How to program his subconscious mind by autosuggestion?


brainDid you know that it was possible to influence his own subconscious mind by autosuggestion?

How? What is the point? For what purpose?

About the subconscious…

It is your subconscious that will bring you solutions to the different problems that you will encounter.


The interest to influence his subconscious is simply to succeed in its objectives, its dreams in some way.

By allowing you to focus on specific goals in unconscious way.

This is part of the process of the law of attraction.

The principle is linked to the thoughts you have.

Autosuggestion allows you to feed your subconscious by positive, constructive thoughts or conversely… negative and destructive!


You are the master of your fate… then take matters into their own hands!



In practice autosuggestion…

Autosuggestion is to repeat oneself a phrase that describes one of your desires to impregnate your subconscious.


For example: "I want to succeed in relationship marketing and be financially independent in 2 years…". »


On the same principle that the Cauet method, you can write it, several times, repeat out loud or in your head, the morning, the evening in your bed, or throughout the day…


And… that's it?

Actually no, what is often forgotten to be mentioned, is that it is a little more complicated than that…

There's a real impact on your subconscious mind, must feel an emotion related to your very strong desire.

That emotion is related to your faith, you really believe in what you say.

Must be passed to focus on that desire, imagine already acquired and try to feel the emotions that this would cause you if your desire was realized finally!


Typical error…

"I want to win the jackpot at the euromillion…". »

The fact simply practice the autosuggestion on this type of desire will never work…


Because just at the very bottom of yourself in your subconscious mind, without even consciously knowing, you is believe.

You can successfully feel positive emotions assuming you win except that this is not enough, you really have to meet all the conditions.



You can't remember?

This is practical in the long term, do not expect to succeed perfectly to influence your subconscious from the 1st time.

It must persevere in practice and especially not disperse you in your thoughts, focus on one desire.


How to interpret?

Also be aware that, regardless of your desire, your subconscious will not tell you how to reach your goal in the form of clear and precise plan.

This appears in the form of inspiration that you need to recognize, so it must be opened and listening.


In conclusion

Make the simple test of the formula Chua, repeat this sentence several times, 2 times a day (morning and evening) trying to feel the well-being, take great inspirations:

"Every day and at all points of view I am going better and better.


And way more general focus you, believe in you and your desire, visualize your desire as being already acquired.

Feel emotions as if this desire was realized and especially you have to persevere.


PS: Time is money…

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