Test and notice of the Lendopolis site: remarkable

lendopolis, a promising site
lendopolis, a promising site

Lendopolis is a french d´investissements site in the line of the largest domain. There are the classic range of good site d´investissements.

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D´investissements lendopolis site description

Lendopolis, this name is very beautiful and is thinking about all the towns of super hero (metropolis, thermapolis etc). But under that name try one can what we have. LENDOPOLIS allows individuals to lend money to SMEs TPE or French to finance their development projects against an annual fee of 5 to 12%. With this site you invest in the real economy in a transparent manner.

For those who know, after the KissKissBankBank innovation in the field of Arts and cultural projects, the launch of hellomerci for personal and professional projects, the team renews with a new project in participatory financing with Lendopolis.

Very good on communication the strat-up goes upmarket very quickly. Clearly, we feel a tidal surge on the University funding with very beautiful projects.

Its big advantage? The accounting experts, a must for all businesses that are funded, what reassure many of us. Lendopolis offers only individuals to lend money to companies that have more than 2 years old.

If the purpose of the platforms like lendix or bolden is the same, the rules differ dratisquement. Finsquare suggested that loans of less than 24 months. Lendix invested systematically with investors but offers a fixed rate. At Unilend, the individual sets the interest rate at which it agrees to lend, and the auction holds the best deals for the company.  At Lendopolis, rate is defined in advance as at Lendix, and we cannot lend more than € 1,000 each time (while at Unilend investment is done with cash vouchers to lend without limits). Every month a fraction of the capital and interest are repaid while on other platforms it is only the interest.


Registration to lendopolis is free. Lendopolis is completely free for lenders.

Lendopolis is the software which you are the hero, this is important, because participatory funding puts at the heart of the system the lenders and borrowers based on trust in the projects.

More Lendopolis really slogans and the hard-hitting arguments, it is the least that can be said I think.

Question performance it remains with the classic.

You choose you even companies that you want to pay.

Cash between 5% and 12% per year on your investments on the basis of the duration of repayment (from 2 to 5 years) and risk rating (A +, A, B +, B, or C) set by the site.

The level is higher than what a small business could get from a Bank, but she didn't record or insurance fees and it's fast.

rate interest lendopolis
Rate of interest of lendopolis

Your investments relate you in the first month since you touch each month part of the repaid capital and your interests.


You will have access to all the necessary information to make your decision: the last 2 balance sheets of the company, its forecast and the array of project funding, and direct access to the leadership to share with them.

When passing in front of the public accountants, these will fill a form of financial information by consulting the accounting documents.  These documents are the balance sheets, income statement and forecasts of these companies, then they will issue a certificate of assessment of their State of health. It is team of Lendopolis will recover the file and submit – or not – projects to users.

Thus, companies need a good background.  Lendopolis didn't intend to turn into a nest of SMEs who are at the bottom of the chasm and that would solve the problems of cash on the platform. Because they are not corporations able to repay investors.


Why lend?

  • Invest in the real economy in a transparent


Give meaning to your money by lending directly to the small business you are interested in. Measure the real impact of your investments by businesses that you have selected.

You will have access to all the necessary information to make your decision: the last 2 balance sheets of the company, its forecast and the array of project funding, and direct access to the leadership to share with them.

You will receive every week a newsletter for you inform new companies selected by our team of financial experts.

  • Registration to LENDOPOLIS is free.
  • A unique partnership with the Supreme Council of the order of Chartered Accountants

LENDOPOLIS is the only platform to impose on companies the financial information certificate created by the Supreme Council of the order of Chartered Accountants.

Only business projects certified by their accountant are assessed by the team of financial experts from LENDOPOLIS.

Then, these records will be detailed on the part of our team, bringing analysis both on the history of the company and the estimates of the project.


  • An attractive and immediate performance

The mechanics of LENDOPOLIS is original and powerful:

You choose you even companies that you want to pay.

Cash between 5% and 10.5% return per year on your investments based on the duration of repayment (from 2 to 5 years) and the risk score (A +, A, B +, B, or C) set by our team of financial analysts.

Your investments relate you in the first month since you touch each month part of the repaid capital and your interests.

You follow the evolution of your loan portfolio in your custom LENDOPOLIS dashboard.

The amounts you invest by company are debited from your account LENDOPOLIS only if the collection is successful.

