Printer, ink, to save more than € 200 per year!


ink not expensive

Who bought this (very friendly) LC1280XL printer, I use a lot of ink and I notice than that very expensive. Indeed a cartridge cost almost € 15 for 8 to 20ml of ink! I found you ways to save a lot of money.

Note that on the photo it has 6 cylinders for €108 postage included free refillable cartridges. You can also buy not expensive ink.





Obviously, real business for manufacturers of printers is not the sale of their machines, but that of consumables: toner and ink cartridges. Their price is often higher than that of printers, and their duration is quite disappointing.

To save power, it is not necessary to give up print. There are several tricks and some utilities that you can use during your day to significantly reduce the invoice of ink and delay the next cooldown or buying new cartridges.

A big mess of ink, the tips of the constructors for you to spend a maximum

Be aware that printers are very consuming of ink, even when it is not in use!

Inkjet printers can spoil the ink when not in use. To test this, we studied the behavior of printers and measured the consumption of ink for several months. The verdict is final: Yes, inkjet printers can spoil the ink. Large scale for some, a little less for others.

All inkjet printer owners felt a day to empty their cartridges without having printed much. Is this really the case and, if so, ink "disappear" at the same rate the four manufacturers of printers (Brother, Canon, Epson and HP)?

Balance sheet: overconsumption of ink on 3 months varies from double (Brother) to more than triple (Canon and Epson) following manufacturers! HP ranks in the Middle, with a ratio of 2.5 times more ink consumed in time. (source the digital).

To avoid ink dry in the nozzles in case of inactivity, the manufacturers have introduced automatic print head cleaning cycles. They provide the following for routing of the ink to the paper are free by rapidly heating and very strong circuits, and by moving ink coming out not on paper, but into a drain Pan provided, that only the maintenance technicians is accessed (we will return after).

The frequency and intensity of these cleaning vary from one constructor to another, depending on the security measures they impose on the one hand, but also the time of inactivity which preceded launched work. During the period, the higher the risk to see will begin a cycle of deep cleaning, and even having to manually initiate others to unclog the clogged nozzles, responsible for irregularities in printing.

Some more will tend to dry than others. It will need to launch more frequent cleaning to prevent that users are too often the pages on which a color is missing.

Indeed the VAS for nozzle plugged is expensive, but redeem cartridges reported money, so the society strongly favours doing empty cartridges. (tell me how you earn money and I say unto you, how you are honest)

Compare the consumption of ink, not between models of different brands, but just between what has been consumed to print the 104 pages at once, click 13 weeks.

If you interested in beginning and end States, this gives:

Ink consumed for 104 pages Brother Canon Epson HP
At 1 time 2.9 g 6.5 g 6.3 g 5.2 g
In 13 weeks 5.8 g 19.5 (12 weeks) 19.8 g 14 g

the test on full article

For the problem of nozzles you can

  •  have a printer nozzles which are on the heads or cartridges (HP): easier access, more easily cleaned, and if it works not the cartridges change corrects the problem of dried ink.
  • use a refill ink made of solvent and run 20 cleanings to sharpen
  • leave standby but you'll consume ink + power supply
  • time and time again your printer, launch a big impression.

Like most people, I leave standby or I turn off, but I'm getting quite.

The second tip, ask reloading well before the end of the cartridge.

As I have a non-sponge cartridge and completely transparent, I can easily see when the cartridge asks to be changed, and there we find ourselves in a trap.

On the mechanical model or chip is slightly different, the mechanical model ink empties really, the model smart it is the computer which considers and determines when the cartridge is empty, that is true or not. In the mechanical model that I own, the ink is considered to be low at 50%!

Builders tips to prevent you from charging.

Plugging the holes in reloading

Some manufacturers simply plugged the holes in reloading, then just drill.

