The death of the cheque begins



In l´article a Government to the aboies we say that the Government is looking for the capital controls I just read an interesting article on the world. After the Act of September 2015: maximum withdrawal of 1,000 euros to the Distributor the series continues.

The cheque is being deleted. The Government has decided to accelerate its disappearance through some steps. Finance Minister Michel Sapin announced, Thursday, October 15 that, current 2016, the period of validity of the cheques would be reduced from one year to six months. He also argued that "the credit card be accepted from the first euro".

The Minister presented a 'national strategy on means of payment' to, he insisted, to "facilitate the lives of customers, facilitate the traders. And it must be by the simplicity, but also by the security. In short he no longer wishes to the french pay by cheque. The security pattern yet, definitely you can do anything with security as an argument.

Because even if the use of the cheque crumbles about 5% per year, its use remains at a very high level in France. According to statistics published Thursday by the European Central Bank (ECB), 13.1% of payments (non-cash) in France are operated by cheque in 2014, which places us at the level of Cyprus. In Europe, only the inhabitants of Malta most often use their checkbook, with 24.7 percent of their transactions. In contrast to the United Kingdom cheque represents 3% of payments and 0.2% in Germany.

Sought-after consequences?

More cheque and one day more species. Each of our expenditures online: place, time, product purchased, geographic monitoring, analysis of behaviour, orientation, etc. Big Brother? More seriously I think that c´est mostly a desire to control and to more d´argent on the part of banks qu´autre thing. May be I am alarmist, but the possibility is not zero.

Check L´Avantage

L´inconvenient map c´est that without the internet, it does not work while the check Yes. The cheque, in our strategy from richness, empowers enormously as an outstanding and you are plugged, then more, now that l´ can no longer withdraw cash at the ATM, you must go to the distributor who is capped. It's really push consumption, what we mainly do not want. Indeed see his money which share responsibility.

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