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Making money is the major concern of people who wish to improve their budget or be more comfortable financially. It is quite possible to make money online but perhaps not as you imagine. I won't offer you to casino or lottery, or recipes miracles, but the sites that allow to supplement his income. Small cumulative sums which may well help to slightly increase revenues. There is no such thing as easy money but earning small gains in a year, about a month, this is not so time-consuming and long term you will actually earn money!

You are college student, high school student, teacher, researcher, facilitator, or just curious? You must write a presentation? You must prepare a course? You are looking for an internship and you want to know more about a particular topic? Looking for a speaker for an animation? You just cultivate you?

The resources you need already exist. Each year, thousands of theses are written. They always begin with an introduction detailed and teaching one of the exciting subjects you want to discover or deepen. However, it is difficult to find!

Looking for media to write documents, the website ENCYCLODOCS covers several disciplines and offers complete documents. This portal also allows exchanges of documents between students and professors.

And if your course notes were not used to make you spend the year?

Now, there are web sites that offer to pay you to make available to your academic work. As a student meticulous, you took notes throughout the year. Or so you have copied those of Anne-Elise, but this is another story. As a student hard so you've accumulated thousands of pages of notes or records that your teacher flew a glance wave before grant you a 4.

This dossier, you worked for weeks on it and tell yourself that it won't get you never nothing. Don't panic, web 2.0 has thought of you. Your job might find a second life… lucrative!

If you have documents that you have written such as presentations, essays, reports from workshops, reports, courses or any other writings you can hope to make a little money by entrusting them to websites specializing in the resale of such documents.

These reports, dissertations and others may indeed be useful to high school students, students or anyone looking for documentation, and who are willing to pay for access.

These sites work in general on the same model: they offer authors to entrust them with their documents in exchange of remuneration which can be fixed sometimes or often varies depending on the number of sales.

To be able to offer documents open an account, uploder sound or its files so that they are reviewed and possibly valid.

It remains then to wait sales happen to collect your winnings (in the form of PayPal transfer or check depending on the sites)

Be sure to provide all the documents in your possession at the various sites to increase your chances.

What is Encyclodocs?

Encyclodocs is a community platform download and publication of documents intended for students, professionals and individuals. Your own research can find an outlet: instead of letting them sleep in a drawer, sell them!

Your documents are sold world-wide and for each sale you touch commissions, information mail you are sent in your e-mail box and your winnings you can retrieve them via paypal, moneybookers or cheque.


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Description of the service "Encyclodocs.com"

"Encyclodocs.com" is a service intended to provide users of the work done by professionals, students, teachers or other persons having the jurisdiction.

This service is available only on the Internet. It is up to users to buy equipment needed to connect to Internet unless this equipment is the responsibility of the service.

It is same for equipment in software capable of reading the materials provided by the "Encyclodocs.com" service. These software are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, or any other software capable of reading the same files that the software mentioned above. For some documents, software specific and non-mentioned above may be necessary, it is the responsibility of the purchaser of the document to verify the file type and so the software required to read.

The "Encyclodocs.com" service is committed to make available the file type of the document to the user prior to its purchase.

Here is a good method for making money, sites offer to sell your presentations, your memories, your courses, analyses, articles on topics you master… And any other document that you wrote.

These documents are bought by companies or individuals, to be downloaded or viewed directly on the site that pays you. At each visit, with every purchase of your document, you receive a greater or lesser commission according to the quality of your document.

Each paid documents site offers its own services, the commissions generated by sales are highly variable.

Tip: We do not have all of the presentations, courses, presentations… for sale, and we are not necessarily all good at writing or a specific theme. To remedy this you can turn to texts in the public domain.

The documents proposed prices range from € 1.80 to € 7.20 because will is accessible financially content to the largest number. The price is set by the moderator based on the quality of the document.

How does it work with Encyclodocs?

