What is cashback?


The cashback is a whole system allowing to repay a portion of the purchases on the net.

Initially, the cashback applied only to some bank cards. Holders of these cards received a sum in function deleurs purchases.

Currently, and in the 1990s, the cashback is on the canvas.

You can touch a commission proportional to shopping on Internet.
Cashback sites are considered as sources of case and receive commissions which they repay you a part sometimes on the part of the merchants.

To qualify for the cashback, it is necessary to register for a specific platform of cashback.
These platform in France, include: Mailorama, Ebuyclub Cashstore, Fabuleos, Myeden, webducoeur to fund charities. Registration is totally free.

He must then go to proposed merchant sites directory and click on the links to access.

You can then make purchases. And within a period of 30 days, the cashback site adds a percentage of the amount spent.

DNS case you are a fan of shopping online, it is best to go through this system that costs absolutely nothing and that can earn you a little bit.

You should know that touching a little money, to otherwise spend a lot. This cashback system worth especially for big purchases such as a computer, a TV, or household appliances…

However this should never stop from doing a price comparison before making any purchase.

It's better to be registered surdifferentes platforms in order to have access to a large number of merchants.

The cashback is calculated on the basis of a total VAT and shipping of an order after deduction or discount granted.


Is – this really benefit?

It is important to note that if you use discount codes, commissions are sometimes supposed to not work because it works in principle that with codes offered on the cashback site, however there are few. In this case it is necessary whether the way the best cashback or code reduction.

Benefits of the Cashback

The cashback is the fact of receiving money or rewards after making purchases on the internet.

There are many distributors who offer this service. These distributors offer several awards in order to reach generate traffic on their sites. The sites then decide to devote yourself, who are at the origin of the purchase, a part of the amount received. Mathematically, we can say that the site has traffic, more rewards and are best cashbackseront.

The cashback has different benefits, these benefits include:
• Do not talk small savings because a few cents or a few euros in recovered, these pennies are added together to give at the end a small amount you can invest.
• Cashback neprend than 30 seconds more than for a conventional site access, it is the time to open some and look for your commercial site.
• Lecashback is a benefit in itself or even more. Should not refrain from ordering an object because there is no cashback on the merchant site, and should not order more just because ' there's a cashback on the site.

Disadvantages of the Cashback

The cashback also has disadvantages, these disadvantages include:
• Most stores do offer cashback as Intersport for example. Of other sitesconsacrent of cashbacks only on specific categories, such as Amazon. Categories cashback from these sites change every month.
• There may be, sometimes, for one reason or another, causing bugs the not addressed cashback. These bugs require to contact the site by joining the purchase order. Disputes are resolved very quickly, that make wasting time from 5 to 10 minutes of writing.
• Toolbars of cashback can identify if the site has a cashback automatically on the net or not. Although they soientpratiques and that their facilities you little rapportentune sum, these toolbars are not recommended.

The pros and cons of sponsorship

The sponsorship system is a pyramid scheme that is adored by most of the cashback sites.
The sponsorship system allows to earn money when you refer someone, and that this person makes a first purchase through the site as well as a percentage of its cashback for life benefits in turn (so called a percentage of a few cents or a few euros). The sponsorship system does allow the sponsor to know what you bought or what site you made the purchase.

Take advantage now

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What are the available with the Cashback rewards?

Cash: the cashest usually reward the most widespread of the cashback because this award is both simple and satisfactory for most consumers. With the cash you can get get a percentage of the amount paid on the site and therefore what we atteignele threshold, which is about €20, we get paid by cheque.

Loyalty points: with this recompenseil just have to accumulate a certain number of points whenever you buy something on the net. The number of loyalty points is essentially depends on the nature of the purchase. Once accumulated, it is possible to convert loyalty points earned in cash or gifts.

Reward: You can get rewards under different formestel than vouchers or gifts when you make a purchase online. The amount of rewards depends essentially on the number of times where you made a purchase on the internet.

What is e?

