How to stay positive?


Stay positive is a key to success, but I grant you that this is not always easy. Here I will show you many tips to stay positive.

Why are you not positive?

There are lots and lots of reasons not to be positive, look at the most common already

  • a difficult childhood
  • an education that will limit
  • an activity that is not the one you dreamed
  • parents who do everything except understand you
  • miscellaneous losses
  • the disease
  • losing your job
  • poverty
  • a difficult job
  • family troubles
  • do not do this or that thing
  • do not be like x or Y

So what? Even if these things are regrettable, you can always go ahead and keep hope and cause your chance.

Do not get into the role of the victim
We meet necessarily in trouble and difficulties on the way, it's inevitable. But when a barrier is in your way, no need to play the victim, there is only one way to cross, is to cope with aplomb. Well, of course it is easier to say than do. Now when you're at the bottom of the hole, there are a few tricks to stay positive.


With positive people

Our mood and motivation are strongly influenced by the people who gravitate to us. So make sure to be well surrounded. Indeed, your family, your friend and your friends can be a good source. In this case, surround you.

It's not easy to be positive while alone in his corner.
By looking around you, he has no doubt the possibilities to build your interest in projects with other passionate there.
Giving of ourselves, to learn from others, and to participate in this common emulation emerging from collaborative projects is a good way to forge a morale of steel.

If you want to make friends, you make yourself available one way or another to meet people. If you are still in school, you can go sit next to other people. It is not necessary to have many points in common with the people to make friends. In fact, some friendships that bring you the most are the ones you share with people who do not have in common with you, but, if you like a certain subject, try to find a place in relation to this topic. It's a great way to meet people close to you!

Have gratitude for you, and others

Be grateful for what you are, for your life and others, is also a key to stay positive. This can really help you to stay focused on the positive in your social interactions and in your life. People like that one values their acts, so thank them and they will thank you can be!

Be not ungrateful, indeed people attend people who appreciate, so if you want to have many friends thank them for those they do for you.

Read, listen and see things positive, motivating and inspiring

Difficult unfortunately to keep his good mood so to simply inquire via the "traditional" media. Indeed they are fond of drama and cataclysms of the kind. Better then to try to regularly feed of videos, films, and inspiring readings. They do not fail on the Internet giving is worth a look. It is indeed not what is missing on the internet, but do attention even when not you contain. Best still to do several or to engage in a little friendly training as a dance class.

Know encourage others

A good friend always encourages its friends. It will remain by their side in good and bad times. Never make fun of a friend in front of others. If someone makes fun of him, a good friend will come to his rescue.

Stay positive

We necessarily have to experience negative feelings, sometimes without even knowing where they come from and why they are there. But instead of dragging them along, hoping that they disappear by themselves, it is probably better to identify and understand them to chase them. It is also often useful to think of the consequences of its negative thoughts: will they help to solve problems or to the contrary pull you back? Often the negative thoughts will slow down you.

By choosing to think positively, you will come to better control your life, but you will also experience a time more pleasant. Accept the shades of gray in your life. Instead of thinking that there are only two possible solutions (white or black), make a list of all possible outcomes in the middle to see that things are not as desperate as it seems.

Stay positive and talk positive using positive as keywords:

  • Ok
  • I am happy
  • I like
  • I am satisfied
  • succeed

I made you a list of positive keywords on my article

Some words you speak without wanting can easily make you depressed. It has been shown that the use of a positive vocabulary improves mood and behavior.

In general people tend to amplify the negative situations and put into perspective the positives.

The next time you are faced with a problem, small or big, take a step back from the situation. List the positive and negative points. You probably know the history of the glass half empty and half full. Note see the half full of glass, this will help you to start from front. You will see that in any negative situation it is necessarily positive. Draw this positive will allow you to develop it and make it grow, which will bear positive fruit for you.

Take advantage of any small opportunity to rejoice

Nothing better than make the most available to enjoy what we love: friends, his hobbies, and all the pleasant things of everyday life. Find a distraction when your thoughts become too overwhelming.

When you want to stay positive, you do better if you keep something fun to do at hand. Even if you do not want to close my eyes to the truth of what is your life and on the problems that you have, it is also important to find ways to forget them when you can. Try to find something that works for you and do it when you need to escape your negativity. Try, for example, all your phone for several hours and spend time in a hot bath with a good book.

Stop to focus on things that you do not influence

There are many things on which you do not influence like the State of your business, the market of work etc. The better it is d´ignorer these things. Indeed, if you think you're going to get depressed, I say not you need do nothing, but the work is so huge that you hardly have the ability to change things.

4 tips for staying positive


Spend time in Nature, near water and in the water


The energy of Nature, plants and trees is very high, reason why you said that nature "resource". It is now scientifically proven that being close to nature is the stress, and many diseases. Now that we know that any disease is above all 'in the mind' before appearing in the body, and before any energetic (there is a blockage of energy somewhere), we understand why it is vital to spend time in nature and near the water, this will relax.

