Sex sells all? Bonus 3 truly amazing test!



You want to play with fire? If a sector such as advertising presents women as hot as the Sun in almost all pubs is that sex it's been walk… Indeed, erotic and pornographic content images have always fascinated human beings. We often condemn them, but we are looking for as well. to hear the people, no one will see naughty sites on the internet yet it is the number one Internet sector since its inception.

This article is part of three questions that I burn, death, humor, sex do sell?

Sex to sell chocolate, why does it work?

Cuisinella sexy naked man

30% of the men who appear in an advertisement are naked in 2012, against 3% 15 years earlier, is that it works. In any case this pub makes me want to move to the pan.


People from marketing, to capture the attention of prospects more effectively and in the shortest time possible for a chance to get a message.  As noted by Joannis and of Barnier in strategy marketing creative advertising, the image is still the most effective weapon for that. The brain reads slower it looks a picture. Also be aware that one pays pubs to the second on TV and the average consumer is rather say, impatient, then you have to be fast and our brain is pre-programmed to find ways quickly. Among Neanderthals, who spotted an enemy / game behind the bushes had a chance to react.

Theorists of neuro-marketing, know us that to be effective, an image must respond the brain to better print. An effective image:

1. reacted emotional areas of the brain.
2. involves the personal, even intimate person (identification, emotion, etc.)
3. reacting the moral sense: and what better way of shock for this?

 Women like that y in every day...
Women like that are every day at the office, finally only if you work at playboy

The image that showcases sexuality, and especially in a context incongruous, even shocking, responds particularly well to this specification. It uses our deep unconscious with the hope for the brands to associate their image on a permanent basis with the notion of desire. That is why we find as many girls naked in modern marketing: 20% of ads would have a direct or indirect distant with sex and sensuality. (2).

“(…) to the human brain, sex and food are the two most important needs, they ensure survival: the individual survival in the short term for food and the survival of the species in the long term for sex. All products linked or bearing symbols of the promises of these basic needs satisfaction are selling more easily."

Sex attracts more than the other things the evidence.






Stars products


According to these same researchers: 'for the human brain, fun and food are two fundamental needs. All products that are y referent sell more easily. » («Neuromarketing in action: talk and sell to the brain ", 2010). These are primary, eating pleasures, Kiss.

Pub-suchard-2013-chocolat_corp female
you see something other than chocolate 2 bubbles, is not it?

Since the 1990s, is thus observed an increasing number and incredible sexual advertisements, turning some times to chic pornography. It is primarily of fashion and fragrance advertising. If it refers to the soncas, looks like this are especially pride products (sexual domination) and associated with the body or need (food).


Neuromarketing has demonstrated long sex and food are the two most important needs, because they ensure survival. Survival of the species and long-term one, individual survival and short-term for the other: "all products linked or bearing symbols of the promises of these basic needs satisfaction are selling more easily." (Source: neuromarketing in action) And advertisers to continue the long tradition of body-desire staged. A psychological and physiological mechanism that would be also visible in large primates!


A U.S. scientific study conducted in 2005 place four adult macaques before computers. By clicking on certain images, they get fruit juice which they are very fond. Only, some images do not allow them to get the famous nectar: "pornographic" images in which are staged from the buttocks of baboons… And guess what? Macaques have preferred to watch these photos, knowing he wouldn't juice fruit in return… The Visual staging of nudity is therefore a sufficiently powerful spring that seems to find its origin in our older ancestors.


Sexual advertising plays our deep impulses


The Triune brain of Mc LeanOn can help respond to sexual images, that they stimulate our deep brain, our reptilian and limbic brain.


The reptilian brain (in this case of a man) responds: woman = reproduction = survival + pleasure


Just make sure that perfume = woman and voila.

If a perfume XYZ is always associated with beautiful women, of that man will feel it it will say reproduction. We are still well conditioned.

One cannot resist

So whether you agree or not, look at pretty girls aguicheuses (or boys) before solar panels, reacted you. But not necessarily consciously. Beer pubs know very well play because it is easy to attract the attention of men with women's bodies and to convey the idea that if they buy the product, they will get the woman. The beers are already inherently associated pleasure (binge drinking, sex), marks in use and abuse them.

Bierre orgy
back of a female nude in the process of.. .a several
It is not a beer but that would have

To sell, use the unconscious!


It is the word of order launched in the 1950s with the development of mass media.  It is also the project of Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Edward Bernays, designer of the "public relation", is convinced to adopt ideas or products by individuals, should be directed to their unconscious and not to their conscience.

His idea is to consume the Americans increasingly diverting their desires, by shorting their impulses.

On the basis of a Freudian theory, Bernays built a strategy of development of capitalism that enables capture, control, channel individual and direct it towards economic investment objects, objects of consumption.

The goal is to take power on the psyche of the individual in order to bring it to an instinctual behavior. This uptake is obviously destructive. It channels the desire towards industrial means and to do this, one is forced to short-circuit the libido energy and its device, because the libidinal energy is produced in a second, this is not a primary energy, primary energies are impulses. This is what brings us animals.,.

