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Banque casino

For example want to fund your future personal vehicle to go to work? Provide work for the new baby? Finance training or other projects that hold you Dear? You are well placed to know this qu´il need you, then I find you solutions.

Broken rate to-50%
A credit you committed and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before commit you.
of funding of € 9,000 to the fixed APR of 2.6% (1) (either a fixed borrowing rate of 2,569%). Repayment in 12 monthly instalments of € 760,48. Total amount due by the borrower: 9 125,74€ (2) excluding optional insurance. Monthly cost of optional insurance: € 13.50 per month in addition to the monthly payment (3). Without fee. The annual rate of insurance is 3.41%. The total amount due to the title insurance is € 162.

Banque Casino

Broken rate up to 50%



Enjoy rates barres for your 1st project 2016! For example, for the financing of your work, for € 13 000 used, you pay € 203 73 months in the fixed APR of 4.44% instead of 7.40%, or a 40% discount *.

Prefer the solution 100% Bank, 100% connected

You can object free of charge to the use, for purposes of prospecting, personal data you have provided to us. To do this, please send us your opposition by mail to Service consumer bank Casino – 36 street of Messines – 59686 Lille Cedex 9.

* Percentage of discount on the standard rate in force on the 01/01/2016, on the same loan, the same amount and duration. Offer valid until 18/01/2016 and capable of evolution.
(1) the APR offer fixed 2.6% to request a personal loan (excluding projects various) all projects for a duration of 12 months, from € to €12 999 9,000, portion of amount valid to 01/01/2016 and capable of evolution.
(2) subject to acceptance of the dossier by Banque Casino and after expiry of the legal period of withdrawal. Subject to normal functioning of your account.
(3) or 0.15% of the borrowed capital per month for both deaths, loss total and Irreversible of autonomy (partial), temporary Interruption of work (ITT). Contract subscribed by Bank Casino with SERENIS life and SERENIS ASSURANCES SA. Businesses governed by the Insurance Code.

Banque Casino – SA au capital de €23 470 000 – SIREN 434 130 423 RCS Paris. Registered office: 6 avenue of Provence – 75009 Paris. Company subject to the control of the authority of prudential and Resolution, (Capra) 61, rue Taitbout, 75436 Paris cedex 09. ORIAS ( No.: 07 028 160.

Quality Fevad Charter

Why borrow?


Made loans to raise the annual amount of your salary, for example via car or train you.

To take advantage of lever l´effet

In fact if your yield is higher than the rate of the loan it may be interesting d´emprunter

To make sure

Loans are often backed death insurance

You are well placed to know this qu´il you need, then find solutions for you.

Personal loan bank Casino, funding tailor-made:

You want to buy a new car? Provide work or decorate your home? Plan a trip or finance other projects that hold you Dear?

Whatever the nature of your project, Banque Casino can help you finance it through his personal credit.

Banque Casino is to accompany you before, at the time of the subscription but also and above all, during the lifetime of your credit.

Finance your projects between € 3 000 and € 50,000 with the personal loan bank Casino:

Thanks to Banque Casino personal loan you can borrow € 3 000 to € 50,000 over a period from 12 to 84 months. Personal loan allows you to benefit from a fixed rate for the duration of your refund and choose the monthly payment tailored to your budget. Banque Casino offers you depending on the duration and the amount of your project, a competitive rate between 2.60% and 12.90%.

Simulate your credit

Whether you need an auto loan to buy a new car or used, a motorcycle loan, a loan work / deco to redevelop your interior or just need cash for any other project, the personal loan bank Casino adapts to your needs and your budget.

Bank Casino help you to concretize your projects by offering a personal loans at attractive rates adjusted to your needs.

Alternatively, you can perform a simulation of personal loan online depending on your project, your budget and the duration of repayment you want.


Borrower insurance: insurance for your personal loan:

Bank Casino offers optional insurance for your personal loan, the borrower insurance, allowing you to protect you and your loved ones in case of accident, temporary interruption of work, disability or death. Bank Casino supports all of the balance of your credit or your monthly payment.


Your peace of mind is assured. Contingency:

  • Up to 12 consecutive monthly taken support 100%.
  • No waiting for death period.
  • Possible accession until age 70 on mere declaration of good health.


 You choose between 3 forms of appropriate cover:

-Formula 1: Death, loss of autonomy (partial), incapacity for work (ITT) and guarantees job loss (PE)

-Option 2: Guarantees death, loss of autonomy (partial), incapacity for work (ITT)

-Option 3: Guarantees death, loss of autonomy (partial)

See the complete notice of insurance


Your request for personal credit in 3 steps:

Perform a simulation online to choose the personal loan tailored to your needs and your projects. The result of your simulation match your expectations? Continue your request for personal credit online in a few clicks and without commitment for a study of your faster file. Then get a first immediate response in principle.

