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Contactless payment

The telebanking It is a system in strong development that allows to pay with credit card using the means of distance communication. …

The banking Ombudsman

The banking Ombudsman The settlement of consumer disputes Ordinance of 20 August 2015 provides for a reform of the banking mediation. A …

National file of the irregular checks (FNCI)

National file of the irregular checks (FNCI) Content of the national file of the irregular checks The national file of irregular checks …

Banking litigation: what to do?

  Meet your usual contact Ask to meet your usual contact must be the first reflex in case of dissatisfaction on one …

Bank accounts

The different types of bank accounts (suite…)

Bank files

Bank accounts (Ficoba) file Content of the file of bank accounts Bank accounts, Ficoba file, national bank and assimilated accounts file, list …

Tax: premiums of sponsorship are reportable

Hundreds of reviews of sites that publish Web ads to recruit some referrals and thus earn sponsorship to banks or the crowdfunding …

Account Nickel, Nickel chrome? Notice

The nickel account is a real Bank, but without bank account. Understand by there qu´il there not classic d´agences. The nickel account …

Banks: why are you changing to advise every 3 years!

If you ask a banker he will tell you that c´est to better serve clients, allow them to have a look nine …

The death of the cheque begins

In l´article a Government to the aboies we say that the Government is looking for the capital controls I just read an …

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