Will you still have a job a few years? These robots may take you.

Since the end of the year 2015, the SNCF experimented with Pepper robots in three stations (Saumur, Sables D'olonne, Nort-sur-Erdre) to inform passengers or to keep entertained them in the event of large waiting.
Since the end of the year 2015, the SNCF experimented with Pepper robots in three stations (Saumur, Sables D'olonne, Nort-sur-Erdre) to inform passengers or to keep entertained them in the event of large waiting.

And after the Director of the Institute for Information Technology at Rice University in Texas, Moshe Vardi, robots can already take the place of humans in certain trades and worse, in just thirty years these could replace humans in almost all trades!

And if we end up like in some movies?

The unemployment figures will be sentenced to increase continuously in the years to come, because according to Moshe Vardi: "we approach when machines can outperform humans in almost all tasks. We have seen with the Pepper robots that some bots could give advice of gastronomy and oenology in Carrefour supermarkets or that a phone shop would operate at 100% with robotic at the Japan employees. Some robots can already comment on football matches, the Dummies are replaced with computer versions at H & M.


These initiatives are still anecdotal today. However they are likely to become the daily life of humanity in a few years and a very large number of trades could quickly disappear. These are the incredible progress made in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning these last 5 years, which have raised fears of a real revolution in robotics.

An example of business to illustrate the replacement by the machine: trader

To assist it in its task, the trader has software that can perform more than 2,000 operations per second… It could also make these operations himself, but much more slowly. Today, the role of the trader is therefore limited to oversee its machines, and has more no part of intuition, as was the case a few years ago…

According to scientist Moshe Vardi, who doesn't disclose its method of calculation, what are the 'middle-class jobs' who will pay the price of technological progress. With a dramatic consequence: an unprecedented increase inequality. The scientist cited as an example China where several companies, like Samsung, develop robots to replace workers of flesh and blood.

 Can you keep up with 50% unemployment?

Millions of jobs are threatened in the world today and Moshe Vardi is concerned about this rapid progress in questioning: "society must focus on this issue as of now because if bots do almost everything that we do as work, what do we do" adding: 'the question is whether the global economy can adapt to an unemployment rate of more than 50% '. It is quite clear that the answer to this question is no, so use as many machines, the amounts of wages to fall, since it will be more cost-effective to have robots instead of a human for a company. Suddenly less than jobs is less consumption, we quickly loop the loop. As said a pattern of business: easy to replace workers by bots, but bots don't buy car. The poor no longer. The risk is also at the speed where machines learn, they will be very quickly more intelligent than us and might no longer want to obey human decisions "stupidly" as in the movie Irobot, matrix, terminator etc

A view shared by Bart Selman, Professor of computer science at Cornell University: "can therefore question the level of intelligence that these robots will be able to reach and if humans do not risk a day of losing control. In seeking to improve the daily lives of humans, we are perhaps at the beginning of a social revolution that could be disastrous for humanity.

It will end may be as the metropolis manga 2001 (I'm sorry, I have not watched the original film, the black and white is hard) where men eventually break thieves working robots (in this eat they yet docile are).


Or if you prefer Trepalium

In the future, in a society where 80% of the population is unemployed, a young woman, Izia, tries to survive. She was born in "the Zone", on the wrong side of the wall which has been developed to separate the Zonards of 20% of the assets of the city.

Over time, tensions have increased between the two territories: a rebellion was born among some unemployed. Activists increasing acts of sabotage and pressure, and the balance between the city and the area weakens. The Government decided to implement the measure of the "jobs Solidaires" to calm the situation: 10,000 people in the Zone will be selected to work in the city.

Even in once upon a time space

Very nice series that almost 30 years

If we are replaced by computers and software, what are we going to make the shot? Work less? Stop working?

Work less. Employment and labour are doomed to disappear. Key questions then arise: how to give people income that is not work-related? How to deal the people? The 19th century philosopher issued the following hypothesis: If the man is replaced by a machine someday, then it should be entitled to half of the gains generated by the machine that has replaced. It is a scheme that we today think. It's called a pension, but if the machine refuses?

Create an AI is perhaps the most important event in human history. But this also could be the last

We remember the words of Stephen Hawking, who had indicated: "succeed in creating an artificial intelligence would be the biggest event in the history of man. But this also could be the last. Elon Musk had indicated on its side: "artificial intelligence is potentially more dangerous than nuclear."

Notice can be shall do us a kind of transhumanism with the machine, after all, one does not lose x millions of years of evolution like that.


many, but I quote http://www.presse-citron.net/les-robots-veulent-deja-vous-piquer-votre-job/


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