Your funds are held by the global leader in online payments: Ingenico Financial Solutions.

rates lendopolis

  • Optimize your performance

Lend money to SMEs/TPE selected on LENDOPOLIS necessarily includes a share of risk.

We recommend that you diversify your investments to the maximum. Better to pay €100 on 10 projects than €1,000 on a single.

To be optimum, our system requires that you réinvestissiez monthly payments which you are refunded (as soon as the amount available on your account LENDOPOLIS reached minimum €20).

So you minimize your risk while increasing your performance.

Release your savings.

Create a buzz

The secret of the success of the funding participatory is… the collective intelligence.

It is by connecting to each other, between individuals, that we allow the crowdfunding to develop.

Feel free to share business projects in which you lend. On social networks, of course, by using the share buttons on each project. But also in real life, in the dinners in the city!

Thus you participate fully in the success of the projects you have selected on LENDOPOLIS.


Lenders FAQ


Who can become a lender on LENDOPOLIS?

To become a lender, simply be a major individual or a corporation domiciled fiscally in France (Metropolis and DOM) or to meet one of the conditions below, and open an account on LENDOPOLIS. Opening a LENDOPOLIS account is currently reserved for physical persons:

  • tax purposes domiciled in a TOM (St. Pierre and Miquelon, Islands Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin) and with a bank account in metropolitan France or DOM, or in one of the countries from the list below.
  • residents in one of the countries below:
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • United Kingdom

What are the information requested during the creation of a lender account?

As an individual, you must fill in the following to open a lender account:

  • title, name, first name
  • email address
  • country of tax residence
  • mailing address
  • date and place of birth

As a person, you must fill the items following open a lender account:

  • SIRET and social reason
  • form legal and capital social
  • name, first name
  • email address
  • corporate headquarters mailing address

If the amount that transits on your LENDOPOLIS account for the year is greater than or equal to 2 €500, or if you want to withdraw more than €1,000 of your LENDOPOLIS account at once, the following will be required, in accordance with the regulations on combating money-laundering:

  • ID: CNI or passport
  • proof of address of less than 3 months
  • Bank details

For tax residents out of France (Metropolis and DOM) only: the documents above as well as a tax assessment notice, or any other document issued by the tax authorities of your country of residence, you will be asked before any investment.

For people eligible for the waiver of withdrawal of the deposit on the only income tax: a sworn statement must be communicated in order to benefit from the exemption from removal of the deposit on the income tax. Learn more

How do I fund my account LENDOPOLIS?

Card up to €1,000 or by transfer from your bank account usually if you want to credit your account LENDOPOLIS of more than €1,000.

How to withdraw money from my account LENDOPOLIS?

At any time, you can transfer all or part of your available balance on LENDOPOLIS to your bank account, after entering your bank details. If the amount is higher than €1,000, please also attach a statement of Bank. The transfer of funds takes place in three working days maximum after the request.

That is LENDOPOLIS of money deposited into my account?

The money deposited into your account remains your property. You can retrieve the available balance at any time. Your money goes ever on servers or on the bank accounts of LENDOPOLIS.

The money is managed and secured by Ingenico Financial Solutions, electronic money institution authorized and controlled by the National Bank of Belgium – Woluwedal 102, 1200 Brussels, and benefiting from a European passport.


What is the cost of the service?

LENDOPOLIS is completely free for lenders.

Is there a tax advantage to lend on LENDOPOLIS?

No. The tax will be our next topic of discussion with the Government.

What is the minimum amount to pay?

The minimum amount you can pay per project is €20.

What is the maximum amount for pay?

There is no limit of total investment on the platform. However, as an individual, you cannot lend more than €1,000 per project. As a person moral, however, there is no limit of loan by project.

Are the loans guaranteed?

No, the capital that you pay is not guaranteed. Although our analysis team evaluates carefully the records of businesses seeking a loan, there is obviously a risk of capital loss and unpaid. This risk is indicated by the note associated with the file and therefore the interest rate set. The pay is commensurate with the risk taken. Lend in a rated company taking over 5 years C offers thus potentially a compensation of 10%, but there is normally a greater risk of default for companies rated B (7% interest) and (5% interest).

It is strongly advisable to spread your loans on many firms. By paying €50 to 20 projects, less you expose that by lending €1,000 on a single. Your winnings on paying projects properly will help compensate for the losses, and you will have an interesting ROI.

Why loans are not guaranteed?

