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Good news!
Following the success of the articles on crowdfunding, I decided to launch a new site dedicated exclusively to the crowdfunding.

You will find the guide of crowdfunding, different platforms and lots of other things as and as the site develops.

Crowdfunding-crowdlending-crowdequityWhy this site?

Simply because wealth and finance is now a highly developed crowdfunding section, but the problem is that wealth and finance is a generalist blog, while this new site will be more specialized in crowdfunding. As having good results, I really want to develop this part. But for this I need a website dedicated exclusively to the crowdfunding.

You can find there: the guide of the crowdfunding (not the same as on wealth and finance.)

Platforms like and many many articles quickly.

What is wealth and finance will stop the crowdfunding?

No worry, I even redid all the items of crowdfunding in a different style (short, only 2,000 words on average) to present the platforms but I wish to blogger directly on wealth and finance by making detailed articles.

But how do you the time to do everything, you work no?

Yes, but it is a little trick, one subcontractor behind and some friends, which allows to decrease drastically time and dramatically increase the number of articles written.

And you're not afraid to get penalized by google?

In the Middle have a network of sites is very dangerous, so far, I do not get penalized because all content is unique and quality, long, with images + videos…
The site therefore brings a strong added value to users which should in theory put me safe from potential penalties.

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