If you are a student; Professor or have writing skills, this site will interest you. Encyclodocs allows you to publish your documents or files and be compensated for their download, you earn 50% on each download.

This site allows you to edit content relating to the following skill areas: animals, Arts, automotive, during cooking, law, economy, Education, business, geography history, computer, Garden, letters, literature, psychology, quality, science, Sport, and sale.

Registration is free. Authors are paid in the form of royalties up to 50% on sales of their documents. The sponsorship system allows authors to increase their winnings. The site is a real good plan to increase her monthly income. The documents are listed in a multitude of categories to facilitate research. Do not hesitate to offer us your documents either: courses, briefs, thematic files, letters, models of contracts, in disciplines such as: law, quality, art, automotive, pets, science, history, geography, society, food, business, economics, marketing, management, human resources,… the list is not exhaustive.

All documents are set up to be immediately usable and easily downloadable by the best-known software in the market.

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Tips for selling its documents on the web

It is very simple to sell its documents on the internet. Sites offer redeem them with different kinds of incentive, either save money direct to the filing of the document, or save any money, but an incentive to all sales that this document will be generated. In 2 cases, the opportunity to supplement its income is real. If the document becomes very popular and sought-after, the potential gains are large.

Make money online by filing documents! And Yes like what the wealth of knowledge is a good thing…

This can be interesting to a teacher, a student who has a memory, an employee who has knowledge about a sharp subject, or if you have special skills with your experience.

It's a good way to monetize his knowledge and skills. How can also earn money online through its culture.

Example of documents deposited on the site:

  • A form of vehicle loan
  • Letter type of commercial partnership proposal
  • Essay
  • A memory of psychology
  • A course on health law
  • Letter type of redevelopment of real estate loan

It is very important that the documents you post on these sites are the result of your own work.

Absolutely avoid to publish the documents of another person because you can be charged with infringement of the copyright of others.
Furthermore, to increase your chances of earning more income, please publish a lot of documents.

It is best to register on sites that have a large number of buyers. Your documents should also be relevant and understandable by all to attract more buyers.

Why choose Encyclodocs?

Encyclodocs.com is a platform for download and publication of documents which includes readers, writers and advertisers. Encyclodocs.com allows you to earn money by publishing your documents for free. Ideal for all, students, professionals, individuals, the Encyclodocs.com site has quick access to the categories of documents. Real time saver for your work and research. The authors are paid up to 50% on the download of their documents and permanently retain the intellectual property of their documents. Encyclodocs.com is also an original marketing for advertisers support that allows them to conduct highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Encyclodocs.com is an Internet portal community accessible to all offering quality documents. Encyclodocs.com differs by proposed files and the extent of the areas addressed, by paying the authors of the material on the site.

In the current context of economic gloom:

  • Fall in investments as the booklet has.
  • The lack of confidence in banks,
  • The decline in purchasing power…

Never a real opportunity to realize additional regular income without risk or financial investment attracted as much.

The site Encyclodocs.com offers to sign up for free and offer your documents. Whenever one of your documents is downloaded, you get compensation.

It is possible to earn money by publishing your personal documents. Whether memories, reading cards, essays, record, record…

All documents that could represent a value for someone wanting to buy it.

A great site for students who regularly publish themes, essays. Or conversely, if you need to ask, you can buy ready-made documents.

The advantage is that you can sell the same document several times. Encyclodocs will also keep your copyright. Which is not the case with other similar platform.

Concept of risk-free and open to all the site allows additional income by working at their own pace and at home.

Whether you are a student, professional or retired this site is for you!

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But there are still rules to follow

Of course, your texts must respect intellectual property. It is not question of plagiarizing a book, a website, or even mix various internet pages. In the same way for the students classes; If they were placed on a computer document by the teacher, they are under its intellectual property. So, it is not conceivable to place on the internet, and still less or receive income. On the other hand, a course that was done orally may be offered if you rewrite it in your own way, and asking permission to the teacher for more courtesy.