What we offer today is lending directly in any small business who need funds for their development projects. We all know that a small business can find themselves in a situation of cessation of activity or of filing for bankruptcy. The interest rates that we offer here are much higher than those you find in traditional financial markets. precisely because they are proportional to the risk taken. We could think about forms of guarantees, but they would very substantially to increase the interest rate paid by businesses and lower drastically your potential earnings.

Remember, also, that these companies are publicly borrowing on LENDOPOLIS, involving very often their families, their clients, their partners. Pressure on these contractors is very strong, it is their reputation on the web and in real life! Contrary to popular opinion, the risk is shared here. And it is precisely this risk-sharing that creates this trust explaining the success of crowdfunding. This is what we call collective intelligence.

Finally, know that on platforms as LENDOPOLIS existing in England or the USA, their default rate is very low, often less than the rate of default of banks.

But be careful, spread your loans on several projects. And invest reasonably.

How are interest rates set?

Each loan file is assigned a rating (A +, A, B +, B or C) corresponding to an assessment of the risk by our team of financial analysts.

Therefore, proposed for each case borrowing interest rate will depend on:

  • Note the folder
  • of the repayment period provided

How is the rating of the project established?

The note of the project is prepared by our team of financial analysts, which is determined from the following:

  • financial strength after (analyzed from balance sheets and profit and loss accounts) validated by the certificate of financial information provided by the public accountant of the company. Only projects with this label (excluding listed companies) can be covered by our team of financial analysts
  • consistency of the provisional, figures must be necessarily supported by the public accountant of the company (except for listed companies)
  • the maturity of the management team or the carrier of the project
  • compliance with the terms of payment in the past
  • of seniority and the size of the company
  • of the industry and its geographical area
  • the follow-up of possible bankruptcy past or current

To establish this note, our team consistently makes contact with the project manager, and is based on 3 sources of further information: Scores and Decisions, a leading player in the business valuation, the file FIBEN of the Bank of France, and the accountant of the borrowing (except for listed companies) company.

What is what Scores & Decisions?

Scores & Decisions is the new generation of information and the valuation of companies. The solution aggregates financial and legal information on businesses, available from public sources and interprets them by offering a proven statistical scoring tool.

The information of Scores and used in the assessment of project Decisions are:

  • Financial and legal information (acquired from the registry of INSEE, the DILA – official journal of the INPI)
  • Other mandates and history of the leader
  • Statistical scoring – evaluation of the defect in the short and medium term
  • Permanent monitoring of the commercial activity of the company (including compliance with payment deadlines)

Interest in the risk analysis:

  • Assessment of the financial health of the company and assessment of the expected default rate base
  • Contingent liabilities of the ruler (mandates in companies in collective proceedings)

More information on http://www.scores-decisions.com

That is what FIBEN and how it fits into the risk analysis?

FIBEN (banking companies file) database is the reference file for all the professionals of business financing. She allows access to banking stocks of the company and especially to appreciate the risk associated with the company. This file is opened to platforms registered as an intermediary in funding participatory as Lendopolis.

The information is used:

  • Rating or scoring Bank of France of the society
  • History of the leader
  • Outstanding bank loans, leasing, discount, Dailly
  • Of the company or its customers payment incidents

Interest in financial analysis:

  • Assessment of the financial health of the company
  • Audit of banking stocks of the company and the absence of incidents of payment past

More information on http://www.fiben.fr

What is the role of the public accountant and what is that certification on financials?

The public accountant of the company transmits to Lendopolis certification on financials, after identifying on the portal of the order of the compables Experts. This normalized certificate contains supporting documents on society and a forecast in three years. Please note that this certificate is not required for listed companies.

The information is used:

  • Certified balance sheets and identification of business documents (procedure Know Your Customer: Kbis, articles of Association, RIB, list of ultimate beneficiaries)
  • Forecast for three years, including landing on the current year

Interest for risk analysis:

  • Reliability of the information provided by an identification of the public accountant through the order – regulated profession interface
  • Financial information for the current year
  • Consistency of the forecast to 3 years

More information on http://financement-participatif.experts-comptables.com

How are deadlines calculated?

Deadlines are calculated on the basis of depreciable fixed monthly credit: each month, the total amount refunded is the same, but the share of interest decreases as the repayment of capital.

For example, if you lend € 1,000 to 6% for 48 months, the borrower agrees to reimburse 48 23,49 EUR monthly. In total, you receive 1,000 euros of capital and 127,28 euros of interest.