The mechanical limitation cartridge

Some have developed a mechanical limitation in the cartridge with a level. However this level was not really the cartridge ink level. Indeed watching, one realizes very quickly that it remains well 20% ink conservatively.

cartridge empty

The limitation of chip cartridge

More vicious, the cartridge does not charge because a chip indicates that the cartridge and empty and refuses the reloading, when well even the cartridge is full. However, there are some reseteurs or automatic autoresetable cartridges or reset manipulations allowing to bypass the problem.

forcing change cartridge

In the same genus believes the chip, the printer cartridge ink level is low and force change cartridge because it refuses to print. Sometimes the method disconnect lit and then reconnect is sufficient, otherwise must auto resettable cartridges.

the false update

An update from the heart of the printer to eject the generic cartridges, sometimes even that goes too far and the manufacturer does recognize more own cartridges (often older, because in the commercial circuit, the manufacturer has already introduced the news with an internal code). They just do not update or buy cartridges generic fresh.

How to save?

The trick that works every time, compatible cartridge, not expensive cartridge

It is simply a cartridge without a name, much less expensive than the original.

ink-not-expensive 03

We therefore move from 1lot 4 for 1/4 of the prize or equivalent price 16 batches of cartridges.


The second tip, refill with ink, the ink is not expensive, it's great

There are numerous cartons that can recharge, indeed it enough to buy ink. This costs three times nothing.

ink-not-expensive 02 ink-not-expensive

In this image you have 100ml or 4 packages of 20ml for 9.49 XL cartridges-a package for € 76… No comment even including a cartridge auto-reset kit you earn widely. Equivalent you have so for €80 1 package of 4 cartridge or 7 * 4 = 28 packages cartridges for the same price.


On older models it was enough to remove sticky paper that hides the holes and stitch ink directly in.

You can buy directly here ink.


Refill a cartridge with holes without chips, without anything.

Old cartridges are electronically draining in a rough manner, but the software you let go until the last drop of ink and allowed you to reload easily. For reset it was enough when reloading wildly disconnect the printer and on again.

example holes without a bullet cartridge.

Caution: do not take off the label to enlarge the holes in the air intakes to refill cartridges, as you can read on some other websites selling records the cartridge will have a too large debit of ink you'll have 30% print less

HP 57 filling

example cartridge without hole without chip.

To counter that builders have clogged holes.

cartouces-caps-pg540-541 -. locations-des-colors-PG50-51

Drill diameter 3.5 to 4 at 4 locations at the edge of the label see the video on the site

To avoid accidental ink stains, always is put on a surface or an accident with ink little be tolerate (ex. sink) put the gloves provided

3.Sortez cartridges plugs if you have, assembled the syringe and needle, pick the right amount of ink for the cartridge to be completed:

Quantities following inks:

PG-512 8 ml

CL-513: 3 x 3ml per color
CL-512XL 21ml

CL-513XL: 3 x 5ml per color

Insert needle fully into the sponge through the filler hole corresponding inject the right amount of ink corresponding to the cartridge very slowly in the cartridge to allow time for the sponge to be completely impregnated.

If ink appears in the fill hole, remove the needle emptying the syringe, transplant the cartridge plant needle

Wipe the print head with paper towels

IMPORTANT: Do not leave the cartridge rest on absorbent surface (paper towel) it will be emptied by capillary action.

Let it rest 10 minutes (ex. a the printhead glass inside turn down)

For color cartridges: make sure you fill each compartment with color as shown in the picture!

Inject the ink very slowly in each compartment of the cartridge to allow time to be completely impregnated sponge.

If ink overflows through the filling hole, lift the needle leaving three millimeters in the cartridge and vacuum until the ink disappears from the surface of the sponge.

Wipe the print head with paper towels if the cartridge is bleeding little contaminated capillary other colors before starting to fill in another color.

no longer buy original cartridges.

Cartridge a hole or without with chip

There you have then 2 solutions:

Either have an autoresetable cartridge


Either reset the cartridge with instrument

For testing, the autorest cartridge is more convenient, I advise you to have 2 games during the life of the printer.

Another tip the system of continuous ink or continuous ink system.

Practice because the cartridges are all restable auto, sometimes you have to play one can file to close the lid without binding the cables, but the system is very economical and especially application can work.


Another limitation of the manufacturers, the hidden part of the printer.

You should know that it y a chip counting the number of pages printed with a limitation that will prevent the printer to operate. The goal is after the constructor retrieves his machine and resells it in third countries. But in fact your machine still works, there is simply a sponge inside to change and rebuild the internal chip reset, however opening is often sealed. But stores like fnac refuse to do or at exorbitant prices while this is not necessarily justified.

