You are entitled to a tax refund, unfortunately it is a scam

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Posted: Fri. 29/07/16 06:46


the mail

Directorate-General for public finance object: refundable expenses

Madam, Sir,

Following the analysis carried out by our tax software, we found the following situation:

  • For the current accounting year you have collected a rate of 9.66% instead of 5.5% dedicated to the class to which you belong with respect to the income tax.
  • 9.3% contribution for public broadcasting instead of 1.86%

The difference of payment makes you eligible for a refund of 185.60 euros for the period[Janvier – Juin 2016].

To qualify for this rebate you are invited urgently to complete the form online on our official website by clicking the link below.

Click here to open the form.  disabled suspect link

Once the form is received, a period of 72 hours is required for the payment on your behalf of the wrongly debited sum.

You will see the reference (MFCP) before 185.60 euros payment on your account, (Ministry of finance and public accounts).

No claim will be accepted due to an error or omission on the form, as well as in case of non-response before the deadline.


p class= »ecxMsoNormal »>(processing time is 10 business days).

Why it's a scam

Because taxes do not contact you in July by mail

Except in special cases

There are misspellings

Refundable fee / reimbursable expenses

suspect link

http:// hyper suspect link not sharp

The host has already removed the site, 3 days after.

scam refund taxes 2

Firefox does not at all like the site

tax refund scam


improper vocabulary

dedicated to the class to which you belong: told to the instalment and not to the class because it said marginal tax bracket


you are entitled to a refund to the card: except that we cannot pay with the credit card numbers. We will therefore necessarily take your money.




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