tax on income:

-to declare, inter alia, income from securities of any kind – that a tax credit is or non-attachment that have cashed out of metropolitan France and the departments of overseas or received directly from a territory or country other than the metropolitan France and the overseas departments;

-to determine the attached to those of these income tax credit who qualify for posting on the income tax.


You must subscribe a declaration No. 2047 if your home, that is you, your spouse or your dependents cashed in revenues out of metropolitan France and the overseas departments.

(Editor’s Note: this is not complicated, you’re in big imposed levies (corresponding to 15.5% interest + your slice d´impots.))


  •  Up to €9690: 0%
  •  9690-€ 26 764: 14%
  •  from € 26 764 to € 71 754: 30%
  •  from € 71 754 to € 151 956: 41%
  •  beyond €151 956: 45%

example 1 a single person has a net taxable income of €42 000 for a part

(1) 42 000 / 1 part = €42 000

(2) pursuant to the schedule, the tax will be to:

  • Up to €9690 0% = 0
  • from € 9 690 to € 26764 = €17 074 14% = €2390
  • from € 26 764 to € 42 000 = €15 236 30% = €4571
  • Either 4571 + 2390 = €6961 tax

-Its marginal tax rate is therefore 30%

-Its average tax rate (that is, the share of tax to taxable income on the tax assessment notice) is 6961/42000 = 16, 57%

Example 2:

A married couple with two dependent minor children has a net taxable income of €36,000 and 3 parts (2 + 0.5 + 0.5)

(1) 36000 / 3 shares = €12,000
(2) pursuant to the schedule, the tax will be to:

  • Up to €9690 0% = 0
  • 9690 € to 12 €000 = €2310 14% = €323 tax for a part (it was € 970 before discount)

-The marginal tax rate is therefore 14%, concerned income, or €12,000, being included in the instalment of 9690-€ 26764

-Average tax rate (that is, the share of tax from taxable income on your tax notice) is 323 / 12 000 = 2.69% (excluding haircut)

return to content

Explanations General

What should be understood by cashed overseas income?

These are income, profits and gains of any nature that you have cashed out of metropolitan France and the overseas departments (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, and French Guiana) or you received directly from a territory or country other than the metropolitan France and the overseas departments.

These revenues must be reported on form No. 2047, regardless of location of capital investment, the situation of the goods or, finally, for the exercise of the activity they come from.

Note: The overseas territories (New Caledonia, French Polynesia, southern and Antarctic French, Wallis and Futuna) and territorial communities with special status (Mayotte, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon) are equipped with autonomous tax regimes. Revenues that have their source are considered to be income cashed out of France and must therefore be declared on form No. 2047.

Revenues collected in foreign currency

If income or benefits in question had been received in foreign currency, must be declared for their equivalent in euro, calculated according to the rate of Exchange in Paris on the day of receipt (receipt in cash, crediting an account, etc.)

Impact of international conventions

Bilateral tax treaties concluded by the France for the avoidance of double taxation divided between States rights to impose the income. These texts provide in consequence the imposition or the exemption in France of the income, profits and capital gains that have their source outside France.
In order to determine in what state your foreign source income is taxable, you can consult the whole of international tax agreements on the internet site of the Directorate-General of taxes, Documentation and International space.
Tips for completing the statement of total revenues

Remember to include your cashed out of France and taxable income in France in the corresponding sections of the declaration of total revenues adding them, where appropriate, to your income the same nature collected in metropolitan France and the overseas departments.

Don’t forget to see line 8 TI on the last page of the statement of total income, the income which is not taxable in France but which must be taken into account for the calculation of the effective rate.

Don’t forget to see line 8 TK on the last page of the statement of total income, taxable income in France which are eligible for a tax credit equal to the amount of french tax corresponding to such income.

Don’t forget to see line 8 TA on the last page of the declaration of all income, credits equal tax, or the amount of the tax actually imposed abroad in the limit set by the convention, namely an amount determined on a flat-rate basis.

Don’t forget to see line 8 TL on the last page of the statement of total income, income from activity and replacement of foreign source that must be taken into account for the calculation of the contribution for the repayment of the social debt.

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Sponsorship Estate guru

If your friend made an investment, then 0.5% of the total investment made and confirmed by your friend in the first year are added on your two accounts.