 The software to the limit:,

or an alternative with the WIC Utility (Reset) software are looking for on the internet

Waste Ink Pad + name of your printer

 Translation of the site wasteinkpads

Description of the problem

During a cycle of cleaning of printers, it dissipates ink its nozzles and tubes down a waste pipe in an absorbent pad. The manufacturer of the printer put a counter in your printer that has every page that has already passed through the printer, even the white pages! When the counter reaches a certain number of the printer will be refused to avoid the overflow of ink on the studs.

Because of the different types of printing, the ink waste pads can be full between 40% and 80% until the printer stops working. Normally, the printer displays ink PAD error message:
"Waste pad ink in the printer is saturated"
"Parts inside the printer are at the end of their service life. See the printer documentation "."

Error will remain for approx. 20 prints, then go into "limp" mode, where it is not possible to print anything or access any other function from the menu. The only way to make it possible to work with printer is to use a waste ink pad reset. After the reset, you will need to perform the following operations:

1 – Replace or clean the inkpads
2 – Collect all future excess ink in an external enclosure

use software to reset the chip.

2 How to fix

With our resets, you can have your printer working in a few minutes. Just follow our 3 step guide and your printer will be operational in no time. Simple 3-step process:

Step 1
Locate your printer from the printer selection section and buy the reset for your printer program. Download the file and extract it to a folder on your desktop.

Step 2
Extract the files to a different folder on your desktop. Open the help files and read all instructions.

Step 3
Open the program and use the menu to reset your printer

Thousands of people around the world have used these resets to attach their printers. In a few minutes, you could see your printer that works again! Do not delay – fix your printer today!

After the reset:

After the reset, you can replace the inkpads, washing the ink pads or install a box of used ink.

3 replace the inkpads

New pads cost approximately £30 per manufacturer and platelets are generally very difficult to replace. They are located at the base of the printer and, in general, everything that needs to be removed to reach the electrode.

Ed however on some models would be simply replaced by sponges simply.

Inkpads 3.1 washing

Some printers such as the Artisan or PX / TX-700/800 have a Panel under the printer and buffers are very easy to remove. After the withdrawal; You can wash the pads under plain, the race, clean water (do not use chemicals!) Press excess water and dry with a hair dryer. Result: New Pads!

Most printers have the ink pads at the base and are sometimes very difficult to remove what is a job for a professional. Therefore, most people will install an external enclosure to collect any new waste ink.

3.2 installation of a waste ink box

To the inside of the printer, there is a tube that goes from the print head to the pads at the base of the printer. Instead of the tube to go to the beaches – you take the outer tube of the printer (extend) and insert the tube into a small plastic container. Then you can collect any ink that is expelled. We do not sell boxes of waste ink. Most vendors will provide full installation instructions.

4. what happens when I buy a reset

When you buy a program of zero of this site, you are buying a piece of software that allows your computer to communicate with your printer Ink waste counter (WIC) and resets the counter which is at the origin of the fault condition. The program is downloaded immediately after completing the purchase. The downloaded file will be a ZIP or RAR file. Once you extract the contents of the file, you will have a number of included files. The most important files are detailed instructions. If you open and read them carefully before you begin, it is uncommon to have difficulties to use the program to reset. If you're in a hurry and you decide not to read the instructions that you can well ensure you unnecessary problems.


4.1 WIC Utility (Reset)

The WIC utility is a free download and you pay for a key to use the reset. It is available in the PC and Apple Mac format. Unlike all other reboots sold on this site, the WIC utility can be used only once. Whenever you need to reset the printer, you will need to get another key. However, when a reusable reset becomes available for a particular model – then the reset zero WIC will be withdrawn (for this model) and replaced by a reusable zeroing.
Return to top / go directly to our list of printers full

4.2 reset process

To buy the program to reset please select your printer, make payment and download immediately! When you purchased the reset, you can have your printer working in a few minutes! The download will allow you to reset your printer. If you have any problems, please refer to the complete help files attached for download. If you still have problems please use the function "Contact us" and we will be happy to assist you. Once the printer has been reset please leave comments to help other users. The reset can be used repeatedly. This means that you can reset your printer as many times as you want, even if the printer has not stopped working. Program (to zero) resets a digital counter in a chip inside the printer. So the printer will start working again! You can use the program to reset your printer again, as many times as you want. You don't have to wait as the printer to stop working. You can reset at any time.
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4.3 What are the skills I need

