Government at Bay, what does do?


capital control

I just see a few laws that are beginning to scare me. Especially while the country doesn't already have d´emplois. More j´ai l´impression let me tax so that I don't ask to work. In short I fear a possible worsening if the country does not reach s´enfonce and growth in debt. It would be the case if events evolved according to the following steps:

After article detailing how ends the crises of the ruined here States:

This is how it is currently

Step 1. The financial health of the country is clearly in trouble


In this step, it is clear that, even according to the country's own statistics, he is in serious trouble. The State also made reforms on the way to the statistics because the statistics, you can make them say what l´on wants! And especially what arrangements the Government… However, the masses are still distracted by their screens (TV,…) that their say everything's okay. In France, this situation occurs for a long time.

Step 2. Control of capital

Before you create a panic when d´une attack capital, it is ideal to focus targets in one place, preferably there where they cannot s´echapper. To lock a country's wealth and prevent it from leaving the enclosure, the State application to declare your wealth held abroad. It also limits l´argent that can escape too easily by imposing a capital controls (liquid payments, withdrawals, etc…) under blanket of terrorism or other threats of the kind. L´Etat then buries the other means of transfer d´argent and begins to make laws in case or as the ability to convert l´argent or to l´argent in savers.

Typical L´exemple that I just read:


in france

A new law was released in September 2015: maximum withdrawal of 1,000 euros to the Distributor

The maximum amount of withdrawals in ATMs going from 3,000 to 1,000 euros as early as Tuesday. This measure seeks to combat fraud, money-laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Purchases of precious metals and small goods of great value as l´or, jewelry, etc. are controlled.

In addition it is the death of the cheque:

A measure included in the tree (28/09/2016) Bill, which aims to give the authorities the power to put pressure on yields on the funds in euros, or even freeze the payments and redemptions crisis.

In france the HCSF could take measures even more radical "in order to preserve the stability of the financial system or prevent risks a grave and serious threat", on proposal of the Governor of the Bank of France. If the institution considers financial stability threatened, it may limit temporarily (like the crds) during 6 months, renewable payments, withdrawals and arbitrations carried out on life insurance contracts, which could therefore be completely frozen. And then? the Government can it collect in the accounts? Not yet


In europe

in Greece

"The Greeks will not withdraw the money lying in their trunk to the Bank as long as the restrictions on the movement of capital will be in place" said Nadia Valavani Department of Greek Finances to a local television and including Reuters is echoed.

Article has not received much attention when it was published in the section "Obligations" of Reuters, which is not the most popular and most importantly a Sunday afternoon. (…)

The only reason that explains why money liquid chests is also subject to the control of capital, measures taken in consultation between the Government and banks, is explained by the fact that these entities reserve the right to confiscate the contents of these chests in case of worsening of the crisis.

Small-scale war being conducted against cash and gold appears to be intensifying. Governments are likely to take steps to prevent savers and investors to withdraw their money from the Bank to put in trunk. This decision is perhaps this goal in sight.

That banks hire safes are very practical to keep a small amount of metal. However, as the Greek case shows, the practicality and accessibility in a safe box at your bank branch easy theory may prove to be an illusion: the Government and the banks can take ownership of its contents in a simple signature. In short you know how it works and how it ends.


Step 3. Large confiscations of wealth


The huge amount of government spending, coupled with the fact that it has no desire policy to make significant reductions, means that inflation and taxes are some.

Through a veritable mountain of rules, laws and regulations, the Government can control every penny you earn. Once the Government is certain that it n no d´echappatoire, tax it.

These taxes are very varied and begin immediately after the control of capital to prevent the flight of wealth. The tax creation is limitless. The simplest action is to devalue its currency (impossible in Europe) paper or to implement the restrictive measures on precious metals. Taxes, fees d´entree, tax to preserve what is to you etc…

The Government is l´argent there where there, c´est to say in others or in crates. The assets of the retirement savings become converted in so-called Government bonds, "safe", then qu´en more no lender wants to assign something. The good of the nation I tell you! L´Etat can draw in savers.

As a booster shot to show that I said no nonsense, one can mention for example

the situation of l´argentine:

The year 2001 marks the break-up of the argentine banking crisis. When government Cavallo Announces, at the end of the year, that it will not achieve the budgetary objectives of the IMF, confidence collapses suddenly. The first drastic measure that affects savers is called the "corralito", which limits the withdrawals from current accounts. This decision causes massive demonstrations that forced the Government to resign.

Devaluation, "pesification" and blocking of the accounts: new Government takes drastic action. In the early days of 2002, the Argentine peso is devalued. To guard against the negative consequences of such a decision, the Government takes two measures shocks which penalize savers. «Corralón» freezes current accounts into part of liquid assets in good terms, which are not available immediately. As for the "pesification" it converts dollars in peso denominated assets… While its value continues to fall against the greenback.

See also my article through l´histoire

or in Europe currently

The information is passed discreetly. From 1 January 2016, the client accounts of more than 100,000 euros of deposits may be taken to contribute to the rescue of their bank, according to a European directive transposed to the France this summer.


Step 4. Control wages and prices, exchanges


Government takes control of d´entree flow and output, exchanges, wages, etc.

Step 5. Control of populations


Another way in the Toolbox of a desperate Government is the restriction of movement of citizens. This is particularly true for citizens who have accumulated wealth. Indeed as a good country has a problem of migrants coming in as a bad country of migrants who leave.

Step 6. L´opinion and media control


When all else fails, history has shown a tendency to start conflicts to strengthen blind nationalism and distract the population of their failures. Control guaranteed everything.

Step 7


Possible war or for example alternatives attention to make the article true economic recovery can't be possible.

Step 8. Renaissance


The wars have failed. It is a fertile ground for severe civil unrest, revolution, and the potential emergence of a strong man or a change of leaders…

How to escape them?


Hard to do, you can still try to put your money elsewhere both as legal c´est, but at the end d´un time l´etat will change the rules and describe what you do tax d´evasion. Otherwise here is a few sites foreigners d´investissement.

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