Light therapy

Light therapy is a psychiatric treatment proposed for depression and insomnia. She is to expose eyes to light intensity and specific light spectrum close to solar light. For this there are many bulbs such as special aquarium or special light therapy. Of more these bulbs spoil less eyes than conventional bulbs and are very comfortable to use


The sport will help you to do many things

Sports results…


  1. An increase in the local endurance
  2. greater durability of the joints, because the ligaments getting stronger and become more elastic, and a strengthening of the bones by an increase in bone mass and thus better prevention of bone loss associated with aging, especially for women.
  3. an increase of the force up to 40%
  4. an increase in the speed up to 20%
  5. an increase in the metabolic rate and therefore better control of his weight by losing fat (decline in the rate of body fat) and winner of the muscle (increase in lean mass)
  6. increased flexibility and coordination
  7. an increase in the pleasure to see

To reduced exercise…


  1. many small diseases including risk problems of back and muscle pains. These risks are greater among people who work hard physically and those who have a job with no physical activity. Trunk curls and exercise to tilt the pelvis forward reduces the frequency of acute attacks.
  2. the risk of obesity. For this, get used to do all his life–regular physical activity of low to medium and long-term
  3. the external manifestations of the mild depression or moderate through the production of endorphins
  4. stress and anxiety

Vary your diet

What is that it's got to do you ask? Food is part of the joys of base and vary her will make you very happy. For example for this article I just eat a well-made split with peas and broccoli super pea puree. A treat. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of living a healthy life. Seriously, if you feel still tired, hungry, fragile, there are chances that you are not very positive! A healthy life involves a good diet. It's hard to stay positive when you lack of sugar and caffeine.


Practice your passions

By practicing your passions, you're going to be happier, as it is necessarily something you want to do. This will relax, make you smile and maybe even make you meet other passionate. Practice your passions will give you the feeling to be part of the universe, to be fully alive.

Take a look at your past and check if you're already, even intermittently, an activity that you enjoy. You can explore your favorite activities and understand how to achieve them so as to make the passions. Here are a few questions you'll need to clarify.

  • What are my goals?
  • What should I do most of the time?
  • What should I try to do?
  • What are my motivations?
  • If I have a choice, what is the thing that I would do for the rest of my life?
  • What are the things I love to do?
  • What would I, even for free?
  • What makes me forget the existence of the world that surrounds me?
  • What is the activity in which I feel completely comfortable?
  • What do I do when I'm feeling good, happy or plugged?

Express his creativity is vital to the well-being of the human being.

Most of the time you don't create, you consume. The example type, this is the video game. In most cases, you are in zero creation when you play. We are all creative. Here is a small list of classic activities:

  • Art (writing, photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, music, movies, kitchen etc…)
  • nature (garden, rides, animals, travel…)
  • causes (animal, environmental, abuse…)
  • DIY (cartons, wood…)
  • social (forums, associations…)
  • Psychology and co. (sociology, ethology…)

Have objectives

Many people, today, do bind never targets. Maybe you spent much of your life without knowing where you're going and not knowing what you should do with your life. You have thus undergone life; It's time gave you more tossed here and there like a boat adrift. You need to take in hand the rudder of your life. When you have set your goals with full knowledge of what you want to do with your lives, you will find your time is more precious than anything.

Every day, we have to make choices. Most often, this is not a problem and little influence the normal course of life. Sometimes, however, a decision likely to upset completely life and hardly reversible consequences. One who has such a decision through a domestic crisis. However if you set goals, you know more easily what are the right decisions to make.

Set some realistic steps to take towards its goal

The sense of accomplishment one feels when one moves in its projects is one of the most powerful that can play on our good mood. It is a good engine for you put forward.
Attention however to the objectives too ambitious and too far, they could have the opposite effect. Better to break your project down into easier steps.
It is best to have the objectives short and medium term and some long terms, because you're going to be better by seeing that your goals are progressing.

Once reached, find new goals

Do you know that many astronauts lived poorly their return from space, especially those who have walked on the moon. Years of intensive training, life-long family upset, stretched out to one goal: complete the mission and return. What glory, on the way back. But after?

But also what depressed after! Next topic, the glory that was long.

What could expect more from life? Walk on the Moon, was it not the craziest dream finally realized? Only those who have set themselves new goals to give a new meaning to their lives were able to overcome this time of depression.

 Train yourself to see beauty everywhere.


When you exit by car or on foot, practice the following year is to «see beauty everywhere» For example, you are driving to leave in the morning to work. Your mission is to see all the beautiful things on your way. The tree at the corner of the street, the mother who holds the hand to her child to cross the road, the little dog who is so happy out with his master, etc, etc. This exercise is really great and will give you a big smile on his lips.

It took me some time to recognize the beauty. I've had for long a consumer and a predator look, I mean that I fly things without actually seeing, that I never lingered on some, only based on their immediate interest in my projects or action in which I was engaged. I didn't see.

This reminds me of Mihaela Noroc is a photographer who comes from Romania, he travelled in 37 countries to illustrate "the diversity of our planet represented through portraits of women. The project is called "the atlas of beauty."

 Laugh and smile.

Watch funny movies, visit funny people, smile. Laughter greatly elevates your mood. We laugh to express our sympathy, our cheerfulness, to defuse a difficult situation, to show that we are not a danger to others.  It is a strong message that sometimes to get out of sticky situations.

We laugh about 12 times more when we are with at least one person when we are alone. It is proof that the laughter to a social role. Scientists who has been working there found that the brain emits anti-stress hormones at the same time when we laugh, but also… When you hear laughing!

Laughter is attractive, indeed people who laugh often are supposed to be in a good mood and therefore healthier. Thus, they become much more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex only one person that makes your head all day.


 Practice free acts of kindness


These free small acts that make all the difference: helping an older person to wear his races, to pick up something, hold a door, make a comforting smile, say a small kind word, etc. All these small acts raise your morale, the person in front (who will certainly do so then to someone else) and therefore that of the world.

Help your friends, it is the best way to tighten up 3 or 4 times d´affiler links, if you withdraw so than a friend needs you, he might consider you as a friend. It is a shame to lose them as well. You may have heard of friends who don't show when everything goes well. It's the kind of friends who rejoice in your presence when everything goes well, but disappear as soon as you need them. To be friends with someone, you must be ready to offer your time and your energy to help a friend. If your friend needs help for an unpleasant thing or if he simply needs a shoulder to cry, answer now. If your friend tells a joke, laugh. Never complain about a friend.

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