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Mailorama is a service offering the possibility to type reductions and refunds at our merchant partners special offers to its community. It is the 1st community of cash-tray with 2 M members and over 1500 merchants


Mailorama description

Mailorama is a comprehensive site that offers different services to earn money. For example one of the way to win money on mailorama, it is to win by receiving mails. But there are many other activities that you can really save a lot money. It is a real Swiss army knife…


How to earn money on mailorama?

There are several ways to earn money on mailorama

Read emails

It is the initial activity of the mailorama service. Since then, they have engaged in other services to earn more: you can now earn by receiving SMS but surta when you make purchases on the internet.


The CashBack now has an important place on Mailorama. It is now the main way to earn money.

Buy from your favorite merchants present in our directory CashBack and tap up to 45% of the amount of your order directly to your account Mailorama.

It is what the cashback? :

The term cash back, often written as a single word cashback, means "cash back". Today it refers to discounts online at merchants partners through affiliation. This discount is applied after the purchase, with a refund to the consumer, usually on an account online on the cashback site. This phenomenon tends more and more to develop through the explosion of e-commerce.

This notion was introduced in the 1970s in the United States. The cashback was initially a system that allows some bank payment cards holders to receive late December a percentage (generally 1 or 2%) of the whole of the settled amounts throughout the year.

The cashback then made its appearance at the end of the 1990s on the Internet. He then refers to a system of discount on online purchases. The Member of the community of buyers of the cashback site makes shopping on a site merchant partner and automatically receive a discount. On the Internet is based on a compensation of the cashback site that is considered to be business provider: paid a commission that he agreed to 'share' with the cyber-buyer. It is therefore a retrocession a posteriori, more often proportional to the amount of purchases.

Today, there are ethical cashback which works on the same principle but reverse all or part of this compensation to one or more associations.

Any Internet user can benefit from the cashback, registering on a website offering this service. There are dozens now in France, each with their specificities and their partnerships. Each site cashback has its list of merchants, and its discount percentages.

Once registered, the user selected the merchant where he wishes to make his purchases and follows the proposed link, which will put a cookie, in order to trace the purchase of the user (and therefore validate the cashback later) after validation of the purchase by the merchant, the user will receive a portion of the Bill on his virtual account. The affected amount depends on the conditions of purchase and the merchant, but is typically a few percent of the order excluding tax.

For merchants (e-commerce sites), the sharing of remuneration allows them to increase transactions on their sites, while attracting new buyers. It is a new source of acquisition as well as sponsored links or the comparators.


Mailorama pays you a percentage of your purchases. Simply access the Merchant (via one of the e-mails or on the CashBack directory), choose your products, to pay for your order by credit card all corresponding to your account Mailorama mail address. The gain assigned when this purchase will be credited to your account after having definitely been validated and paid by the merchant. (Period of 7 to 90 days)
In case of return of product or refund, the CashBack will be paid by the partners.

The level of your winnings depends on compensation offered by merchants and your activity (frequent purchases, daily opening paid emails, inscriptions…).
Example CashBack:
-HT purchase of €500 on, Mailorama reverse you €50 cashback ( offers on average 10% CashBack)
-HT purchase of €300 on Mistergooddeal, Mailorama reverse you € 15 cashback (Mistergooddeal offers an average 5% CashBack)
-HT purchase of €50 on Yves rock, Mailorama reverse you €5 Cashback (Yves Rocher offers on average 10% CashBack)



You now also have the opportunity to earn money by participating in games and surveys.

The gain is attributed at a registration to a game, a newsletter, a catalog request, for information… via a mail or directly from the CashBack directory. Compensation is active that when the form is validated and paid by the merchant site concerned (between 5 and 90 days). The email address must be the same as that used on your account Mailorama.



There are also paid surveys, just to answer the question and we cash.

promo code

Finally, on the site, in addition to the Cashback, you have access to thousands of discount codes. You don't win by money in itself, but it is always good to take.

Other information


Mailorama already allowed members to earn more than 20 million euros… What is a guarantee of reliability even when… The site is about 8 years old in 2015 seems to me.


You can sponsor and you get the winnings on a level only. You earn 50 cents per active referral.

Refer your friends and earn 10% of their Cashback earnings for life + €5 bonus at the front desk of their first request for payment.

address: DALENYS MARKETING LLC, sis 55 Street Raspail, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.


The test and my opinion:

You can register for services if you live in France or in the DOM TOM, in Switzerland, to the Canada or Belgium.
The Switzerland, the Canada and the Belgium can only use the CashBack service.
Payment requests are possible from €20. They must be made between the 1 and the 7th of every month via your membership by clicking on the link "payments management" (piggy bank shaped pig).

You can request your payment by cheque, bank transfer, Paypal or gift certificate.

The first payment is required by cheque.

For reasons of safety, at your request for payment, an e-mail is sent to you in order to validate your request.

  • Payment by cheque, sent directly to the mailing address provided on your account.
  • Payment by bank transfer (France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland)

Payments are made within 30 days after the request.

For Canada, the balance must reach the €40 because there are transfer fees to be deducted.

Only one registration as a user of services Mailorama is allowed per person physical and mailing address.

If you wish to register for free to Mailorama services, follow the following link: and let you guide, it is well done and simple. Make sure that your browser accepts cookies. Well there is many things and the site is intuitive, you will not have to look very far to find your happy.

I find very nice mailorama site, simple to use even on a phone, earning money by doing her shopping is really great and the paid email system is simple, in minutes per day you earn a bit (really a can) money! anyway I'm glad to have discovered this site and I talk to all my friends.

mailorama 01

However careful the cashback only works in specific conditions otherwise your cookie may be put down one another seller that it will not do to cash back

Log Mailorama account (or sign up if you are not yet Member Mailorama)
-Did the merchant where you want to place an order.
-Click on the logo or on the "Access to the merchant site" link to the right of the selected merchant. You are directly on the merchant's website.
-Once on the merchant's website, choose your products. By placing your order, enter your email address on the website of our partners. (Sign up with the same email address that you used on your account Mailorama.)
-You must pay for your order by credit card only.
-After the completion of your purchase, wait until the validation of the payment page is fully charged. If a link back to the home of the merchant appears, click and wait the full loading of the partner site.

Caution: Do not use a comparator of price during the procedure, or promo code (received by mail or paper or on a promo codes site), no search engine or any other Web site. Check that your computer accept cookies.


No fees

The use of Mailorama is completely free and is designed to save you money. You have no fee, monthly or yearly, to resolve, and no account opening fees.

An interesting cashback

On average earn you 10% on most goods, it is friendly, and the choice is rather wide level marks: cultura, m6 boutique, toner, celio, 3 suisses, philips, HP, adidas, Baker…

A platform for several things

Like reading mails etc is not very profitable, it takes a long large (€20 by reading e-mails, it is) amount to remove his money, but thankfully as the platform several strings to its bow, it's much better.

The blog

The blog is friendly, many topics with tests

The possibility to note a purchase

And yes there is a community and therefore it is practical having notice of many people.

The disadvantages

Lire paid emails no return, surveys Ditto



They did not become number 1 of the cashback for nothing, it is really well done, simple, and the prices are friendly. I use this site and you?

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