CAP / CAB: features benefits evidence and benefits

Features / benefits / evidence as simple as counting 1-2-3
Features / benefits / evidence as simple as counting 1-2-3

The CAP method is an abbreviation of the commercial approach. Show features and benefits for the customer with evidence.

The CAP method is an abbreviation of the commercial approach. Show features and benefits for the customer with evidence.

  • Features: it comes to the features of your product, essentially a technical and factual point of view.
  • Benefits: it is related to the characteristics, results translated into beneficial items
  • Evidence: this is to prove what you have just announced above, to show that the characteristics and the benefits are real and concrete.

This method of selling is probably one of the oldest and is known by all beginners as well sales than the pros. She is supposed to be easy to implement.

The 3 phases of this method

Phase characteristics of the product:

Here, you present your solution, so simple and descriptive, but these elements are not yet enough to seduce your partner


It's the real solutions that brings your solution, and which will improve the life of your prospect. Here, your customer is something that seduced him; your solution meets its needs and its most important issues. Attention need be it solutions to these problems to him, not the General problems.


In this phase, you have the choice. This can go through a demonstration, an innovation filed with a patent, testimonies of references, a consumer label, etc. These last arguments come definitely convince your prospect, which is now ready to pass the Act of purchase.

Variant: The CAB method

The CAB is very similar to the Cape, indeed in this method instead use evidence they dangled the benefits for the customer. Let's not forget that the consumption engine is often solve a problem (that can be created as jealousy) see the sloanisme.

This method works better because present the generic aspects of a product and less persuasive to solve my problem of customer.

"" Taking into account the personality of your interlocutor in the presentation of the solution – answers the question: ' what the solution meets my personal motivation "(method walk) the customer is narcissistic, do not forget it.

There are two categories of benefits to take into account;

  • the measurable benefits
  • the emotional benefits.

Rationals are composed of tangible items that can easily measure or quantify. For example, the Dyson vacuum is designed and tested to last a lifetime.

Emotional dimensions are more difficult to measure because they make appeals to the senses of customers; feel a difference, taste, love and have fun. Things done houses put more on this aspect.

The principle to remember is this. A profit obvious, is the ability of the product to do one thing, only one, in an exceptional way. The rational and emotional benefits provide the same advantage to distinguish an offer to another.

Be careful to not over mix emotional and rational, they tend to make the confused customer, and a confused customer does not buy.

Attention: The benefits of a product / service are not characteristics

We often mix the two. Customers buy benefits, not features. Profits are what customers will receive by doing business with you. They receive joy, an experience gain, to save money, be more efficient… in exchange costs (not necessarily in money), by what it will take them time, will create discomfort, will affect their confidence (risk of being disappointed), or cost money.

Why CAB and not Cape?

Contrary to popular belief, the characteristics are no enthusiasm for the consumer; unless the latter are familiar with the type of product you are selling. The consumer can use the features to compare the product/service to your competitor. The characteristic informs the consumer while the benefit is the element that seduces.

People do not always buy to meet their needs, people buy to satisfy their desires. The one and the other can be a problem.

Example: purchase of a BMW, buying a twingo can also transport you from A to B but drive a BMW ensures a certain prestige (see article

To do so to satisfy their desires as fashion etc or their needs (to build a retirement.

But the desire is better because if you become a fan of something, your desire leads to buy and the price doesn't fit into account (see the end of the video when the guy talking in English)

By imposing the advantages and benefits of the product in your ads, the imagination of the consumer is active. He imagines.

  • It is at the wheel of his new car;
  • the eyes of the people who turn as it passes behind the wheel of his new car;
  • his friends who praise it for its purchase;
  • colleagues who are surprised that he can afford such a car.
  • that will be a woman

The popular imagination associates with the mount (the car) an extension of the human body, I have a big car = I am a powerful man (sexually and in society)

For best results with your ad text, it is best to smooth chain features with benefits, and benefits with the benefits.

Believe it or not, when a consumer makes reading your ad text, the first (unconscious) question that arises is: and then? Your role as a copywriter is to answer this question, using arguments and the CAB method, and this, until the customer yields and shows an interest in your product or service.

The majority of ads created by small business owners have only the features of their products and services, and it's a shame, because in general, this kind of advertising converts very few potential customers into buyers.

The goal of the CAB method is to do the work for the customer. You create links between the features, advantages and benefits for him. Believe me, the latter won't take time to reflect on the advantages and benefits for each of the characteristics that you are presenting.

Theoretical case

It is equipped with a mobile phone with a technology XYZ making it faster. This corresponds to a characteristic of the product.

But everyone is not able to understand the characteristics of this product. This one in particular. Only connoisseurs, experts or specialists will be able to.

A phone equipped with the XYZ technology starts and launches applications much more quickly than if it was not your technology. This corresponds to a benefit brought by the feature.

This, everyone can understand it. Everyone has experienced a phone slow to react. And everyone can imagine in front of a more responsive laptop.

Advantage of the product as it reacts better you miss more certain urgent times and l´instantaneite of the thing for photos by examples.

Demonstration: a benchmark of the speed of phones with or without technology.

Key words

Lists of the features of the products

  • Easier,.
  • again,
  • best,
  • faster,.
  • more reliable,.
  • economic,
  • spacious,.


Lists of the benefits of the products

  • an improvement,
  • the release of a constraint,
  • delete a difficulty,
  • the resolution of a problem,
  • financial (economy, investment)
  • time – performance
  • of physical or mental well-being
  • tranquility of peace
  • credibility, legitimacy
  • Allows the client to be better informed
  • Shopping convenience
  • Peace of mind



List of evidence:

  • guarantees,
  • labels,
  • certifications,
  • performance tests
  • Simulations
  • demonstrations,
  • samples,
  • visit local,
  • list of acquired customers,
  • customer testimonials
  • passage in the journal

Lists of the benefits of the products

  • You will more to do this
  • Impress XYZ
  • dazzle
  • You will be protected



Concrete examples and real cases

Financial broker

Features: Financial broker, selecting the best rates for mounting loan file

Advantages: Avoids the research and legwork resulting in time savings, ease of purchase and peace of mind
Evidence: Records of former customers


Room Service

Features: Room Service with meals at any time

Advantages: Flexibility in arrival time and possibility of meals at any time resulting in a gain of peace, a time saver and a gain of comfort

Evidence: Written one can everywhere (web site, at the entrance)


Waterproof phone

Features: The phone resistant to water

Advantages: We can leave in the rain to the gym with

Evidence: standards where a gain of tranquility


Retirement planning

Features: An Advisor offers products to prepare for retirement

Advantages: You can have a happy retirement

Evidence: Documents, testimonies etc


Modular office space

Features: Interchangeable Office

Benefits: Gain comfort and saving time and more space-saving one

Evidence: Photos – videos, simulations, customer testimonials, office demo showcase


When the method is most effective?

The method is efficient and easy if the customer comes to you with a problem.


I find there is mainly two limitations to this method. The first is the phase d´accroche of the customer because you have to be able to have time explain what some customers want to same not hear

We must know the type of client to give good arguments (see the walk).


An effective method, but one which has as always limits.




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