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In this category you will find all that to become a good salesman, a good marketer and my tips on the net.

The value

The concept of value is something fundamental in finance, trade and personal finance. It is so important that it has many subcategories. …

Gimmick and advertising Jingle, how make you want to eat

    In this horizon by night video, I present to you the gimmick or advertising jingle. Reminder: marketing, discipline that aims …

A web site business plan mistakes

You plan to launch a web site to make money, you have to make a business plan? Even at a minimum, the …

The scarcity determines the price and the quality, or how to sell more expensive.

Economics is the science of management of rare things. It is, in general, any student learns in one of his first lessons …

Google Spaces, information, operating instructions and list of influential and popular spaces, test and notice

This is google unveils a new tool, google Spaces then I give you here the best spaces, the most influential: According to …

Words that have lost their superb

Here are the words to avoid for not doing a flop: Here are the words to avoid for not doing a flop, …

Selling multi-tiered or multi level marketing, full description and an analysis of the market.

Sale multilevel or mlm, that employs him, relationship marketing, marketing multi-level sales network by cooptation, co-opted network (V.R.C.) sales, network marketing, etc., …

Develop its personal branding for success in mlm

            What is that makes whether one succeeds or not in network marketing? How to stand out …

The objections of customers: method of response E.C.R.A.C.

The E.C.R.A.C. method is a method of relevant sale in 5 phases. This method is used by the advisers to sell a …

Sex sells all? Bonus 3 truly amazing test!

You want to play with fire? If a sector such as advertising presents women as hot as the Sun in almost all …

Maslow or how to understand the motivations of someone

Maslow on the assumption that the needs of the human being are distributed in 5 floors. To proceed to the upper floor, …

→ 21/12/2015


CAP / CAB: features benefits evidence and benefits

The CAP method is an abbreviation of the commercial approach. Show features and benefits for the customer with evidence. (suite…)

→ 10/11/2015


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