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I present to you a function expected for more than a year on unilend and which was finally released in but 2016. The autolend, the investment automated according to some criteria.

Note that when this update in may 2016, the recovery is now free for lenders (for loans made after April 19, 2016), and reinforced: the collector may take legal action.




What is Autolend?

Autolend is a feature of automated management of your loan offers. Understand by this that autolend is software integrated to the unilend web site which allows to invest unless you are present. Handy thus on paper. Brief a robot, what makes me think this https://richesse-et-finance.com/aurez-vous-encore-un-travail-dici-quelques-annees-robots-volent/.

Autolend allows you to optimize your portfolio diversification by offering automatically of loan according to rules you set, within the limits of your available money to your Unilend account.

As soon as a project online matches the criteria you have chosen, Autolend formula automatically a loan offer for you, for the amount and the interest rate that you have defined.

Autolend what it is, what are the benefits?

Autolend allows you to diversify your portfolio without effort, as quickly as possible and to the best interest rate.

You need not connect several times per day on Unilend to manage your loan offers: Autolend direct does for you, according to your own criteria.

Autolend pilot your loan on Unilend offers according to the criteria that you set. The criteria are only the number of stars and the life of the loan. You choose the amount you want to pay and the minimum interest rate that you want and Autolend handles for you your loan offers.



You don't have to think about re – loan repayments received on your Unilend account: Autolend direct does for you, according to your own criteria.
For each project implemented online that matches your criteria, Autolend offers a loan in your name and manages your offer until the end of the Fund-raising campaign based on the criteria that you have defined.

Autolend makes your offers of loan by 0.10% increments until they are adopted or until the low limit you have set is reached.

You can enable and disable this tool at any time from your lender space.

Autolend also gives the probability of success based on your overall rate and history of loans (down)

Autolend how it works?

Two modes exist for Autolend: the simple mode and advanced mode.

Simple mode


Just connect one, to accept the new conditions of unilend:


CF update file anne-laure

then you just go to the home menu and select autolend.

In the simple mode, you have only two criteria to choose: the amount you want to pay per project and the minimum interest rate that you want to propose your loan offers.

unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend configuration

Opens then a new menu, you must first click on it then a new menu appears. This new menu asked 2 criteria, the rate and the amount you want to pay for all projects regardless of the risk. I advise against it and I advise you to read the following articles:


https://richesse-et-finance.com/rendement-risque/ or https://richesse-et-finance.com/comment-devenir-riche-facilement-rapidement/

unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend configuration 2
1 menu
unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend configuration 3
second menu

To access the Advanced menu and the criteria, you must first click on validate, go back and only the option 'more criteria 'appears.


unilend crowdlending autolend configuration 4 crowdfunding

Once clicked on more criteria, you finally have access to the advanced with the options menu.

mode_expert autolend crowdfunding unilend


unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend 5 configuration

Advanced mode
autolend 2

Advanced mode allows you to choose different interest rates depending on the duration of the loan and the note of the projects. This mode also allows you to apply the average rate from the platform on the combinations all duration of loan/note or some combination you have selected. In this mode, it is also possible to choose duration of loan combinations / note on which Autolend make no offer ready for you.

mode_expert autolend crowdfunding unilend

As you can see you can change the rate according to the risk, the risk is low plus your rate should be low and vice versa. Unilend also allows to determine the percentage of chances of validation.

Other information


Under Autolend, you receive alerts when:

  • Your balance is exhausted
  • Your balance is soon exhausted

You can choose, from your lender space, what form you receive these alerts: email sent immediately or although only through notifications in your lending space.
Note, if you choose to receive emails, notifications appear in your area lender.

How to identify Autolend in the list of current offers?

When Autolend is enabled, you can view all offers made by your tool in the tab «bids in progress» projects pages. Each offer of your

Autolend is marked by the symbol.Autolend_symbole

What are the limits of autolend in unilend?

I noticed that a draft 5 stars and 60 months accepts a rate higher than a 60 months with greater risk project, which is a statistical anomaly. More you lend in risky way, plus the rate should be raised, more you pay long plus the rate is high, in principle so 3 star 60 is the highest and 5-star 3-12 months your lowest rate. Eventually if we anticipate a decline in the rate it is interesting to reduce its margin on long credits and have the same as on the courts. In fact after reading my article in the example below it is totally uninteresting to lend less to a more risky business, it reduces your margin.


unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend 5 configuration

example in red of anomalies, you pay more risk for less? never. This is surely due to the fact that indicators are on historical criteria, just that a draft model x stars so long have not directed for 9 months and the rate criterion is that of it y 9 months, unless it 9 months ago there were almost 4% more new premium…

unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend configuration 5 - copy

unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend configuration 6 - copy


What is the influence of autolend on the global system?

What advice do you give me? good actually automatic I disable the 3 stars and 3 and a half stars, too risky so I do not throw a glance, in fact my criteria are profitability, solvency, capital +-feeling (project uninteresting or too dependent for example photovoltaic in lorraine subsidized, no thanks). Knowing that more I lend without risk more my rate will be higher I suggest you according to my criteria, this table.

example more borrowing is long more rate rises.

courbe_des_taux duration

There is more risk over the back is important and most requested rate climbs severely.

bondora risk return interest asked loss

bondora risk return interest asked loss 2

Which gives a table for example like this, but it should be adapted according to the criterion of the moment, the risk (see article https://richesse-et-finance.com/3-choses-qui-font-diminuer-le-rendement-en-crowdfunding/ in which it y an array of risks with at unilend 1-2% of default.), so you know that it should not go below a certain rate (cf see taxes that go with (, because they are still falling performance) however I did not correct the distribution table of the default by Star rate… What can be interesting.  Another question, what is time already included in the stars? To study.

unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend 8 sample configuration unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend 7 example configuration

See anyway that the table is made up of red, it is not yet at the point because it shouldn't be like this.

unilend crowdfunding crowdlending autolend 6 configuration


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