Strategor: Any business strategy is the French reference book on the strategy of organizations. This is the reference book you need to own.


What is the STRATEGOR?

Strategor is a book of strategy, it is the best-selling financial strategy work in France. Adopted by students of business schools, the IAE and universities, it is also the best reference for all consultants and most business leaders.

With this new edition of enriched with new cases and especially based on the impact of digital, this book is at the forefront of pedagogy and issues companies. Well written and well structured by 32 authors cash, Strategor also benefits from their academic and professional expertise as teachers, consultants, managers and decision-makers of enterprises.

Strategor, also represents a team of professors in the Department of strategy and policy of the HEC – ISA centre. These professors teach business strategy in front of a large audience of students, managers and executives of companies that tonight French or foreign; the main work of their research pointed out many communications and publications. Experiences in this area grows more grace of multiple interventions of Council in companies and organization of all sectors. These teachers have taught and designed strategy courses and courses of business policy in a large number of management schools well recognized in France and abroad.

This reference book to implemented the newest and most revolutionary developments in strategy and political business and corresponds as well to the various programs of colleges and universities.

Strategor adopts any of a new pedagogical approach. This approach is that the fruit of the richness of the experiences of teachings of a group of authors dedicated primarily to students of business schools, students in management graduate, as well as professionals in the field…

Among the institutions in which they are involved on a regular basis the authors of the book, include the National School of Administration, the National School of the judiciary, the superior school of Commerce in Paris, (CPA) business development center, the Universiteparis-Dauphine, the University of Paris-Nanterre, and CERAM (Nice).

The concept of economic model has been established towards the end of the 1990s, at the time known under the name of "the era of new economy" and the famous companies and internet start-ups. The Anglo-Saxon speak of the phenomenon of Business Model, while the french speak of the business model of income model, activity, or even economic model.   The strategor will explain all these new concepts in a clear and all that changes.

Strategor has for objective to analyze the company from the point of view of the actors in the economic and social life, through all the different strategic decisions that must take leadership, organizational, system control and planning decisions and decisions on culture and identity. To achieve the three objectives of any businesses that are profitable, the constants and growth.

This book is intended to integrate the many facets of the job of leader, Strategor also formalizes the teachings given by the authors with students, executives and business leaders. This work reflects their great experiences acquired over the years and during many missions of research and Council. This 4th edition, completely restructured, includes new chapters, new real cases application such as the case of Vivendi Universal and Swissair, as well as several solving in English.

STRATEGOR, the reference book

Strategor consists of 4 parts and 26 chapters well clear and biendetailles. It is a work of reference in strategy. Strategor, with its 4th edition is the continuity of reference of teachers of HEC (Mercator, Vernimen…) works, the Strategor is really a bible of business strategy. This book includes many tools and theories well explained, sometimes complex, but still very also includes different tools tested in companies. It is a must-read book in case you want to aspire to leadership positions, or if you want to understand the cause of success of some companies and businesses.


In an original and integrated approach, this fourth edition, completely revised and substantially expanded, covers the basics of latest development both in strategy and business policy.

The readers will find through this ouvragetoute a clear analysis and criticism of different fundamental approaches and a presentation summary and recent reflections on the field of management of businesses and organizations.

Strategorn' that is the result of a great diversity of experiences of its competent authors who teach the strategic management. Their research work gave rise to different communications and publications and their experience is more enriched in plusgrace to the various interventions of advice and expertise. The summary of this book is represented below:
1 strategy.
• Environmental analysis and understanding of the competition.
• Evaluate the attractiveness of an area of activity.
• The resources and skills to competitiveness.
• Evaluate the competitive position.
• Competitive advantage.
• Proposal of value and business model.
• Growth strategies and paths of development.
• Globalization and the strategic options.
• Diversification and corporate strategy.
• External growth: mergers acquisitions.
• Strategic alliances.
• Strategy and sustainable development.
• Vivendi Universal enforcement cases.
2 structure.
• Basic elements of a theory of the structure.
• The mono-dimensionnelles structures.
• Multidimensional structures.
• Challenges ahead.
• Organizational change.
• Beyond the contingency.
• Decision.
• Planning.
• Fundamental decision models.
• Decision-making process and strategy management.
3 identity.
• Corporate culture.
• Identity.
• Manage identities.
• Leadership & Strategic management.
• The learning company.
• Case Swissair.
• Thumbnails authors.
4 Glossary Bibliography.
5 index.

Why is STRATEGOR the best-selling book of business strategy in France?

Strategor is both original and complete. Strategor handset theoretical approaches and practices, it also presents the basic concepts, methods and tools of business strategy. Strategor accompanies all the evolutions of the strategy: this fourth edition is well enriched and updated, it addresses so many issues now become major concerns for businesses and corporations. The book focuses on the field of innovation, development issues as well as change management.

Strategor is a reference book, this book presents the basic concepts, methods and tools of business strategy. Combining theoretical approaches and practical advice, this is well a very complete book is intended both to the students in the universities management of large Ecolesfrancaises and etrangeresaussi for consultants and leaders of business and society.

This fourth edition, is a completely revised and full-colour edition, the book addresses new issues become today concerns majeuressurtout for business leaders such as creating value, globalization, outsourcing, service strategies, governance, alliances, sustainable development and social responsibility of the company, etc.

The book is structured around 4 major thematic parts that are the foundations of strategic management, competitive strategies, growth strategies and management, and strategic action. It is for the first time, that we trouvevers the end of the book: a guide full of strategy, well analyzed in details.

The strong points of the STRATEGOR

Strategor presents a reference book in matieredu recent development in strategy and business policy. This 4th edition new points concern especially the Business model and strategic innovation, as innovation is an internal growth engine, a look brand new on strategy and sustainable development for all the parties involved and strategic organizational change management.

Through Strategor, the reader can find all a clear analysis of the basic approaches, as well as a detailed summary of the most innovative thoughts currently on the field of general management of companies, organizations and companies.

Why do you need the strategor?

Honestly talk strategy without having read the strategor it's like talking forming without taste a munster.
Strategor with its fourth edition aims to integrate the many facets of the profession of Manager in a rational way, this work formalizes the teachings given by the authors with students, executives and business leaders.

Strategor reflects their broad experience acquired during many missions of research and Council. Strategor is a book:
It is complete:
Effective alliance of theoretical knowledge, operational methods and real cases of various companies.
  To day:
Focus on innovation and digital via of new examples and business case;
Practice: 40 sheets to use the tools of the strategy, figures to save models, key points to retain the essential.
  Super rich:
Detailed analysis of 72 cases of company and the presentation of 25 great authors of the strategy to consult online on"[Source : 4e de couv.].

With this 7th edition, discover or rediscover the basic concepts, methods and tools for a good business strategy. Examples, cases of enterprise and practical sheets will come perfectly illustrate each issue!

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