Response to readers


Here, I got a comment from a reader:

I congratulate you very much for your very rewarding site, it is true that I'm not on the investment and Finance site, but yours is very well developed. However, unlike the others, opportunities you offer are intended only for the French public, unfortunately, which somehow reduces its scope. I'd be happy if you offer opportunities to which any who and whatever it is can take part. Love your


Response to readers

Actually the site solutions mainly French or, at best, European as pretup, mintos… Particularly from the Canada and Africa and a little Belgians and Luxembourgers.

It is true that universal solutions are almost all of the arnaques(beonpush / trafficmoonsoon). However there are actually a few solutions like amazon that are still available in a large number of country I am going to try to offer you.


So I also want to give valid solutions in several countries. patience, I'm not a business, it takes me time who is not paid (in fact, if my compensation is about €0.2 / hour…)

Your comment has been heard!

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