Crowdimo is serious or is it a scam?


doubt success

As j´ai of applications on crowdimo to find out if c´est a serious site or a scam I allows me to do this small article to set things straight

Why crowdimo is a serious site?


Firstly there is the Director of crowdimo was invited in several national newspapers, he y for example have articles on Le figaro, TF1 JT or when advertising "a crowdfuding (participatory financing) site specializing in real estate launched a campaign astonishing to know. It offers to the French to redeem the Elysee by staging François Holland. "

Already we go who they are at crowdimo:

CROWDIMO INVEST is a simplified Corporation specializing in the real estate Crowdfunding whose capital is 50,000 euros. We also know where they are registered, even though in this pledge nothing special.

RCS PARIS 809 576 432

VAT FR46809576432

Its headquarters is located, 14 rue Monceau – 75008 PARIS.

Legal representative: Mr. Maurice BRAMI, President and CEO.

In addition we also have crowdimo website:

Hosting: OVH

Webmaster: Luxury Concept


It seems to me qu´en building renovation Orias amenities are different it seems to me I said.

Crowdimo l´Equipe is perfectly visible and has a resume that reassures:


Expert real estate co-founder

O. Behar
O. BEHAR Expert real estate co-founder

In 1986, Olivier Behar graduated from the conservatoire des arts et Métiers (CNAM) within the Institute the ICH (Institute of economic studies and legal construction and housing), specializing in law real estate housing / construction.

It is through this experience in the renovation of apartment retail joined in 1997 the insurer GAN, where he has forged an experience in rental of building block and successfully. In the 2000s, he initiated the sale of cutting.

Five years later, Olivier has created his own property management office, which he still directs. Along with this, he specializes in the purchase of hotels in Paris with the aim of rehabilitating them into rental apartments.

The renovation is inherent in the real estate market since the Parisian estate is aging. It is a fact that Olivier has been able to anticipate to become a recognized and respected real estate specialist.

The force of the latter? Be able to give a solution to investors to purchase for resale, while diversifying investments between the life annuity, the rental and renovation, which are the 3 options of Crowdimo Invest investment.

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Its mission is to diversify investment real estate (renovations/rental/life) and to select and propose property of exceptions to our investors.

Knowledge of the real estate market, consulting and expertise, it frames the real experts on our team.

Contact Olivier by mail:


MR. BRAMI. Co-Founder President
MR. BRAMI. Co-Founder President

Co-Founder President

Trained in financial markets, but also in audit and accounting, Maurice received a double master's degree. This training gives him an understanding and a vision surprisingly accurate world of finance.

He made his debut as an assistant BROKER for the company MARKETS.COM. He then turned to experiments in the Audit, and has served as assistant Commissioner for LB Audit accounts. Of accomplished financial training, but also seasoned in various fields such as law, accounting, or French taxation, Maurice headed towards a sector which it has always fascinated: the real estate market.

It is continuing its vocation and by putting into practice its knowledge of the real estate sector, his entrepreneurial mindset and his ability to acute analysis that Maurice has developed the concept of Crowdimo Invest.

Maurice BRAMI runs 3 business (3 terms), its primary mandate is the President within the MYBB UNITED Corp. company. Maurice BRAMI evolves in the sector of Finance.

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Its mission is to adjust and continuously improve the estate crowdfunding concept to offer the best solutions to our investors. It manages the administrative part and accounting of the company.

Calm, temperance and spirit of analyses together, it is Mr sales team!

Contact Maurice by mail:


A. LECONTE digital Manager
A. digital

Digital Manager

Graduated a master in digital marketing issued by the Pôle universitaire Léonard de Vinci thus that of Konkuk University in Seoul, Adrian began his career in an international framework with a preference for type start-up companies, and more generally the entrepreneurial world.

After completing its training course of end of studies for a manufacturer of surfboards high range in Thailand that he decided at the age of 23 years old to obtain a status of auto entrepreneur in Australia, and begin an activity on his own account.

