Divorce, up to 70% of losses

Divorce woman takes half

The divorce at a price find out why divorces are almost all ruined.


In France, every day they are 334 divorces that are pronounced either 121849 divorces per year (2013). In 3 out of 4 cases, the applicant for divorce is the woman.

Decreases the number of divorces over the years, but its indicator increases: for 100 marriages in 2004, 39.2 couples divorcing. In 2013, for 100 marriages, 46.2 couples divorcing. That's almost 1 / 2! However in recent years the number of divorces has decreased. But you know that the consequences of divorce are strongly under influence and which are the causes and the consequences almost too classic?

Why the divorce?

Did you know that studies had fun to know the main causes of divorce? I book you here the results.

  1. Infidelity: in 33% of cases once saw the life expectancy of a marriage is spanked on up to 20 or 30 years. In addition there was temptation to consume the opposite sex. And if you do not know the temptations, you stay faithful. A reason that seems justified, and which is part of the reasons for failure of married couples or not.
  2.  Selfishness: in 22% of cases, one of the spouses can no longer withstand the selfishness of his partner and feels not enough help and support to want to continue the story. That is a very good reason to pay attention to each other and take some time for him or her.
  3.  The character: 14% of respondents explained that they discover new traits of personality after the wedding at their spouse, this is normal after darkness of love. Lazy, messy, angry or a lack of hygiene.
  4.  Intrusive behaviour: in 14% of cases, the other proves to be much less charming than expected and is often too intrusive or too jealous. Abusive behaviour which quickly against the couple and cause fractures, often complicated.
  5.  Not the same goals in life: Unfortunately for 14% of the interviewees, many divorces are caused by different desires for the future. Child, buying a house in the campaign, joint account or simply adopting a dog.
  6.  Incompatibility: 13% of those surveyed realize after the wedding that finally they are not compatible with their spouse.
  7.  Money and work: in 12% of cases, these are financial or career problems causing the divorce. The loss of employment, unemployment or debt are reasons that make easily derail a union. Fortunately we're here to help.
  8.  The in-laws: for 11% of the respondents, are the in-laws, who are the main cause of divorce. Too present, too critical and too burdensome, the in-laws are a classic fight in the couple. The solution? Keep them at a safe distance to blow.
  9. Too early marriage: in 9% of cases, the marriage took place while the (or the) Mary was too young.
  10. Political orientation: 8% of respondents explained that the political ideas of their partner was the cause of the divorce. A detail for some, but which sometimes counts more than you think.

We can distinguish the causes by gender:

And yes some reasons are more one sex to the other, know know to protect your couple.


  1. More love to 39.7%.
  2. The deception to 36.6%. She finds her place between the lack of love in the couple or a narcissistic reinsurance. For women, it's more a highlighting of the desire to be revaluated in a look new;
  3. Lie and lack of confidence to 29.3%;
  4. Ongoing disputes over 29.1%;
  5. More than enough romance (21.1%).

For information the sex would come in 10th place after the lack of ambition, the desire to play solo, distance… (Source Cosmopolitan)

For men

  1. Not ready for a relationship (15%). Reason referred even after several years of union;
  2. No longer accepts to move to the second plan (12%);
  3. Poor hygiene (10%);
  4. Too many arguments (the man loves his calm and do not have to be justified as a Yes or a no);
  5. Lack of libido (10%).

For information, the 10th pattern is an excessive hair growth (!) after the lack of punctuality, the love of another woman, a partner that embraces evil and a lack of future transit (Source Agency Meeting British)


Why lack money training fewer divorces:

Economic crisis, many are those who prefer to wait for better days, because divorce is expensive. Thus, in 2013, the number of divorces fell by more than 6% from 2010 (source: Department of Justice).

The compensatory allowance is an obstacle to marriage, but also to the divorce as the fear of having to make a division of property of the spouses. There is also the dependence on his partner, because employment in has become too unstable and a single partner can no longer live on his salary as who says divorce said declining performance said dismissal.


Nowadays it is estimated that during one divorce you lose about 70% of his money.

There are several reasons for this:

  • First a divorce does lose the economies of scale, indeed if an apartment is heated for example to 20degre, there are one or two residents inside does not change the total cost of the Bill, but the cost per resident change;
  • Attorney will take a part. When comes the time accounts and repairs, divorce often leads to endless legal battles. Organization of insolvency, bank account emptied, concealment of income, etc. Love turned into war without faith or law. Stories abound on the internet so that j´evite d´en talk;
  • the IRS will take a part indeed the payment of the born of divorce has tax implications that need to be taken into account, because they are sometimes far from negligible. Then, a married couple form a single household. To separate, it's separate tax households, so pay more taxes;
  • you have to buy many items. To separate, is also paying a second home, or even a second vehicle, with all costs like insurance;
  • the contribution to the maintenance and education of children or child support is the amount of money paid monthly by the most fortunate parent spouse with whom the children reside. It is intended to cover the needs of the children. There is an indicative scale of determination of child support, accessible on the site internet www.service-public.fr;
  • the compensatory allowance is intended to offset the disparity that divorce creates in the lives of the former spouses and there however it has no scales. Often the spouse tend to make any what.
  • the Division of property of the spouses is also a lot of conflict, especially property in joint ownership.


Even if a divorce is to cherone, it will still cost to partners. However, the price is very different depending on your marital regime, learn here what this means.


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