Still not want chocolate?

How you do you have beauty.

Now, I want to show you some pictures and we will make a test set. Sorry, I am voluntarily taking women because my hearing is at 70% male.

Test of influence or how I you hacked the brain


Sexy magazine pub, notice the near face of food


Two beautiful girls


A beautiful couple


Two beautiful lesbians who will kiss

Chaumet paris

And now?

emma25620090613133358 - copy

What do you see first?

Que voyez-vous en premier

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...








I put exactly l´image on a teen forum, had 200 responses, and the result is 60% of faces. I say exactly, because there are variants of the image that could influence the statistics.

Variant of the illusion.


Good like I showed you pictures suggestive history to prepare you, it is interesting to see how this can tip the balance to the faces.

The aim therefore show you how there is an association of ideas with sex and show that you are perfectly suggestible. If this is the case, sex has actually captured your attention.

2 test, you have the ideas poorly placed

25% of l´article including all fun tests are reserved for members or participants.





Guess what will make this slut?

slut couch

Attention Hot



You thought for a second see something else than what it really is, no?


A more receptive audience in sex at a certain age, the 3 test


In this drawing we can see that two people are comic, but we can see only one at a time. First some people will see a girl who looks behind her with hair strand. And another will see an older person looking at before it with a white cloth on his head.

Youth conducted a survey about this image, which here are the results. The average age is 16 years.

  • 92.3% of those interviewed saw the young
  • 7.7% of respondents saw the old.

We have also made this survey of people 50 years or more, and here are our results:

  • 66.5% of respondents saw the old.
  • 33.5% of respondents saw the young.

We have therefore concluded adults saw first the elderly, because they are accustomed to rubbing shoulders with older people, while young people see in the first place a person at a close age of their.

The vision of this drawing differs depending on the age of the person looking at the image, but also the mentality of it. If this person feels young or old, the mink will be different.

We know that optical illusions are not perceived in the same way for everyone. To deepen our statement, we did an affin survey to see more precisely these different visions.

So young men are highly receptive to hot images and should see more often the woman's face. It is therefore a young audience who will be receptive to the suggestive pubs since there they find faster images of pretty girls, so these images are more effective to attract.



What works: this is the sexy, not sex

According to a study of 2000 sexy pubs offer 4 characteristics that men and women react differently:

  • they expose the body of mannequins (considered to be physically shaped body),
    -They highlight a behavior, action, verbal or non-verbal,
    -suggest an intimacy between the characters,
    -they are directed by the proximity elements underlined by effects of cameras.


What are the physical characteristics (66%) that attract the most attention, followed by action or behaviour (39%), data related to the context (26%), and the sensation of proximity (15%) (p. 269).

Women react more to the context than men (35% vs. 20%)28% of women are sensitive to the notion of proximity, references to the physical distance or the interaction between the characters versus 6% for men (p. 269).


According to article it is noteworthy that the Visual route on a poster or an ad press between a man and a woman is not the same. Study shows us that a man viewing as a priority the chest or the face of the model then product and beaming. A woman she will look the dummy in its entirety and then the product and beaming.
48% of men find interesting sexy ads, while only 8% of women agree. Nevertheless as can be seen in the images below, the rate of exposure is almost equivalent between a man and a woman, on items such as the slogan or logo.

Then is suggestive advertising the ultimate weapon to sell products? It would seem that, since the same study teaches us that for men or for women, memorization of suggestive ads is less good (10.8%) than conventional advertisements (22.3%).


So if your ad relates to men (as client or buyers), focus on the physical.


Second important point that studies have confirmed, sex does not sell; This is the SEXY that makes us react.


Black opiun
An impression of orgasm can be?

Sex attracts the eye, it is not necessarily an act of purchase engine.

Now we know the sexy attracts the eye more quickly than any other effect, because we are the big primates. So then the question, what does it sell? It is to capture the lead, now see if it transforms it into a client.

Firstly, if sex pubs will notice and it will be remembered is often at the expense of the brand name going in the background, is often not for her it was noted the 'hot' image but there are often note the mannequin, damage.




In fact in the second pub the most people will not even read, yet it's funny. Ditto for the first, but visually it has the coca cola logo and in the pub (at the base it's a video) the sexy man who is too hot drinks with its coca. Coca that is visually directly recognized and associated with, nothing to read, nothing to understand, but it is probably easier to associate the sexy guy = coca only to read the poster.

The sexy prevents even the sale of certain products

2005 American experience reveals the low efficiency of the sexy pubs: Experience: ask several groups of person to look at three types of different TV shows: a show with sex, one with violence, the other type family issue "more cute animals.

Stop emissions several spots of pub. The group who then remembers the best of names and brands which they have seen is the "family program". Less disturbed by the 'sexy' scenes, their mind was opened to other information.