There are not really part of skill required to use these resets. However, we cannot teach you all of the skills to use a computer and therefore you will need basic skills. You know, how:

-Download a file and copy it to your computer
-Unzip or a rar files
-Open, move, copy, rename files or create folders

If you are unable to make these basic things about your computer; then the reset is not suitable for you, unless you have someone who can help you with these tasks. Please read and follow all instructions included in the download and help files. Most people have no problem with resetting. When they have problems, it is usually a user error and was covered in the help files. If you still have a problem, please let us know, stating:

-Windows version
-The exact error message
-The measures taken before the error

Note: Some companies do not want you to reset your printer. As a result, they have sought to (falsely) reported files reset as virus / Trojan (a bit like the prohibition to change windows on some acer pc or it is in the bios can't install linux or another windows! In this case, you may need (temporarily) deactivate your software / antispyware antivirus use these resets.

Attention: buy only these resets with a reputable provider! There are many free resets made by close companies manufacturers of printers that are infected with the virus and Trojans to deter / prevent people to reset their printers!

Before starting the reset procedure, please count the files in your folder and see if you have the same number as in the original compressed file. If a file is missing; Please replace the original compressed file. (Antivirus or antispyware programs could remove a single file – leaving the unusable reset.)

To learn more, a story about obsolescence programmed, that officially does not exist

This documentary, ready to throw (0:53) diffused on Arte, dates back to the sources of the consumer society and the origin of the concept of programmed obsolescence that is the cause of the life, voluntarily limited products that we buy.

Soon, producers have understood that a product that does not wear is a tragedy for the business. Switched to mass production in the late 1950s, the automotive industry, the household appliances, design and clothing have become more accessible, "symbolizing" freedom and happiness through consumption without limits.

Note the first sentences: "in a society based on growth, if it n ' y no growth, it's dramatic".  How to have infinite growth in a world of finite resources?
The Firehouse of Livermore in California, a light bulb shines for more than 110 years. In the 1920s, a global cartel of producers of bulbs thus shortened voluntarily life electric bulbs to increase consumer demand. The Phoebus cartel penalized even members whose products exceeded 1,500 hours of operation. A decade of trial against Phoebus forced him to lift the restrictions on the life of the bulbs.
Even though the patent of the wear-resistant filament had been tabled, this eternal bulb has never been produced.

In 1940, the first nylon stockings were not, but today, the life expectancy, for example, computer printers, is programmed to force the user to buy a new one.
Barcelona, Marcos has refused throw his blocked printer and buy a new one. Thanks to the internet, he contacted a Russian offering software allowing to bypass blocking programmed these facilities after a given number of impressions.

Away from consumerism and the influence of marketing, an inhabitant of Accra, capital of Ghana, complains about all this waste sent to him and that his country is not produced before a mountain of old computers arriving regularly by containers of rich countries.
At the expense of their health, a myriad of children Burns plastic carcasses to recover metals sold for scrap.

This documentary is to consume without moderation, however, because excessive consumption and waste concerns us all. The planned obsolescence is a direct effect of capitalism, in a society where economic growth depends on overconsumption, which worked is that the majority of abused consumers that we are, think that it is normal that a product does not last long.

Why do we also change too often computer?

The answer is simple: year after year, new versions of software require more resources (memory, processor, disk space, graphics card, etc.) to perform the same tasks. Because of this phenomenon of obesiciel and digital fat that characterizes, we calculated that the power needed to write a text doubles every 2 or 3 years! Indeed using an old version of firefox b 22, 06 and something and well-maintained Windows my pc is faster than the last born and more stable! (5 years of seniority however)

Imagine that every 2 years your car consumes 2 times more fuel to travel the same number of kilometres! Imagine that a recent car consumes 5 times more fuel than 10 years ago. Unthinkable? It's that software vendors impose on individuals and companies for a decade. Demonstration.




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