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Personal development

Self-knowledge: what are my goals, my values, my passions, my raison d'etre?
Spirituality and Psychology: how to meditate, affect his unconscious and be at peace in his mind?
Physical culture: how to properly feed, sports, sleeping and relaxing to be in his body?
Professional activities: how to study, undertake and manage his money and his time?
Communication: how to express themselves, to assert themselves and develop social ties?

Gimmick and advertising Jingle, how make you want to eat

    In this horizon by night video, I present to you the gimmick or advertising jingle. Reminder: marketing, discipline that aims …

Consume is preventing you access to happiness

Happiness is the only quest logic   If you put your concerns of adults aside for a moment and think about it, …

How to program his subconscious mind by autosuggestion?

Did you know that it was possible to influence his own subconscious mind by autosuggestion? How? What is the point? For what …

→ 12/02/2016


→ 26/01/2016


Maslow or how to understand the motivations of someone

Maslow on the assumption that the needs of the human being are distributed in 5 floors. To proceed to the upper floor, …

→ 02/01/2016


How to stay positive?

Stay positive is a key to success, but I grant you that this is not always easy. Here I will show you …

→ 22/12/2015


→ 26/11/2015


→ 17/11/2015


Pareto's law: bet on the right horse

Often I quote the Pareto principle, also known as Pareto's law, the 80-20 principle or law of 80-20, but one has me …

The worst habits that make you poor every time

Unlike what is intuitive, the poor have their own beliefs, the rich n´ont not. Some are real bullets for your enrichment, see …

Pomodoro: The most effective method to manage your time

How to win in efficiency through a tomato? This is an interesting question. Thanks to the Pomodoro technique course.   (suite…)

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