By paying €1,000 to 6%, so don't expect not to receive €60 of interest the first year, since your compensation only covers the principal outstanding, which declined every month! This is the reason why if you want to maximize your return, you better to lend again the amounts repaid, and to minimize the time during which your money "sleeps" on your LENDOPOLIS wallet.

How long my money is it locked?

The money invested is blocked once you have completed a loan offer. You will be returned the amount requested by the company is not met in time the collection on LENDOPOLIS.

If the fundraising goal is reached, the funds collected are validated and the loan is granted to the company. You will be paid each month on your LENDOPOLIS account according to the schedule set by the company on the page of the project and in your personal space on LENDOPOLIS.

When you make your loan offers, so remember to check the length of the loan.

Can I cancel a loan offer?

Once you have confirmed your investment, you can no longer cancel a loan offer. Funds will not be released unless the collection target is not reached in the time allotted.

A document attesting to the existence of the loans provided?

Yes, it is searchable and downloadable at any time in your personal space.

What is the tax on interest income?

For more information on taxation, please go to the taxation section.


How am I reimbursed by the company?

Repayments start from the month following the receipt of funds by the company. Financial operations are made by Ingenico Financial Solution: on the instruction of LENDOPOLIS, due capital and interest repayment is shared between each lender.

Why is money reimbursed by the company accessible only a few days after the deadline set in the schedule?

Refunds of the company are made by European debit (Sepa Direct Debit). In this system, releases of samples for lack of supply of the bank account may be up to 5 business days after the date of the actual flow of funds. We notify you, so the availability of the funds repaid only when we are sure that these funds are safe and can be re-invested or withdrawn to your bank account.

So you will see a discrepancy between the effective date of such withdrawal as specified in the loan agreement and the date of your LENDOPOLIS account. During this period, funds are kept in the account LENDOPOLIS of the borrower hosted by our payment Service provider to address the possible cancellation of the levy. LENDOPOLIS has obviously no income assets of money during this period.

Can a company prepay?

Yes, and no cost. Lenders then receive the amount of principal outstanding on their account LENDOPOLIS.

What happens if a borrower cannot repay?

If a refund deadline is not honored by a borrower, he has 10 days to make and repay what it owes to lenders. In the event that the situation is not either, LENDOPOLIS will offer lenders a collection agency services.

What happens in case of death of the leader of the company?

If the leader dies, payments continue according to the timetable laid out since it's not him who contracts the loan but his company.


Why borrow



LENDOPOLIS is dedicated to the small business French in addition to 2 years with development projects.

Access to bank credit for the small business is becoming more and more difficult. LENDOPOLIS allows you to present your application for funding of €10K 1 m €, even though it is atypical.

If your company's fundamentals are healthy and your development project is credible, he can certainly be financed by individuals from the LENDOPOLIS community.

Neither guarantee nor deposit

On LENDOPOLIS, we will demand you guarantees or sureties. It is the public who will decide if your company deserves to be funded.

Our analysis is based primarily on the history of your company and the planned by your accountant.

Your project will receive a note of risk A +, A, B +, B, or C fixed by the team of financial experts of LENDOPOLIS which will determine the interest rate you pay on a monthly basis to your lenders (from 5% to 10.5% per year).

maximum of 30 days

After the validation of your project, raise funds in LENDOPOLIS can be very rapid: from 24 hours to 30 days maximum.

If the goal is not reached at the end of the 30 days, lenders are reimbursed at 100% and for free.

LENDOPOLIS transfer you the amounts collected 3 days after the end of your collection.

A community involved

LENDOPOLIS brings together a community of investors committed and eager to lend their money directly to small and French SMEs.

You will be supported by men and women who believe in you and your business. They will become your ambassadors or perhaps future customers or partners.

This community will certainly follow you for future projects if you want all your commitments.

What is the cost of the loan?

The remuneration you pay monthly to your lenders is at a rate of 5 to 12% per year, according to the risk of your project set by our team of financial experts and the length of repayment period you have chosen.


-a successful commission deducted from the total amount of 3% for loans over 2-3 years, and 4 percent for loans over 4 or 5 years;

-a commission on the management of flows of 1% HT applied to the monthly repayments.

You will find no other charges on LENDOPOLIS: here, there is no record or other insurance fees.

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€10 for €100 loan,
-€20 to €200 lent
-€30 to €300 loan.


Borrower FAQ

Submit your project in less than 30 minutes. Your accountant must then certify your file on LENDOPOLIS.