Referral program EstateGuru enables our users to earn extra money. In order to become a part of our sponsorship program, you must register with us. Once registered, you can send the link of recommendation to your friend. If your friend made an investment, then we will add our side 0.5% of the total investments made and confirmed your friend in projects financed with success both on your account and hers. With this money, you can make investments, repay loans or even ask to transfer to your bank account directly!

estate guru logo

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Investor Referral

Issue security

All investment contracts are signed between the borrower and investor, leaving aside EstateGuru. All client funds are separated from the operational funds of the EstateGuru. Thus, in case of EstatGuru’s financial difficulties or even bankruptcy, client funds are safe and can always accessible. In this unlikely case, the law firm of Jesse & Kalaus, will appoint a company which will take over the role of EstateGuru for all investments.

Estonian Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed in 2014 that the laws or regulations applicable to credit institutions or brokers are not currently applicable for us. The CFA provides publish a new specific regulation of the market of loan in 2015-2016.

Headquarters in Estonia: Kohtu 10-15, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia and representative office in London: 372 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LT, United Kingdom



Marek Pärtel

Version 2

Founding partner

Marek is a founder and partner of He graduated Bachelor of administration of the Affairs of the Estonian Business School and also studied in the master’s program at the same school. In addition, he continued his studies at the School of Business at the University of Stockholm. Marek has managed various construction projects in Latvia, the Russia and the Bulgaria. From 2002, Marek has worked in the field of the management of real estate investment and real estate development. Marek also represented the Estonian national team at foreign different squash competitions.

Kaspar Kaljuvee

Kaspar Kaljuvee

Partner, CRO

Kaspar has been active in the field of real estate since 2007 after the acquisition of higher education in business and real estate development at the University Applied Sciences (EUAS) Estonian Entreprenurship. Kaspar has extensive experience in the valuation of commercial real estate and the analysis of the project after working for Pindi Kinnisvara, one of the development and evaluation of top real estate companies in the Baltic countries, as well as engaging in private real estate development on smaller scale of hers. Kaspar is also a member of the Estonian Association of evaluators.

Marko Arro

Marko Arro

Partner, CFO

Marko is one of the founders end up CFO of EstateGuru. Marko is responsible for the management of transactions and cash on the EstateGuru platform. Marko has about 10 years of experience as a CFO in various real estate development companies and investment. Marko studied financial management at the Estonian Business School (MBA).

Aleksei Kurov

Aleksei Kurov


Aleksei has joined our team starting October 1st. Alexei has a background working in the financial sector (Western Union) United Kingdom. After returning to the Estonia managed Aleksei high Estonians Scandinavian company operations speaking BPO in Baltic, and later, the largest job portal online Baltic (CV Keskus). His experience and energy will contribute to our company’s growth and expansion outside the Estonia. Aleksey studied law at the University of LEX in Tallinn.

Stanislav Klevtsov

Stanislav Klevtsov

Head of the development team

Stanislav is responsible for EstateGuru information technology development and operation. Stanislav previously worked as a financial analyst and Chief Technology Officer in various Estonian companies. Graduated from Tallinn Technical University, MBA.

Daniil Aal

Daniil Aal

Junior Credit Manager

Daniil is a new addition to our team who is introduced EstateGuru opportunities for borrowers and investors. Daniil is a graduate of Economics and business administration of the University of Aarhus in the Denmark and also studied finance at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During his studies, he completed internships at the Danske Bank and Transiidikeskuse AS successfully.

Ararat Yuzbashyan

Ararat Yuzbashyan


Ararat is responsible for establishing the Estateguru technical vision and leading all aspects of the development of the technology. Graduate Yerevan State University of computer science and apply Department of mathematics, Phd of technical science.

Lisandra Treimann

Lisandra Treimann

Credit manager

Lisandra has over 9 years of work experience in the Finance Leasing sector. Past two years, she has worked as an intermediary / consultant in the Organization of financing and insurance facilities for different companies. Lisandra graduated from Mainor Business School (business administration). In the team EstateGuru Lisandra works with borrowers and investors.

João Monteiro

João Monteiro

Partner, Advisor

João Monteiro is an investor and Manager international with the main focus on the strategic repositioning and restructuring of business operations and supply chains. João is president of consumer loans Bondora platform and also work for Kuehne + Nagel as Global Head of New Business. João holds an MPA from the Harvard Business School.

Peter J June

Peter J Jun

Special Adivsor

Mr. Jun is the co-founder and member of the Board of Trustees of Arminius EUR 252 million of property fund focusing business opportunities in difficulty of real estate in Europe. Prior to Arminius, Mr. Jun was Lone Star Europe and a partner in Lone Star Fund v. In addition, Mr. Jun served as a member of the Board of supervision of Allgemeine HypothekenBank Rheinboden AG, now Corealcredit Bank AG. Before Lone Star Europe, Mr. Jun was with the Group Praedium, New York, and Lehman Brothers in London. Mr. Jun is a graduate of Harvard University and holds a master degree in international relations from the University of Amsterdam.

