You make purchases online, and you increase your buying power! That's what offers cashback system. If this way to save money has been slow to settle in France, he now has the wind in its sails.

A bit of history!

This notion was introduced in the 1970s in the United States. The cashback was initially a system that allows some bank payment cards holders to receive late December a percentage (generally 1 or 2%) of the whole of the settled amounts throughout the year.

The cashback then made its appearance at the end of the 1990s on the Internet. He then refers to a system of discount on online purchases. The Member of the community of buyers of the cashback site makes shopping on a site merchant partner and automatically receive a discount.

On the Internet is based on a compensation of the cashback site that is considered to be business provider: paid a commission that he agreed to "share" with the online shopper.

It is therefore a post-project retrocession, often proportional to the amount of purchases.

Today, there are ethical cashback which works on the same principle but reverse all or part of this compensation to one or more associations.

What is Cashback?

The cashback is quite simple to understand in broad terms but it can sometimes be questions, either on the concept of the cashback, or much more operational issues related to the functioning of the.

The cashback word comes from English, 'cash' money and 'back', return or return. The cashback is a cash back.

He is to recover a part of the amount of money just to spend. When I do my shopping in a supermarket, I earn a few cents on my loyalty card: it's the principle of the cash back.

Initially, this system was applied to some bank cards. Their holders received a sum based on purchases made.

Today, and since the end of the 1990s, the cashback is on the canvas.

You then earn a commission proportional to shopping on Internet.

In short the cashback sites are considered sources of case and receive commissions which they lend you a part on the part of the merchants.

The cashback, how does it work?

You must register on a specific platform of cashback.

Next, go to the directory of the proposed commercial sites and click on the links to the different signs.

You can now make purchases. And in the next 30 days, the cashback site adds you a percentage of the amount spent.

Finally, once your prize pool reaches a certain amount, you have the possibility to request the payment of this sum (see terms of each site).


How to choose its cashback site?

To be really successful, it is better to take into account some essential criteria.

  • The number of merchants: it is obvious that you should opt for the cashback platform that offers merchants more, because you have more chance to find your happiness.
  • The commission: on the one hand the sites do not offer the same percentage of commission so ask before you register. The rate oscillates between 1 and 30% on average according to the products. On the other hand some sites charge an annual fee on your winnings, others directly défalquent their commission on your purchases. Therefore, it is important to read these conditions in order to estimate your total gain.
  • The terms of retrocession: check well from which amount minimum cashback site can pay you the amounts granted. Please read also the frequency of payment and the method of payment (bank transfer, cheque, PayPal).
  • User reviews: read reviews, forums of users of these platforms to help you make your choice. They are often the best guides.

Top cashback sites

There are several in France: Mailorama, Ebuyclub Cashstore, Fabuleos, Myeden, webducoeur (to fund charitable associations)… Registration is free, one per household.


Beruby sharing with its members profits generated by purchases. 1/3 height is reverse to the Member that actually the most profitable at the present time. This site is published in English, french.

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Cashbackgeneration is now an offer of repayment of a portion of your purchases at more than 1500 partners including Amazon, Fnac,, Booking, Voyages –, La Redoute, Canal +, SFR, etc. Thus, we cover about three-quarters of the e-commerce in France.

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CashandCo sends customers to the merchant partners. They pay us a commission if the purchase was made. CashandCo share this commission with them. This perfectly legal system allows you to buy even cheaper on the net.



Cashinfo is the first platform of valuation of personal data. Cashinfo offers to recover the value of your shopping, your social activity and your data. Make your purchases and add value to its merchant partners and tap the cash directly into your account.

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The CashBackeBuyClub is free and can be combined with the balances. The CashBack is calculated on the amount excluding tax and shipping of your order.

An example to better understand: 3 Suisses offers a CashBack of 4% on eBuyClub. You buy a dress at € 100 on 3 Suisses. Passing through the CashBackeBuyClub, you earn €4 in your Kitty.

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collect the benefits! We select the best deals for you and more purchases are paid. Go to our loyalty program and receive points on your purchases from our partners. You then redeem them for gifts or money. The biggest merchants trust us: Cdiscount, street trade, Amazon, Fnac, on page, Opodo, Dell, watercolor, the dreads, Marcopoly?
The main shortcoming of Edengo is a proposed that compensation through its gift shop, and Yes, not of cash!
However you can start with a bonus of 500 points (5 euros).

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Igraal is a cashback site, that is to say that it allows you to get discounts in the form of commission following a purchase on the Internet. Specifically, Igraal brings customers to sites merchant partners who pay a reward to the cashback when finished ordering portal. And some share this commission with the initiator of the purchase, IE YOU!

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the famous site of paid mails offers to receive € 0.01 to € 0.02 per mail. The first payment must be made mandatory by cheque.

This multi-remunerateur site offers on average 5 every day for standard members for an average profit of €0.01.

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Moolineo is a site of money totally free and only reserved for the french. After registration, Moolineo offers to receive paid emails. To do this, simply open advertising e-mails received in its box, or directly from the interface of the website.

This platform allows to quickly supplement his income by accumulating money to each e-mail. In addition to the paid emails, players have the ability to access several methods to make money: the video lottery, contests and raffles.

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Poulpeo is a discount online site that allows you to be reimbursed for a portion of your purchases! At Poulpeo, only good surprises and no cost hidden.

Partner shops pay us a commission that gentlemen offer you best refunds from the market.

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The disadvantages of the cashback

Everything is rosy in the world of the cashback, using it for several years now I have particularly found the following difficulties:

  • Amount: some sites grant 20%, others barely 1 or 2% sometimes… combined purchases of a few euros, the gain is tiny
  • Push to purchase: making a good deal pushes you to buy more and probably things you need medium… so be careful to use it wisely and not to give good conscience!
  • Time: it takes between one and two months between your order and the time or the amount is credited to your account
  • Threshold: intermediaries require you to reach a threshold before you can withdraw your money, usually around €20
  • Bugs: sometimes not see valid cashback while it should have been, you have no way to check it before buying it will be taken into account!

Whatever it is, the cashback is a tool to make savings, and that works pretty well: recover a few % of your purchases for one year may save hundreds of dollars in the end if you use it properly and not to give good conscience!

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