Working early in his career with heterogeneous clients and very varied missions, Adrien has been able to very quickly develop a rigorous and professional spirit.

Back in Europe, several ideas of business start-ups have sprouted in his mind. But it is with Crowdimo invest that he decided to start a new adventure. Adhering fully to the project and the concept of this start-up, he has unwavering confidence in the success of what is now the project the most promising that he had the opportunity to participate.

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Its mission is to optimise the digital strategy through various levers web marketing. It helps increase the visibility of the platform and interact with the community.

Observation, analysis and relevance, it is the digital master of the team!

Contact Adrian via mail:


Y. BOTBOL CEO co-founder
LDirecteur co-founder General

Chief Executive Officer co-founder

Yoni followed his studies at ESG Management School and is a graduate of a Masters degree in market Finance.

He completed several internships in private equity in Hong Kong as well as in Paris at the Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild, which allowed him to acquire solid knowledge and skills in the field of finance, marketing and business management.

From his prior experience in the world of entrepreneurship, it has acquired a certain rigor and he was able to put into practice what he has learned during his training.

Yoni is an expert in management and management of work team. Rigour in labour and perseverance are qualities that he puts forward in everything he does.

These past two years, he was able to develop his sense of discipline and team spirit by mounting its own projects and by bringing together around him qualified and competent people.

"Crowdimo Invest aims to democratize investment in real estate by making it accessible to all.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for the public to access the property and to constitute a real estate from 1000 euros while diversifying their investments."

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Its mission is to coach and manager Crowdimo Invest teams to optimize the skills and knowledge of each. It manages the part human, financial, and professional society.

Dynamism, rigour and determination together, it is Mr management team!

Contact Yoni by mail:


Master SUISSA lawyer
Master specia
lized SUISSAAvocat


After obtaining several graduates, private affairs, law and European law Joseph began his career as a lawyer at the bar of Paris in 1996. He started his career as an advocate of the Bâtonnier Francis TEITGEN, then he joined the SCP DEGRANVILLIERS-LIPSKIND specialized in collective proceedings. He has subsequently worked alongside master Georges AYACHE during the last 10 years, mainly in cases of business and corporate law.

In 2006, it has mounted, with several of his colleagues, JDB lawyers, expert in tax law, business, but also in commercial law. He works at the service of companies and ensure their defence before all courts.

Master Joseph SUISSA is also inscribed on the list of the agents real estate transactions created by the Paris Bar, and is allowed to this title to intervene as Council, drafting of acts and negotiating real estate transactions.

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Its mission is to advise and guide our investors in everything related to the legal domain in a real estate transaction. It guarantees the property and the protection of property.

Knowledge of real estate law, consulting and expertise, it is necessary counsel to ensure legal protection of our investors.

Contact Joseph by mail:

Master BITAN

Master BITAN lawyer
Master speci
alized BITANAvocat


Mikael Bitan holds degrees of private law and including a 'judicial careers' master and a D.E.A. private law.

He was responsible for teaching at the Faculty of law of Paris XII (civil law, special criminal law).

It is registered with the Paris Bar since 1994 and has settled as counsel at the Court of Paris in 1996.

His firm has retained its general-purpose, filling both of defence missions the courts, that Council, in various fields and activities particularly in real estate business and commercial leases.

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Its mission is to advise and guide our investors in their legal proceedings from beginning to end investment. It thus protects investors in the acquisition of their property and their status as owner.

Contact Mikael by mail:


F. ROUAUD Assistant marketing and communication
Assistant marketing and communication

Assistant marketing and communication

Bachelor economic and Social obtained with mention, currently in third year of the BACHELOR in Management & IT Technology to the TELECOM business school school in Evry, Florian showed during his schooling an interest in the web and new technologies. It was during his various experiences in companies that Florian is naturally turned towards the fields of marketing and communication.