Igraal (not "Igrall" or "Igral") is one of the cashback sites, Igraal can get discounts in the form of commission following a purchase on the Internet.

Specifically, Igraal brings customers to partner websites who pay a reward to the cashback when finished ordering portal. And some share this commission with the initiator of the purchase.

Unlike a conventional discount code, commission is paid after a transaction. It is possible to get cashback on all purchases effectueset not only during an initial order.

Totally free deIgraalest cashback portal, it requires no subscription or payment of any kind.

Igraal is a site of cashback with the greatest reputation in France. This service allows customers to recover a portion of the amount corresponding to each purchase made on the internet
Igraal is a French start-up created in France in 2006. Turnover continues to grow in a way exponentielleavec 3300% growth between 2007 and 2011, which earned him the 7th place in the Deloitte Fast 50 2012.Igraal ranking is also present on the German market.

With € 200,000 of capital and a leading position in France, the strong start-up has already generated 200 000 purchases 2500 dealers for a total of 10 M€.

Igraal toolbar launched in 2011 for Firefox and Chrome has much facilitate the day-to-day management of the use of this service of cashback by members. Currently it is more necessary to go to the website of Igraalavant to make a purchase so that the cashback is taken into account by the site.

Igraal, this historic actor of the cash-back in France, shows in 2011 revenues importantsdel' order of 6 million euros with a growth rate of 50 percent a year for a turnover of 150 million euros generated in its 2 500 merchant partners.

Igraal, which operates since November 2011, is the 10 million euros of turnover in 2012. With its 920 000 members, iGraal adds have experienced a month of December 2011 particularly active, with 200 000 purchases generating 20 million euros of turnover.

"2011A bienmarque cashback in France and us growth helps to develop serenely our marketplace dedicated to purchases everywhere in France", says Christian Goaziou, founding president of e.

For now this platform is active in 11 foreign cities. According to some, its marketplace has a rate of renewal of 80% of traders. "It has generated, since its launch in November, 180,000 euros from deals to 500 merchants", says the founding president of e.
2013 has been marquel' appearance of the first application mobile cashback in France of e, which accentuates its reputation with a very simple application to use.

The number of e-tailers partners is among the highest in the sector, and the case where you want to buy on the Internet from a merchant who is not a partner of e will be rare.

With this cashback site it is possible to withdraw his winnings from € 20 credited to his account, by Paypal or bank transfer.

Igraal is a very serious and quite competitive at the level of rates, with a very effective customer service… in short, N ° 1 site cashback sites.

How it works with e?

Grail is a system of cashback that only it can be used for all purchases on the Net. For those who want to know what is a cashback with Igraal.Cela system works in three steps:
We buy a product or service through iGraal

It is in this case refunded part of this online purchase in its Kitty
Once it has accumulated €20 in the Kitty we can then request a payment of the sum of money on the bank account or personal paypal account.

A large number of partner stores

Before, some had a number of partner shops on the internet about 6 times higher than that of Mailorama.fr which is another well known site and competitor of cashbackpour purchases.

However, this gap has been reduced with the increase number of partner stores. Mailorama and iGraal, leveled off both at about 1400 merchants on the internet in their directories.

IGraal partner stores include many well-known signs: 3Suisses (France and Belgium), Apple, Carrefour, FNAC.com, GrosBill, Guess, Marionnaud, MisterGoodDeal… etc…), also many shops less known but also worth a little attention.

How to get permanent reductions with e?

In order to take advantage of the many discounts via I-Grail, simply just create an account on the site and select a partner site that is likely to interest for purchases. Then, once the store needs was found, the site redirects you to the shop in question: once your order is completed, some will detect automatically and you will pay the commission expected.

You should know that some account is credited with 3 euros from an inscription.


How and when can you touch the commissions?

The commissions are cumulative then paid as a first step on the balance e. This balance is available at any time via the site.

However it is necessary to be patient because the commissions can sometimes stay pending validation for a period of several days or even a few weeks before be confirmed definitively.

