Contactless payment


The telebanking

It is a system in strong development that allows to pay with credit card using the means of distance communication.

Originally the telebanking was used for distance sales by catalog (such as the Redoubt, 3 Suisses…). The customer communicated identification numbers for his credit card by phone or minitel to make the payment. Today, the on-line payment using Internet technology while benefiting from the encryption of information in order to ensure maximum safety.

On the other hand need to request activation of the card for payment on the internet.

Contactless payment

New contactless payment has become the norm. My payments less € 20, simply place his card, but it doesn't work as the number of times a day, then it must go its code.

The advantage is that it's quick and simple


Contactless payment is a way of quick payment, by credit card or mobile phone, from a dealer.

The mere fact to approach the card or mobile phone less than 4 centimeters of a special box (often called "terminal") you consent to the payment.

In addition, the buyer's Bank fixed a ceiling for the cumulative amount purchases "contactless" allowed (per day, per week or per month).

contactless payment replaces little by little the old wallet.

As soon as contactless payment is validated, the connection between the card and the payment terminal is automatically and instantly interrupted. To make a new regulation without contact, a new amount must be entered.

e payment contactless, as well as the payment to contact has the same guarantee of payment

The only way to disable the card is either to put in foil or to break the antenna into the card.

A very maligned system

Such an anomaly is made possible by the ability of traders to perform operations without contact off-grid in the UK and, therefore, without control of a possible deactivation.

People also don't want this to become a consent. In addition many traders take map of hands and place them on the terminals until the people are rude. "Several merchants have passed my card on the contactless without asking my opinion while I expected to type my code." One even did with a wrong amount"quote for example a customer.

The remote capture of a contactless transaction data requires a very specific electronic equipment and is very difficult to implement, but is not impossible. The risk of data capture is very low. Note that if data were to be stolen, they would not suffice to create a fake card. However this information could be used to make fraudulent purchases on e-commerce sites that do not require seizure of the card security code (3 digits on the back of the card) information that is not accessible via the contactless interface. However this type of site is certainly not in France but still abroad



The mobile phone


Payment by SMS (Short Message Service) has been developed in some banking systems (Caisse d'Epargne in France). It allows any holder of an account in the institution concerned to trigger remote transfers to any recipient from his mobile phone number. Term, the service will be expanded to all of account holder, regardless of its Bank of belonging. Other banks also test a capable mobile phone, thanks to a specific program to pay simply by dialing his code on the keypad of the phone at the approach of a merchant at which terminal the client will have made a purchase.

The technology used is the NFC (Near Field Communication)
enabling interoperability of the laptop with the payment terminal of the
Merchant. Marketing to the entire population
should be done in 2009, once obtained international certification.





"We must feel the pain of paying", so the budget is better respected. I can only agree with him.

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