1. Simulate your loan:

Set your project by choosing the amount and the duration or the monthly payment of your personal loan repayment.

2. Complete the credit application form:

Complete the online subscription form by filling in your details, your situation, your budget and your insurance. You get a first immediate response in principle.

3. Follow the study of your folder and perform your project:

Send your personal credit completed, dated and signed and supporting documentation requested. Our advisors will contact you quickly to give you a definitive answer to your personal loan application.

The benefits of the loan bank Casino:

Flexibility of repayment:

At the time of your subscription, you can make a request to begin to repay your monthly payment 1 month after the release of the funds.

A flexible monthly payment:

You have difficulty managing your budget or on the contrary you want to accelerate your repayments? Modulate your bills on the rise as downward by contacting your advisor Bank Casino. Your loan fits the situation changes occurring in your life.

No fees:

You do not need input and you pay only your monthly payment!

Personalised support

Advisors are at your disposal and will accompany you in your personal projects. We also put at your disposal guides and a credit simulation tool.

Save time with electronic signature 100% eco – 100% reliable!

It's simple and fast

The electronic signature or so-called "dematerialized" allows you to sign your application for loan available online. Bank Casino is the first bank to offer this unique service to its customers.

You are downloading your proofs online and you electronically sign the contract. It is a simple and fast to finalize your folder without moving and way, to get your loan faster.

100% eco – 100% reliable

Not printing paper, not sending mail, this solution by signing your contract is reliable and good for the planet!

Go to the electronic signature and make a difference!


A loan for each project!

"Car financing with credit auto" title = 'Discover credit auto'

Auto loan

Your family is growing and you need to buy a more spacious car? Your vehicle would need to be replaced? Our loan Auto is for you.



Loan work / Deco

You want to make renovations, finance your pool, set up a room for the arrival of a baby? You dream of change and imagine a new decor?


Motorcycle loan

Are you passionate about motorcycle or scooter and you want to offer the two wheels of your dreams? Bank Casino helps you finance your motorcycle purchase project, whether for a new motorcycle or used up to 7 years! Thanks to the Bank Casino.vous motorcycle loan you offer the bike you want!

Various loan

You want to go on a trip to family? Financing your wedding? You have found the bike of your dreams?

The various loan is


title = "Discover the camper Banque Casino loan"

Loan camper

You want to go on holiday in freedom in travelling the road behind the wheel of a motorhome? You dream to multiply the small escape weekends? Enjoy the motorhome loan.

cheap credit Bank casino

An example to better understand:

For a total amount of credit to refundable consumption of € 9,000 in 12 monthly payments of € 759,68, Apr fixed-2.40% (1) and the fixed borrowing rate of 2.374%. Total amount due by the borrower € 9 116.17 excluding optional insurance (2).

(3) optional insurance: option Medium (covering for the death, loss total and Irreversible of autonomy and the temporary Interruption of work) the cost will be € 13.50 per month in addition to the monthly payment, or 0.15% of the funding per month. The annual rate of insurance is 3.406%. The total amount due to the title insurance is € 162.


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Offers the fixed APR of 3.8% valid to request a loan of 8000€ to €9 999, over a duration of 42 to 48 months. Slices of amount valid until 02/02/2016 and capable of evolution.
The APR offer fixed 2.4% to request a loan of € to €11 999 9,000 over a period of 12 months. Slices of amount valid until 21/03/2016 and capable of evolution.

(1) personal loan, subject to acceptance of the dossier by Banque Casino and after expiry of the legal period of withdrawal.

(2) representative example indicated on the basis of a first deadline 30 days after the date of the funding.

(3) either 0.15% of the capital borrowed per month options death, loss total and Irreversible of autonomy (partial) and temporary total work incapacity (ITT). Contract subscribed by Bank Casino with SERENIS life and SERENIS ASSURANCES SA, businesses governed by the Insurance Code.

(4) offer valid for a personal loan for a period exceeding 60 months insured to guarantee death, partial and incapacity for work at 0.15% per month of the amount financed. The refund will be made upon written request to Banque Casino, at the end of the repayment of the last deadline due in respect of the loan. The refund is limited to the amount corresponding to past due payments in respect of insurance borrower beyond 60 first deadlines. It will be paid on condition that the loan has been repaid in its entirety (principal and interest) and according to the originally agreed duration. The borrower will lose his right to the title of this offer disaster being supported by the insurer upon payment of the final deadline. For people of less than 66 years. From 66 years, accidental death only.

Conditions in force at 19/01/2016 and revisable.

Bank Casino – SA with capital of € 23 470 000 – SIREN 434 130 423 RCS Paris – head office: 6 avenue of Provence – 75009 Paris. Establishment subject to the control of the authority of control prudential and Resolution (ACPR) 61 rue Taitbout 75436 Paris Cedex 09 and recorded in the ORIAS ( under the number: 07 028 160.


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