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The nickel account with card
The nickel account with card

The nickel account is a real Bank, but without bank account. Understand by there qu´il there not classic d´agences. The nickel account is done in a tobacconist.

I just d´entendre a pub for the nickel account and once I learned properly in its regard. The nickel account is a real Bank, but without bank account. Understand by there qu´il n by the classical d´agences not. The nickel account is done in a tobacconist.

The nickel account what is the point?

The nickel is a simple account (a current account). You can check your account, your transactions safely, get a RIB and perform many operations. The account is helpful to pay and be paid, make transfers or withdrawals and deposit of cash (liquid), it is without possible overdraft or cheque book. It takes 5 minutes to be opened at a registered tobacconist. The account is open to all irrespective of income and no minimum deposit for any adult person residing in France including displaced European workers.
The costs are clear and uncluttered, you pay €20 / year (MasterCard® card included) and a few operations. Of course, all this is legal because Nickel is accredited with the ACPR, independent authority backed by the Bank of France.


The goal is to master your money again and not be tempted by to spend at will. Indeed it n there no release fees, development costs in place of transfer… Why? Simply because in Bank c´est banker who must decide whether he accepts or not. but it takes time, and time l´argent c´est so it must pay him c´est the concept of costs. In nickel it is not everything, the software is configured to leave nothing pass and then c´est all. Suddenly he collects no fees, because nobody worked n´a.


And it works why?

194 971 customer account-Nickel and 1081 tobacconists to 01/12/2015. In addition it there really a demand for this type of account simplified. However it must be nothing in particular, Nickel does not.


  • You pay a yearly subscription account-Nickel and MasterCard® card (per year) €20,00. The price is so reasonable for the proposed service. It has no d´extras.
  • You pay if you remove the cash in an account-Nickel tobacconist (by removal) €0,50 this corresponds to hand d´oeuvre for l´entretien of the system. It notes, however, that the withdrawal at the tobacconist is cheaper than in distributor like what.
  • You remove the cash in a distributor (for withdrawal) €1,00 this corresponds to hand d´oeuvre for l´entretien of the system.
  • You deposit the cash in a tobacconist account-Nickel (% of the deposited amount) 2%

Maximum deposit: €250,00 per day and €750.00 per 30 day period

A tip: choose the transfers, they are free and unlimited

You replace…

  • Your MasterCard® (lost/stolen – by card) card €10.00
  • You exceed 60 SMS alerts per year (additional SMS) €0.10

Advice: choose email alerts, they are free and unlimited

You call the service client SOS account-Nickel: price of a local call


The desired customer section

The goal is to better control its spending. Understand by where qu´il is not possible d´aller below zero (no credit d´autorisation). The operation is purified c´est to say that the account does that basic service, no credit or insurance etc. The goal is to give access to the banking services to individuals who may have difficulties: banned Bank, students, foreign…

After some searching on the forums I got information about customers. For clients are low income people which have been catalogued and rejected by their bank, which put them in difficulty even more in their billing charges instead of reject purely and simply rents etc.
The customer is also one who removed all means of payment, these are the people who have experienced this as a trauma or an injustice who opted for the nickel account.
Because the nickel account the client feels again exist, respected and understood. Therefore one often sees clients who can no longer consume and who are in need of recognition and that the Bank can no longer devote time.

There is also nickel account is fast in terms of deadlines for withdrawal and deposits, some customers like cela because they are not, or more, able to understand costs and dates of Bank value become too complex to read (too d´info kills l´info). Customers like that l´argent be available without time limits or value dates.


A mouth that works well

It currently opens 20 000 accounts Nickel per month since may 2016. In question? the lack of hidden fees or prospectus heavy to read that attracted more in plsu a population at all immediately and without constraints.

A third of our customers are rather easy and especially used to make purchases on the Internet. The share of transactions conducted abroad also increases.

Probably because making purchases on the internet scares (hacking), then an account that cannot fall below zero is reassuring.

Who is behind:

Account-Nickel is led by its founders. The team is composed of some 50 salaried employees and many specialized external consultants. However the site it n no details what is to say that the company has Nickel is anonymous.

My opinion:

Interesting concept, especially the fact that l´argent is available without time limits or value dates. Because often the clients are stuck because of the dates.

The account is useful in the city due to lack of tobacconists with this qu´il be.

There is demand, but those who read my blogs are on average not the Nickel account users. More after a good surfing there is still that customer service is impersonal platform and there are all the disadvantages that l´on knows for the telephone operators.

I love

  •  little paperwork and a true credit card
  • Quick opening.
  • low deposit. Just 20 euro at the opening (then 20 euros per year), a mobile phone and a piece of identity (which will be scanned) number to get in a few minutes an international systematic authority payment card and a noted banking identity. Nothing else is required to open an account-Nickel: tax assessment notice, or payslip.
  • Food in liquid or ⇒ online you can then deposit cash in the office of tobacco (deposit capped at 750 euros per month) or transfer (without caps) on the Internet.
  • Secure online shopping.  Set a limit of payment to zero, that you can unlock at any time to make a purchase. In a code to use single (3D secure system) is issued to each time.

I do not like

  • No checkbook and the use fees, good it is the principle of the trick, especially if you're endete.
  • Commission on deposits and withdrawals. There is no hidden fees associated with the account but, a commission of 2% is levied for every deposit of cash in a tobacconist. Each withdrawal is charged 50 centimes to the bureau of tobacco and 1 euro to the Distributor. This represents an average cost of 40 to 60 euros for per year for the most active customers, a classic price comparable to bank charges. On the other hand, transfers remain completely free.
  • Map of second-class. Many tolls and parking refusing map are a real wound. Some companies claiming a deposit (rental car, for example), refuse the transaction if the amount of this deposit is not on the account. Idem to take gasoline €150 are required to deposit, that you take 10 or €100 of petrol. The card is an equivalent maestro or visa electron.

Another solution?

You have enough that your bank charges you fees without giving you advice to solve your problems?

You really want to get out you?

Then, you must read the document "put an end to bank charges.

Because what you will find is exactly what you need for you out, because your banker will never tell you what to do to rectify the situation, because you really need to act!


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