Our financial experts validate whether your project in 5 days maximum and set a risk score (A +, A, B +, B, or C).

Collection lasts 30 days.

A collection succeeds in uniting your community around your project. Feel free to get involved and ask your friends, families, neighbors, customers, and partners. They will be interested in your proposal.

You touch the money 3 days after the end of the collection.

You pay monthly your lenders on LENDOPOLIS that handles all financial transactions for you.

The fundamental

Who can borrow on LENDOPOLIS?

All companies domiciled in France, registered at the register of Commerce and companies and who closed their second fiscal year can apply for borrowing on LENDOPOLIS.

What are the eligible projects on LENDOPOLIS?

The following operations can be financed:

  • financing activity, for projects of development and growth: business investment, international, financing of intangible assets development, etc.
  • material investment finance: production tool, real estate, external growth.

Are not eligible on the other hand short-term cash requirements.

What are the benefits of LENDOPOLIS?

  • an alternative to bank credit: while access to bank credit for the TPE and SMEs is more difficult, LENDOPOLIS allows you to present your project, even though it is atypical. If your company's fundamentals are healthy and your development project is credible, it may be funded by individuals who will trust you.
  • absence of guarantee or personal guarantee: you don't have to worry about setting up of guarantees and sureties often requested by banks, which represent costs and heavy steps as part of a bank loan.
  • transparency on costs: you know when you launch your campaign costs associated with your loan.
  • the support of a community of committed lenders: LENDOPOLIS brings together a community of investors committed and eager to lend their money directly to small and French SMEs. You are supported by men and women who believe in you and your business, that will be as many ambassadors or perhaps future customers or partners.

From what amount can be borrowed on LENDOPOLIS?

€ 10,000.

Can what maximum amount be borrowed on LENDOPOLIS?

100 0000 euros.

How long can I borrow?

From 24 to 60 months.

What is the cost of borrowing on LENDOPOLIS?

The cost of borrowing is made:

  • the Commission perceived by LENDOPOLIS amounting to 3% HT for loans over 3 years or less, or at 4% for loans over 4 years and more, which is deducted from the total amount.
  • the Commission on the management of flows seen by LENDOPOLIS amounting to 1% HT of the monthly payments paid to lenders.
  • interest that will be paid to lenders. The interest rate depends on the score for your loan application, which qualifies the risk assessment. This interest rate may rise 5% to 10.5%.

Creation of the funding request

Who can create a request for a loan on behalf of the company?

You must be the legal representative (Business Manager) or have a delegation of power to write the loan application.

What are the steps to my loan application?

The loan application takes place in 2 stages:

  • you submit your application in determining the characteristics of the requested loan, giving elements of your business identity and its financial history, and presenting your project
  • If your application is validated by our analysis team, we pass to your accountant to ensure that it completes the certification of financial information (except for listed companies)

From these elements, the team of financial analysts of LENDOPOLIS fixed a note in your file, which will determine the rate of interest on your loan.

What are the information required to establish a claim?

In the first step, you are asked to provide the following:

  • information on the identity of the company
  • a description of your company and your project, with all the elements to customize your presentation (logo, pictures, video) page
  • the balance sheet and the income statement for the last 2 years of the company
  • the coordinates of your accountant who will be requested to establish the certification of financial information (except for listed companies)

If your company regularly files its tax bundles from the registry, some of this information will be pre-filled through our partner Scores & Decisions. You will therefore have to check their accuracy and possibly amend.

What is that the certification of financial information of the public accountant?

Before the comprehensive study of the case by financial analysts of LENDOPOLIS, is asked to the accounting of companies candidates to establish a certification review of forecast financial information.

The public accountant is invited to transmit the forecast of the company as well as his report on the reasonableness of the assumptions used Basic to the development of the transmitted information, and the accounting principles underlying the establishment of the provisional.

This approach validated by the Supreme Council of the order of Chartered Accountants allows us to voluntarily set a high standard of entry of game in moderation and the selection of projects of companies that we present. Certification does not engage the responsibility of the accountant in the event of a dispute relating to refunds, but this label will widely give credibility to your application for funding.

Please note that this step is not necessary if your company is listed.

What is the balance sheet Assurantiel?

As part of creating a project, it is proposed, optionally, to the project manager to complete a questionnaire to assess the quality of its management of risk and insurance coverage.

