How to change insults / trolls in positive feedback through this list and never receive spam on wordpress


Victor hugo even God annoyed by him insultes-avec-classe-de-personnages-historiques


As you already know, this blog to a tendency to insult on topics such as beonpush, club card 10 traffic etc I don't speak of course even negative constructive comments, but insults, which prompts me to make even more articles on these topics.

How automatically reject almost all of spam comments in a blog without a single false-positive and even turn them into positive comments? All without having to what people register on the site to comment on?


Spam filtering is a problem faced by many bloggers. Indeed, each filtering technology means false-positives and false-negatives. False positives are markings as spam from legitimate messages, false-negative are markings as legitimate of spam messages. These are without doubt the false positives that are the most difficult to notice, often buried in a large mass of spam.

The lowest range spam is the most common

Victor hugo even God annoyed by him insultes-avec-classe-de-personnages-historiques

The interest of comment spam is to promote a particular web page to search engines, on the one hand, and human visitors, on the other hand.

However, if you look a little spam your blog, you will quickly find that the bulk of the spam is very low range and therefore easily identifiable. Indeed, many messages target or your blog, or even a blog in general, but all the technologies of publication online. Spammers spam so any will, by reducing the costs to the point that their spam campaign is useless, but they clearly do not have the skills required to become aware.

Protect themselves from spam

Manual validation

First, make sure that all comments are first waiting for validation.

To do this, go to wordpress, I personally use jetpack, but there are many others.

positive comments 01

positive comments


It is a challenge-response test used in computing, to ensure that a response is not generated by a computer. The acronym "CAPTCHA" is based on the word capture, and comes from the completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart1 ("Test of Turing public completely automated to distinguish human computers").

There are some that are fun kind solve a puzzle mini. As long as the computer cannot think, the method is effective.

Most of the spam from robots is stuck with this.

Filter askinet

Then I advise you to download the (free) askimet plugin.

It automatically checks all comments and filter those that resemble the adverse.

Now with this you are already not badly protected, robots will have difficulty to pass comments. However there remains manual insults and trolls, for this we will use a last filter.

Let's see now how get dozens see more positive comments from the insults.

At this stage you always manual insults and trolls, but the comments without interests to promote a competing blog are removed.

The Black list to filter the insults

As transform insults is long, I propose a filtration first lowest insults, so you'll have less work.

It is necessary to filter the good from the bad
It is necessary to filter the good from the bad

Always in jetpack, there's a blacklist in the comment section. You simply paste the list below. It contains hundreds of insults and insults poorly spelled like asshole /conard/ conar variants / konar /konard. This protects insults, and we'll still push the CAP more far.

The downside is that some words pose problems such as:

  • bastard on a dog or crazy forum, because it is too severe (fol. for example will mark all comments as madness etc.),
  • Some words might appear, because as the word CON because wordpress will banish words such as about, shocking…
  • Nike also, as this may be the brand or a derivative of the insult picnic.
  • Mongolian in a history forum
  • pudding in a forum kitchen
  • It is still possible to insult with typography kind c * o – n + n/n – e * r + d (searching, if you have ideas, post a comment :), no need to register.

Finally the examples are not lacking so I therefore advise you to take a look before making stupidly copy paste.


Think to banish the annoying ip that insults regularly, this should also limit the undesirable persons, they will be require to go insult from public places so they will lose a lot of time, the goal being that they lose 10 times more than you.

positive comments 02


Words to put in the black list as jetpack, use copy/paste simply


Below is the list improve in l excel (bottom), in fact it y of the words removed like quiche (quiche lorraine), naughty etc that you might use.

SHIFT 14/03/2016

  • Aabgenusta
  • Kim
  • Faller of bowling
  • Abicus
  • Asshole
  • hoarder
  • Fireball
  • Ceská
  • Agarka
  • Aghapo
  • Aghyoul
  • Agnaflai
  • Agoun, Agouna
  • Agouna
  • Abolaji
  • Agui Mauffais
  • Ahchounimek
  • Aho
  • Aho/Baka
  • Ahtchoune Yemek
  • Ahuri
  • shark
  • Alburostre
  • alburostre
  • ALE Fiberfill To Mama
  • ALE Fe squeegee has or
  • ALE iron Forhan
  • ALE Marcé Don!
  • Gone sell Brede
  • go fuck his mother
  • Go fuck her dead
  • go fuck
  • go endauffer
  • go get fucked
  • go update
  • Alveopyge
  • Ambisenestre
  • Agarwal
  • Amina Koyim
  • Admiral de bateau-lavoir
  • amphitryon
  • AMU Cocoro
  • Anchoress
  • anchoress
  • anacoluthe
  • Babet
  • Anal beast face
  • Illiterate
  • illiterate
  • illiterate
  • Ahmad Ahmad
  • Anani Síkim
  • Anarane
  • Lama'anayin friend
  • Anchoie
  • Andouille
  • ass
  • anthracite
  • anthropophage
  • anthropopitheque
  • Antirotodongyrateur
  • anus
  • Anus of Octopus
  • anus of Octopus
  • Apache
  • appareilleuse
  • apprentice-dictator in coconut
  • Aptal
  • Archeodendrite
  • Argunte
  • Ariyoul
  • Harlequin
  • Back of ass
  • Arschloch
  • Arschloch
  • Fowler
  • Fowler
  • Artail
  • Asba
  • Ashboul Gabrak
  • Asilas
  • Asina Sicaime
  • Aspermogene
  • Vacuum cleaner A Muscadet
  • vacuum cleaner with muscadet
  • Asshole
  • Asino
  • Assisted
  • asteque
  • Maggot
  • Astronaut of freshwater
  • Atarde
  • Ateye
  • athlete-complete
  • lingered
  • autocrat
  • self-taught
  • Aventiz
  • Runt
  • runt
  • Azini Sikiyim

look like idiot marx-insultes-avec-classe-de-personnages-historiques groucho

There you should no longer have insults, however there may be individuals who pass the net, trolls for example emails, we will turn them into positive comments. Because what more frustrating in addition to wasting their time these people will help you to promote your blog!


Just replace comments by generic very positive feedback to frustrate the spammers / trolls who spend the net so that they give up.


A little tour in edit comments (top left of wordpress, where there are 1 on the circle) and voila. Change comments by what you want history to defeat spammers, do not forget to delete the links in their comments (circle all right) and verify the name (left circle).

positive comments 03

The result of the change.

positive comments 04

Then validate, but remember that most comments are long and relevant, more google goes well categorize you.

Yes you are going to say it's very cow. Yes of course, but it's terribly effective, plus you have negative comments, more there are positives and insults are never published, you quickly the peace and google will mount your site because you will have free content.

Some of these spam like l´ are common. But I put a list in order to draw, the best is still to make a relevant and long comment on the subject.

General comments.

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those with a small modification to


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False well generic responses to these comments.

Thank you for this wonderful encouragement, I fully agree with you, we should all adopt *.

You have others? Thank you for enriching the basis of your comments.


Bonus my delirium, full of synonyms for thief:

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