Florian has therefore decided to carry out its training course of end of degree within our start-up, with a young, dynamic and professional team who will be able to advise and assist in the best way.

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

His main mission in crowdimo Invest is to assist the person responsible for web marketing and digital Manager in their respective tasks. But it is also at the disposal of the entire team Crowdimo, which seeks to facilitate the daily work.

It is Mr support team!

Contact Florian by mail:


H.STEFANI Manager Webmarketing
Responsable Webmarketing

Responsible for Web marketing

After obtaining a master's degree in e-business within the Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci, Hugo began his career as an independent from abroad.

It was during his studies in PHS (international development company) internship belonging to the multinational Sodexo, his attraction to the performance analysis and optimization of 2.0 tools proved. This experience in a start-up company controlled by a large group allowed him to acquire both the rigour, versatility and the autonomy needed for this kind of environment.

Upon his return to France, Hugo has sought to integrate a start-up company giving him the opportunity to put into practice his multiple skills and to evolve in a dynamic, innovative and ambitious framework. He decided to join Crowdimo Invest, because project conquered it and it invests fully.
Mission at Crowdimo Invest:

Its mission is to analyze the performance of the different digital platforms and to maximize SEO. It is also in charge of creating and implementing process to optimize and facilitate the work of his staff.

Ingenious, versatile, and methodical, it is Mr optimization of the team.

Contact Hugo by mail:


F.BISMUTH Development Manager
TH Development Manager

Director development

27 years of experience in business management and human resources with 16 years in the ALTEN group, European leader in engineering and technology consultant.

Within the information system division, Frank participated heavily in commercial and development strategic business including the development of CRM tools and control.

source crowdimo

Mission at Crowdimo Invest

Member of the Executive Committee, Frank is in charge:

To develop and propose to the Directorate-General trade policy of the company.

After analysis and evaluation of the various components of the market, it determines the strategic directions, objectives and the means to put in place.

Animate, coordinate and monitor business activities and relationships necessary to the development of the business partners.

Contact Frank Bismuth by mail:


Master tray

Right affairs specialist

Holder of a master's of contract law and a graduate of the H.E.C. school in 1993, David Bac took oath to become a lawyer in 1994.

Without a doubt, a reference in the legal field, David specializes in business law. He pleads before civil, commercial, but also criminal courts.

In charge of various records, the latter has a wide range of expertise. It deals with cases of jurisprudence concerning the right of the company, that the construction or real estate as well. It also deals with cases of right bank, stock, condominiums as well as commercial and residential leases.


Professor of law

Associate Professor, recognized and respected at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Pierre Berlioz directs the master 2 of law and procedure that he himself initiated, in addition to teaching his fields of expertise that are:

  • the right to heritage
  • the law of property
  • real estate law
  • intangible properties

  • the law of civil and commercial contracts

  • the right of distribution

  • the law of security

  • private international law and international litigation.


Management of heritage and taxation

Holder of a DESS in finance and taxation of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Ms. Sandrine Chokron is Associate Professor at the higher school of management, management school since 1998.

She is responsible for Master management of heritage of the ESGMS since its creation in 2009.

She teaches tax law within the legal and tax Department, and in particular:

  • Taxation of individuals;
  • Taxation of heritage;
  • The business taxation;

  • The taxation of groups of companies.

  • Master BONITEAU

    Tax law specialist

    Holder of a master in international business law and taxation, as well as a DESS in banking and finance, Emmanuel Boniteau is a recognized expert in his field for more than 20 years.

    Lawyer in tax law as well as in business, the latter law worked for large institutions such as BNP Paribas, the Lamy firm or Ernst & Young as a partner, before proposing its services to Crowdimo Invest.

    This experience, Mr Boniteau ensures that our clients perform the best financial investment and audit of the patrimony and acquisition of property transactions so that together, we can lead you to success.


    It is clear that the site is quite serious in the light of the data available


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