Conclusion of researchers: advertisements associated with television programs of sex or violence are less effective than those associated with family programs.

Personally, I think that in fact the sex show to that people is focused on sex and so there is more room to something else, people want to realize and are focused, they are heated, they now want to move to the pan. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it also wants to say once in this hot phase competitors can do most anything to implement a new pub.

Poll: sex, attractive, but not effective for n matter what

ConGlobe magazine put a finger into something warm.

We asked you the question, you the fans and readers of consoGlobe and your answers were unambiguous. They confirm the studies: the vast majority of you said do not be at all influenced by sexy pubs to sell environmentally friendly products.



My theory:

Reminder of a good approach commercial: attention then sell.

Sex is the 1 but at the expense of the second so. At least if the product has no relationship to gender, because the consumer who will be heated by sex, it will want to have sex. Finding no connection with the brand, it will simply discard the unnecessary, gold in his brain the useful reproduction, not the bio brand, this brand being useless for reproduction. The consumer in his subconscious throws the brand by focusing on the essentials… Sex, and throws the unnecessary, the brand. It is exactly the opposite effect than research brand.

There is also on this survey sex to outright the effect reverses!

Return to the survey.

"Every consumer of media is alert to sex in advertising. Its widespread use and its permanent diversion under our eyes give rise to constant criticism"(7) just check a few verbatim to confirm:

"It is the (good) pub that makes me not buy sex, because sex that show me for sale do not touch me. It must be too clean, smooth, agreed, phoned. And then sex in the pub sells in general only the perfume, ice or coffee, so no it does not make me buy products eco ", Marlene.

  • «Some pubs are well imagined, but this isn't why I will buy the product, even if there is sex ", dirois09»
  • "Me, a sex ad makes me always… . react, because I look, but I don't remember having to buy through it and still less a green product for which I do not really expect a gain in terms of image ", Philippe.




Sex, is good but we are not all receptive similarly test 3.



The perception is distorted adult show "corrupt" will be able to tell us. Indeed, research has shown that children cannot identify the couple, as they have in memory no image agreeing with it. Young children see here 9 dolphins. Do you see them?


So if you try to sell the sexy with products for children, that doesn't quite work, because conveyed image does not exist in the child. Therefore, a relationship between the sex, your product and your target.


  • good example with beer, target the 18-30 years old man who is a hot rabbit
  • bad example denture with a target women + 70 years
The children do not think necessarily the Suspender belt, but the city (Yes, look good, there is a city)



Sex attracts the eye, but if your goal is not to sell, then shock your audience (pub AIDS)

The haunting of advertising is not to be seen. But sometimes the goal is just to attract the eye to cause, it is a pay strategy for sex, but need that your product has a connection to the body.

advertising for branding


Last point, follow the libido or a when sex is most effective.

As you can not physically hit your target, it'll play with his hormones. In fact, see a dancer jiggle at 11 o'clock in the morning is can effective however at night it is a different story. At least in humans.

* Curves details a fortnight click a day for adults, show that this secretion is pulsatile, at the rate of about 5 pulses a few minutes each, per day.



Everything will depend on your target and your product. Indeed, you cannot sell anything to anyone, no matter how and anytime with sex. There are rules.

  • Your product must have a report to the body (food /sexe / sexual power or pride).
  • But in all cases, products that lend themselves, therefore strongly suggest a sexual act without showing explicitly.
  • Men and women react differently:
    What are the physical characteristics (66%) that attract the most attention, followed by action or behaviour (39%), data related to the context (26%), and the sensation of proximity (15%) (p. 269). Women react more to the context than men (35% vs. 20%).
  • Target well, your target must be persons in age to have sex.
  • Differentiate your target / your buyer (women can buy products for their companions.
  • Some hours are more suitable than others for sex.
  • Humor or the unexpected is a possibility

Remember also: sex doesn't sell, by association of ideas, especially if your product is appropriate. If it is not ready it can have a negative effect. With sex, it is especially possible to attract attention.


If your target is young men + your product unattractive to the body = sex is going to be effective, concrete case axis


If your target is young women + your product unattractive to the body = sex is going to be effective, case concrete perfume.

Gucci guilty

Perfume just

If you want to cause to be seen or to your brand image, it is good too, especially if you're on a segment that touches to the body (beauty, clothing…)


following supply

Attention however has not not too sexualizing your product



Indeed the light coca buyers are women, coca to the out coca zero to also have men. The aspect boxing + video games is clearly aimed at men.


If your advertising attractive to the food at the refreshment or that kind of thing works well too, sex schweppes, milk, beer (particular case for the latter, because the product is strongly male)…



Moorish Saint

There however the sex is going to just serve you to draw to a message. Although the message is directly linked to the body.



Due to the restrictive policy of facebook, the last image showing bare breasts Femens has been censured because the facebook account may be closed., however if you clicked on it it will appear.

femens - copy




heaps of pubs,

Le sexe fait-il vendre ?

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