If this Assurantiel balance sheet is positive, our team of financial analysts can potentially improve the rating of the project and thus the conditions of its loan.

This approach has been implemented as part of the partnership between GAN insurance and LENDOPOLIS.

What are the required supporting documents?

The following documents are required prior to the launch of your collection. They can be supplied by your accountant or directly by you on your project page:

  • statutes of the company signed
  • KBis or join the RCS
  • identification of the legal representative
  • two recent surveys of the company's bank account
  • the RIB on which will be paid the funds.

When do I know the rating of my project, and therefore the interest rate proposed?

After the transmission of the attestation of financial information by your accountant (except for listed companies), our team of financial analysts will contact you under two days, to give its assessment of the risk, the note and the proposed conditions of borrowing.

Note the project is established by our team of financial experts, and is determined from the following:

  • financial strength after (analyzed from the 2 last balance sheets and profit and loss accounts) validated by the certificate of financial information provided by the public accountant of the company. Only projects with this label (excluding listed companies) can be covered by our team of financial analysts
  • consistency of the provisional, figures must be necessarily supported by the public accountant of the company (except for listed companies)
  • the maturity of the management team or the carrier of the project
  • compliance with the terms of payment in the past
  • of seniority and the size of the company
  • of the industry and its geographical area
  • the follow-up of possible bankruptcy past or current

To establish this note, our team always takes contact with the project manager.

If you agree to these terms, your fundraising will begin as soon as you want, provided that all the administrative documents have been validated.

Who has access to updated information online by companies?

All visitors to the site have access to the page with your project with all the information describing it. On the other hand, only our registered members-lenders have access to the part relating to your company's financial information.

Is it possible to borrow several times?

Of course, if your stock never exceeds one million euros at the same time.

I don't have any certified public accountant, where can I contact one?

All Accountants of France can complete the attestation of financial information. You will probably find one close to you on the directory hosted by the website of the order of accountants.


How long does take for a project to be funded?

The maximum duration of the collection is 30 days. As soon as the desired sum is assembled, the collected amount is transferred on behalf of the company.

What happens if the desired amount is not reached?

If funding is not achieved, the funds are not released. Lenders keep their money and the borrower pays no fees.

How can I increase my chances of success of financing?

In crowdfunding, everything is about confidence and momentum: more you have contributions, more signal credibility and the relevance of your project is good… and more you are likely to attract further contributions.

You can put all the chances on your side by mobilizing the people who know your business best and know that you will have no problem to repay: your community, family, customers, partners. This will be best prescribers, both to communicate on your collection in their own networks, but also to convince regular lenders to LENDOPOLIS.

Is it possible to abandon my loan application?

Yes. As long as the amount has not been paid into your bank account, you can abandon your loan request in the notifier from your administration area.


How are deadlines calculated?

Deadlines are calculated on the basis of depreciable fixed monthly credit: each month, the total amount refunded is the same, but the share of interest decreases as the repayment of capital.

For example, if you borrow €10,000 at 6% over 24 months, you repay monthly €443,21. After the last deadline, you pay €10,000 capital to your lenders, and will have paid them €636,95 interest.

How are payments made?

Each month, your bank account is taken of the total amount to be repaid to lenders, in accordance with the schedule established during the validation of your project. The funds are then broken down automatically on accounts of your lenders.

Is it possible to pay in advance?

Yes, of course, and it's free. Simply contact the adviser who has followed your file, or write to contact@lendopolis.com to put in place adequate financial flows.

 Other information


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€10 for €100 loan,
-€20 to €200 lent
-€30 to €300 loan.



Information about payments

Credit your account for the amount of your choice and pay from €20 by project, by credit card (immediate) or by bank transfer

Security question, which is lendopolis?

LENDOPOLIS is a platform of participatory financing regulated by the French authorities. Registration: 14006007

LENDOPOLIS is the financial institution Ingenico Financial Solutions NV / SA. Secure with Ingenico Payment Services payments.

So as always with most sites I present: d´identite, RIB and attestation of residence proof

Its unique partnership with the Conseil supérieur de l'Ordre des experts-comptables

Lendopolis is the only platform to impose on undertakings the certification of financial information created by the Conseil supérieur de l'Ordre des experts-comptables.

Only business projects that are certified by their accountant are evaluated by the team of financial experts of lendopolis

Then, these folders will be a detailed analysis on the part of l´equipe, bearing on the history of the company and the estimate of the project.


Can probably deduce that the financial analysis and ratios are done and qu´ils are good.