This time may seem excessive but the partner site will never pay reduction in the case where the customer requests for example a refund of the product just a few days after the purchase date (if the product is defective).

Once orders are "valid" status, you can cash them. To do this, the cumulative commissions reach at least € 20 and in this case it is then able to request payment by bank transfer or via PayPal e-wallets. It is also possible to withdraw money by check the payment threshold is set at 30 euros.

The toolbar Igraal to automate your reductions

Pass each time by the site Igraal to order on the internet may seem tedious and in the long run may forget to go through the cashback site. In order to simplify the task, it is possible to download a toolbar that can be installed on the web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, this discreet toolbar allows you never miss any reduction.

The toolbar is activated automatically after the installation of this software and whenever you visit a merchant site, the bar activates automatically if this portal in question is partner of e.

In addition, the toolbar says the current amount of the cashback. Simply right click on the toolbar to be sure to receive the discount.

Install this application gives access to some account in 1 click, which is handy to track the evolution of online shopping. However, it should be noted that we recoit1 € and more of €3 to the entry on the Igraalune time the bar tools installed for the first time
Through this toolbar handy and very advantageous, e becomes a necessity to make purchases on the Internet. Although the amounts of the commissions are sometimes weak, it is preferable to dealing this service both simple and free.

Should not also forget that it is often possible to combine a cashback and a good potential of reduction provided by I-Grail or another site. For example on the Priceminister website, it is possible to enjoy on the same purchase cashback (between 5 and 10%) and a promo code on Priceminister of 7 or 8 euros.

Concerning payments, it is always paid on time and no commission ever we were denied until now. You must also know that it is possible to sponsor knowledge and therefore have €3 per active referral and 10 percent of their earnings in cashback!

Igraal sponsorship service, however, is not perfect. Validation deadlines are sometimes long sometimes that the Igraal toolbar detects more systematically a compatible e-commerce site.

In this case, it is necessary to remove and re – install the toolbar.

Igraal tips

There are many flash deals offered by IGraal site with different partners on one whereby the Cashback can increase and even double a few times, these offressont of kinds of Happy hoursvalidees by the partnership between the two sites. Feel free to watch the Newsletter of e in the mail box.

When doing online races on one of the partner sites, to click on the small grey button "display bargains". It is not uncommon for the cashback site to gift in these "bargains" with combined promotional codes on the site (for example an order on "The Body Shop" in addition to the 6% cash back, IGraal gives in its bargains a code for the free shipping and large format shower gel.

It is also necessary to sponsor the most possible! Find a sponsor for registration is really worth, it is also possible to sharethe referral in order to find referrals. Indeed, if someone becomes a Godson, we're able to reach € 3 as soon as this person realize just its first purchase in partnership with e and we're able to reach 10% of the Cashback for life.

When we reached the sum of € 20 on e with all Cashback account, it will be possible to request a bank transfer retraitpar and we get alorscette money directly to the bank account.

Test and reviews for Igraal

Many of us probably fell on this site of cashback by the largest of the hazards because they don't know that it really exists, you may hesitate before making a registration and we wondered where was the trap, because it's true, it's too easy after all: they repaid us part of our purchases in cash, it was all too good to be true…

Then, after conducting a survey, it can be seen that this site had good reports and in this case we're going through this cashback site.

Cashback sites are considered as sources of case and receive commissions which they repay you a part sometimes on the part of the merchants.

To qualify for the cashback, it is necessary to register for a specific platform of cashback.
If we are able to follow the footsteps of steps when doing shopping, there is no problem, we'll never have a cashback denied except when using a promotional code that is not given in the "bargains".

It is a system quite serious, clear, net, done well, everyone is there. DNS case you are a fan of shopping online, it is best to go through this system that costs absolutely nothing and that can earn you a little bit.
The positives and the negatives of Igraal
The positives

  • We refund us part of our purchases.
  • They have 1674 sites merchants partners…
  • Customer service is very quick, polite and efficient.

The negatives

  • IGraal bar turns off every time, so be careful to don't forget to activate it between each site or even between two pages for the same purchase.




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