Information about payments:


The means of payment on the estateguru site are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Minimum deposit: 50 euros


My opinion after the test of Estate Guru

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Unlike what could j´ai think c´est very simple d´investir on Estate guru (he must know a minimum d´anglais or use google translation).

Note that official records (map d´identite etc. are requested in the topic remove my money (withdrawal), I advise you to complete the topic directly to your registration or d´envoyer email to l´equipe d´ estate guru with your attachments.)

It is clear that the faint of heart will wait until the site will « prove its worth » old d´etre of several years or decades d´annees but I recommend because if everyone goes at that time l´investissement will be more profitable (reduced mechanical rates). This investment is profitable because you invest in a country growing and if you want to wait for everybody to go there it will be too late and you miserable rates as in France.

Your portfolio:

estate 2

The d´un project screens:


estate guru project 1

estate guru project 2

estate guru project 3

estate guruprojet 1

estate guruprojet 2
The loan divided by the purchase value of the development project is 70%. The loan project to wait EstateGuru apartments ARV (after renovation Value) ratio is 52.6%: 520 000 EUR (170 000 350 000 + 1.stage 2.stage) / 988 000 eur (520 m 2 * 1900 euros per m2) = 52, 6% estimated construction cost would be EUR 550 / m2 on average. + Cost of unforeseen construction (10% of the construction costs) of EUR 28 600 the purchase price is 235 000 euros gross income estimated the sale of apartments is 520 m 2 x 1900 = 988 000 EUR estimated benefit of the project, without financing costs would be to 440 000 euros. Project is scheduled to be funded in two stages the first step in the amount of € 170,000 would be to finance the purchase of the object. After the acquisition of the object, the developer begins construction work by increasing the value. The 2nd phase of funding is done through the EstateGuru platform when construction is partly finished (the so-called « white finish ») the second phase would be for a loan of around 250,000 euros – 350 000 before 2nd phase development fund the construction survey certified completed work and 3rd valorization of the party of the renovated property will be orderly. Maximum LTV for the financing of the 2nd phase will be 70%. EstateGuru loans are secured by first ranking for 676 000 euro and Gerberos Ehitus OÜ bond security. 1st mortgage amount row will also cover the second phase of a mortgage loan, given that by the date of issue of the second phase of the value of the property increased, and the LTV will remain at up to 70% ‘, respectively. As a first step, the amount of the mortgage is fixed for the entire project, covering both 1st and 2.phase. After the issuance of the building permit, the property will be divided into apartments condominiums, and all properties apartments will overwhelm a first ranking for investors EstateGuru google translate security

estate guruprojet 3

estate guruprojet 4
Developer plans to rebuild the building to keep the surrounded area, particularly taking into account the original features of the building and using modern construction techniques. The House was built in 1935, the size of the parcel is 1064 m 2 the prescribed number of apartments will be 9. The apartments will be sold in finished form, but the Builder and Developer also wants to give to the buyer the opportunity to have their say in the choice of materials and finishes, and are ready to design an apartment according to the desires of the purchaser. At the expense of grenier, an additional mezzanine floor will be built and the first floor apartments will be connected to the basement. Existing apartments will be divided into small apartments. Most importantly, a 50-70 m2 apartments 2-3 room will be built with balconies and terraces. The building will have economic gas heating. Developer business plan takes into account prices from 1800 to 2000 apartments for sale EUR / m2 building is supposed to have a net area of 520 m 2 after the renovation. The developer has successfully completed a similar project and is developing two other projects in the old town of Tallinn and Tartu. The developer is Gerberos Ehitus OÜ affiliation. Gerberos Ehitus OÜ organises entrepreneurs in construction of the project. Support structures are in good condition, despite the age of the building and are well preserved. It is a very strong demand on the market of the old similar buildings that are suitable for reconstruction, making it a highly liquid security. The expected benefits of the project business plan and ensure a sufficient buffer for interest payments, even including unexpected expenses. The construction is planned for the period of 9-12 months, including the time limit for obtaining the building permit. Selling period would begin during the duration of the construction and it is also planned for 9-12 months.

estate guruprojet 5

Conclusion of the test and view Estate guru

Here I show you the screens with a translation by google translate, which remains average. However estate guru is excellent, j´investi and you?

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