Who's lendopolis


My opinion on the site:

A remarkable site. Indeed it is clearly in the lined good sites like finsquare, lendix… You can invest in.



Sign up here and now tap your bonus Lendopolis

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€10 for €100 loan,
-€20 to €200 lent
-€30 to €300 loan.


Learn about the companies and their funding applications. If you have any questions, you can ask them directly to business leaders.

Create your profile on LENDOPOLIS and pay from €20 up to €1,000 per project for individuals and without limit of loan for legal persons.

The payment is made by credit card or bank transfer. The funds are transferred to the borrower only if his collection on LENDOPOLIS is achieved. If the target is not met, all lenders are reimbursed free of charge.

You post a loan agreement on LENDOPOLIS linking you to each business project you chose.

You can watch in real time your portfolio of investment on your LENDOPOLIS profile.

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Alain Afflelou acoustician

by ARIANE optics

Trade • other investments

Project to renovate our optical store Alain Afflelou and create a hearing aid under Alain Afflelou Acousticien name space.

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Refund on 60 months

Interest rate
€150,000 J-7
€150,000 collected • 100%

The company

The Ariane Optics company operates a Fund of trade under the brand Alain Afflelou (optical) in the city of Rueil-Malmaison Center (92) and is a leader in this city of 80,000.

The company headed by Laurence and Thierry Chemla has 3 employees.

Essentially, Ariane Optique specializes in the distribution of optical products under brand Alain Afflelou.

She sells optical and solar equipment (lenses, frames) or contactology (lenses and products dedicated).

Develops the Ariane optical franchise and will integrate sales equipment hearing aids from next semester.

The 2015 turnover is distributed as follows:

55% on glasses,
35% on frames,
7% on lenses and care products,
3% on sunglasses.

Also the company offers financing for 12 months without charges and with insurance.

Ariane Optique is for private customers only.

The company is referenced with the largest networks of care: Santéclair, Itelis, white, Seveane, Kalivia and Optistya card.

Rueil-Malmaison account 30 opticians: all brands are present, except Grand Optical. With 10% of market share, Ariane Optique is one of the 5 signs of the city leaders.

The franchise of Madame Chemla differs from its competitors thanks to the trade policy of the Alain Afflelou brand. The franchisor allocates the largest budget of market communication of optics and very attractive offers, widely relayed by TV, radio, display campaigns and digital.

In 2013 the setting up of networks of care with mutual has affected the activity of Ariane Optique since many individuals turned to opticians who have integrated these networks.

Since 2014 Ariane Optique is present in 100% of the networks of care and growth of its turnover (6% in 2015). Mid year 2016 the company is growing by 11% and expects 5% growth from 2017 (optical activity only).

In the second half of 2016 Ariane Optique propose a solution to audio prosthesis under the name Alain Afflelou Acousticien.


The franchisor has perfectly understood the stakes of the hearing aid market:

In France, according a study by the Ministry of health between 5 and 6 million people suffer from a hearing impairment but a minority is equipped. Equipment is expensive due to the weakness of the refund as well by health insurance (120) by the bodies of supplementary insurance (€330) to medical devices whose average price €-1 550 by ear – is therefore covered to 30% by insurance.
The competition authority estimated that "competition levers can be mobilized." In a study made public in late September, the consumer association, UFC – that choose had denounced the "scandalous pension of audiologists ' whose gross margins of 75% would be drawn by a shortage of professionals"carefully maintained"while the audio prosthetists have a monopoly on the equipment of people with hearing loss.

Alain Afflelou chose to attack this market and to apply policy that succeeded so well in the optics market. He thus successfully launched more than 100 centers Alain Afflelou acoustician and are "cloned" its essential offers are including Tchin Tchin (1 equipment purchased = 1 offered equipment) or Win – Win.

Date of creation

Number of employees

€886 955

382 651 289
What is the purpose of the loan?

Our project, in line with the spirit of development of our franchisor, is to renovate our store and start a business of audio prosthesis. This initiative will allow us to complete our activity of optics by audio activity in very strong growth and commercial synergies between the two groups.

An audio technician graduate has been identified. He will donate 10% of its turnover in the company Ariane Optique or 30 K€ annual since CA estimated for the activity of Acoustician at the point of sale is expected to generate 300 K€ CA.

The loan will finance work necessary for the implementation of the audio booth.