You must type the texts of documents by the rules of syntax and spelling. It must be remembered that these documents will be purchased by other users who require, and who are entitled to quality documents, easy to read and without errors.

Payment at Encyclodocs

When you surf the internet looking for deals of all kinds that can allow you to earn money you fall often on a large number of scams, many offers allowing you to earn very little money and only a few real offers work at home serious and qualities. Documents paid platforms are part of these offers that can help you build a good extra income every month by working only a few hours a day.

Encyclodocs is a site that will most affect students. You get paid to publish documents. The principle is to file documents in french or foreign languages, memories, all kinds of texts which can be interested, help other people who will pay for them. You can receive 0.50 to 3 euros depending on the text.

Important rights are preserved. You will get back your winnings of 10 euros.

The choice of the price of the document is set by the moderation team and depends on the quality of its content. On Encyclodocs payment methods are PayPal, Bank Cheques and bank transfer. Indeed, you will find that it is now possible to get paid directly into his bank account by bank transfer. As soon as the amount of your winnings is equal to or greater than €10, a transfer is automatically made the 15th of the following month.

Commitments to users

Make the most of the documents for which you worked, sell them on the internet! Whether your reading cards, presentations, your classes, your memories, your essays about various fields (mathematics, economics, philosophy, law, history…) you will certainly find people interested in your work.

Users who offer documents are committed to hold the rights.

"Encyclodocs.com" service shall in no case be prosecuted in case of disputes relating to copyright on a document published on the "Encyclodocs.com" service where the user would not have respected this rule.

Users undertake to offer any objectionable content in General (racist, xenophobic, harming the image of a natural or legal person…).

Users acknowledge that only the on sales of documents provided by the "Encyclodocs.com" service statistics faith. In case of complaint, another check will be done and faith through the statistics provided by our providers of payments (PayPal and Optelo).

Users acknowledge the right to the service "Encyclodocs.com" to refuse or remove any material at its sole discretion.

Users agree to not transmit documents without real content.

Users acknowledge the right to the service "Encyclodocs.com" to provide personal information to third parties unless the user has refused this right when registering or later in his personal space.

Users agree on the fact that within a period of 24 months, an account remained below the threshold of minimum regulations set by the "Encyclodocs.com" service is automatically closed.

Users undertake to assume their full legal responsibility in case of dispute with a third party relative to a lack of acceptance of these present terms of use.

Users acknowledge the right to the service "Encyclodocs.com" to suspend the provision of the service at its sole discretion and without that it may incur liability.

Users acknowledge that all materials on the service "Encyclodocs.com" are protected by copyright and that their purchase on the service "Encyclodocs.com" does not confer them any patrimonial or extra-patrimonial rights on these documents.


In so-called alternative income generation, the sale of your students, professional documents… may refer a few hundred euros on a regular basis if you have a lot of content to offer.

The Internet has become a boon for all those who want to supplement their income by working at home. An idea for making money on the internet is to sell your documents. The tips below can help.

Now, thanks to your essays, presentations, reading your cards, your memories, your classes, etc. You can increase your income on the Net. Whether you are pupils, students, teachers or researchers, you can submit your documents to specialized sites. Indeed, some sites for editing documents online offer you many opportunities.

The "Encyclodocs.com" service users can sponsor referrals in the following conditions:

  • The sponsor will receive compensation if one of the documents of the Godson was sold.
  • Only the first sale of the Godson gives rise to compensation of the godfather.
  • In any case, a single account Godson can generate several remuneration of sponsorship.
  • In case of successful sponsorship, the sponsor account is automatically credited the fixed amount.
  • The sponsor has a unique sponsorship provided by the "Encyclodocs.com" service code that it can freely communicate to others on his blog, its forum, its site.
  • The sponsor has a unique HTML code provided by the service "Encyclodocs.com"

The "Encyclodocs.com" service provided to sponsors their sponsorship tracking tools.

  • The auto-parrainage is forbidden.


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