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I just d ' have the mail following 06/07/2016.


Dear members,

Hexagon invites you to participate in the real economy without taking any risks on your capital. Indeed for the first time a guarantee to 100% of the invested capital is proposed to you.

The implementation is simple, on the basis of your investments, you post the amount that you have collected on all of your investments, if this amount is less than the amounts invested, you are refunded the difference.

There are no conditions relating to the situation of the project promoter, or the causes of the failure.

You must comply with only 3 simple principles:

-You voluntarily make the choice of the benefit of the guarantee.

-Offered coverage is capped at €300,000.

-You need to spread your risks over 10 projects in the next 24 months, almost uniformly (being sure not to exceed 20% of investment on a single project).

If we do not offer you at least 10 projects eligible for this warranty, it will be the number of present projects which will be retained. In addition our partner wiSEED will also this mechanism of guarantee for certain projects, and the count of projects will be common to hexagon and wiSEED platforms.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the warranty is levied on the earnings of your investments, it costs you 2% of the amount guaranteed per year. So on a paid operation 10%, you only will earn only 8%.

This compensation will be paid directly by the project promoter. You have nothing to spend.

This warranty is exclusively reserved for "non-professional" investors, and is not open to the Bank and finance professionals.

The eligible projects to date on www.hexagon-e.com

-Villas Lena – ACG PROMOTION – is €18,000 to subscribe

-Residence Prima – AMOPRIM South West – remains €145 000 to subscribe

-Building – ANTIPOLYS Group (from June 15, 2016) – France €150,000 to subscribe

-Scionzier – 72 development (from June 21, 2016) – €50,000 to subscribe

For investors who have already declared an intention, you will receive contracts with the possibility to subscribe to this warranty.

For the two new folders, France (building office sold in bulk and Scionzier – 6 villas in band pre-commercialized 80%) – you can ask a reservation, we will block an amount equivalent to give you a right of priority, you will remain free to confirm or not your intention.


Coverage limit: €300,000

Minimum number of projects: 10 over a period of 24 months

Concerning specific ceiling by project: 20% of the invested capital

Ceiling for reimbursement: 100% of the invested capital

Franchise: €0

Cost of the guarantee: 2% p.a. of the guaranteed amount.

The CONCRETe program is designed to secure the capital of investors and is based on the principle of an

pooling of risks for each of the investors.

CONCRETe offers the possibility of ensuring 100% of your capital, up to €300,000.

You invest on several projects at the end of the projects you do the following calculation:

Amount of money that you have seen – amount money you invested

If the result is negative, you will be fully refunded the difference.

-You voluntarily choose to subscribe the guarantee.

-You invest on 10 projects eligible in the next 24 months, on platforms of

crowdfunding, wiSEED or Hexagon

-You allocate your investment in the most uniform way possible (a project should not

exceed more than 20% of the total amount invested).

CASUALTY AND GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY (Europe) Limited – (CGICE) – 31 rue de Brest – 69002 LYON,

Branch of CASUALTY AND GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY (Europe) Limited whose registered office is 6a

RISE insurance 11 rue Carpeaux 94210 LA VARENNE SAINT HILAIRE

Intermediary in insurance transactions registered in the ORIAS under no. 09 049 747 www.orias.fr



V7 V7 2 annex annex 1 V7 guarantee capital



Insurance is in tune with the times, should we take it? In general the faults represent between 1 and 2 per cent of the platforms. Insurance will however you listen a good part of your performance, but you protect. In the end it is therefore a risk performance choice. The choice is really personal.

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