We started working with the architect of the Group Alain Afflelou, who sent us a first quote for work on the project plans, file a case at the Town Hall and provide a preliminary draft to the prime contractor and the lifts. A first meeting was already held with the contractor set, the lifts and the architect and the budget of the work is estimated at € 150,000 (see financing plan).

This cabin will be installed in the basement of the store that is very broad and will allow us to make accessible to customer, an elevator, a part of the available space the slot floor that will be transformed into retail space (including optical), which will allow us to feed the growth of the next years.

The commercial area of the store will go from 75 to 110 m2, which is a major competitive advantage in our business.

Development of the store date from July 2010, so more than 6 years. Teaching considers us it's time to launch these extension of commercial area and renovation works.

The owner of the commercial walls agreed us on this project.


lendopolis crowdfunding project team focus


  • Laurence Chemla

    Optician graduated in June 87 (BTS OL), Laurence Chemla is multi franchised Alain Afflelou and has experience in management (8 employees in 3 stores):

    • 1 store opened in 1989: optical Belgrand (20th Paris). Transformed store teaches Afflelou in September 2011. CA 2016 (is.) = €400,000 TTC.
    • 2nd store: Ariane Optique, under name Afflelou to Rueil-Malmaison (92). Store acquired in July 2009. CA 2016 (est.) = €1 200 000
    • 3rd store: optical fountain, under name Afflelou (Paris 16th). Store acquired in July 2012. CA 2016 (est.) = €1 300 000.


Thierry CHEMLA

An engineer by training.

25 years of experience in the management of large groups (member of IBM France, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, SQLI Management Committee).

Currently General Manager of the SQLI company (company of 2000 people, €200M CA) since September 2013.


lendopolis crowdfunding focus financial project

To allow you to quickly locate the company that bears the project compared to its sector, we selected 5 main areas of analysis of his current situation.

Business performance

The industry average

Learn more

The word of the analyst

Points of comfort:

  • Experience of leaders in management and in terms of detail with 3 franchises Alain Afflelou under management.
  • Increased activity of more than 10% over the year 2016.
  • Good ability to repay: after operation LENDOPOLIS gross debt (201 K€) is repaid 1.4 historical EBITDA year (147 K€).
  • Negative working capital better than sector: good stock management and any receivables of the activity.
  • Correct structure: equity (292 K€) are higher than gross debt (201 K€) after operation LENDOPOLIS.

Points of attention:

  • The perspective of competitive retail market however the development project of Ariane Optique integrating the audio technician profession allows him to differentiate itself in its catchment area.
  • The regulatory framework in optical reimbursement has changed however Ariane Optique integrated 100% of networks of care created by mutuals in 2014.
Juliette Dubuc, financial analyst, LENDOPOLIS
Profit and loss account 2014 2015 2016
Turnover €838 281 €886 955 €1 009 696 €1 060 806 €1 114 472
EBE €112 088 €146 856 €165 411 €183 722 €203 759
Operating result €86 015 €120 001 €139 860 €158 171 €178 208
Financial result -6 342 € -3 058 € -3 793 € -5 341 € -3 631 €
Exceptional result -7 066 € -3 128 € NS NS NS
Net result €57 278 €83 848 €91 165 €102 396 €116 966
Assets 2014 2015
Intangible fixed assets €243 917 €243 917
Tangible capital assets €109 480 €87 005
Financial fixed assets €8 891 €8 974
Stocks €158 308 €147 939
Receivables €96 669 €125 354
Availability €31 790 €52 955
Adjustment account €20 126 €21 944
Total assets €669 181 €688 088
Liabilities 2014 2015
Equity €307 992 €291 840
Provisions for risks and charges €0 €0
Payables €213 179 €230 727
Financial debt €63 859 €95 058
Social and tax debts €36 659 €39 530
Other debts €47 494 €30 935
Adjustment account €0 €0
Total liabilities €669 183 €688 090
Reimbursement capacity 2016
Capacity of self-financing €116 716 €127 947 €142 517
Refunds other loans €16 230 €17 085 €8 878
Capacity of self-financing assignable to the project €100 486 €110 862 €133 639
Jobs Amount
Expenses before project €7 200
Lift installation €95 000
Various €5 800
Teaches €4,500
Furniture €8 500
Security €4,500
Work (painting, masonry, tile, electricity…) €24 500
Total €150,000
Resources Amount
Loan on LENDOPOLIS €150,000
Total €150,000

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  • The dark blue color choices

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