Easiup test and notice of the Muslim crowdfunding platform for l´education


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Easiup is the platform of loans and donations for l´education. It is also designed to comply with the ethical Charter of the Muslim religion.

may 2016: redesign in progress

Presentation of Easiup

EASI Up fills a critical shortage by giving visibility to educational projects, training and access to employment.

Indeed, many ideas do not materialise due to lack of funding. Associations or companies with desperate needs for students who limit their ambitions, or even abandon their curriculum, deterred by the costs associated with it, the challenge is of size.

Therefore, we is thought it essential to offer an alternative to the conventional finance system. With the recent development of the crowdfunding (literally "financing by the crowd" or participatory financing), the opportunity is now given to individuals to encourage the emergence of a new type of projects based on ethics, sharing, mutual assistance and a sustainable vision.

EASI Up therefore presents itself as open to all (EU residents) crowdfunding platform while promoting of projects in line with Muslim ethics.

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Why pay /donner?

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Why borrow?

What types of projects are allowed?

Arts, charity, Education, environment, spiritual, sports, technology, other.

Must the project necessarily comply with the ethics Charter?

Any project must be in full agreement with the ethics Charter. It is an inviolable condition otherwise your project removed from the platform.

If the purpose of the collection is reached, the amount is paid into your account after deduction of the commission's success Easi Up amounting to 5.5% VAT.


EASI Up is not responsible for the repayment of the loan to rate Zero. It is the project bearer to ensure that they are well done.

A timetable allows the bearer of project as well as the contributor to know the date of repayment of the different monthly payments. They are debited to the account of the project bearer then are redistributed in proportion to the participation of each contributor to the project.

Where the project bearer is unable to repay the monthly payment, Easi Up team will handle the project bearer contact and, where appropriate, will try to find a solution that would be acceptable to the greatest number. In all cases, a debt recognition is possible, and highly recommended.

Ethical Charter:

The ethical Charter of Easi Up is the transposition of the Muslim ethical principles in the life of the business. She competed so to enforce a certain number of commitments in all acts, the communication materials and throughout the life of the project on the platform.

Moral commitments in general:

  • Spirit of probity and fairness to fulfil its commitments
  • Spirit of mutual assistance and solidarity to share the wealth which we have been entrusted by placing humans at the heart of the approach
  • Spirit of generosity for entrepreneurship and economic development in the long term

Commitments in the economic sphere:

  • Primacy of work on money (capital)
  • Rule of trade on annuities (money collected without exchanges / effort) approach of responsibility and moderation in all things shoo balance)

Financial commitments:

  • No remuneration based on the interest or the passage of time
  • No speculation on what it does not
  • No blur, no room for deceit in counterparties


Contractual commitments:

  • What is the object of the contract is known and exist (accurate and verifiable information)
  • All that allows to determine the conditions is explicit (sources and financial counterparties are lawful)
  • Anything that involves services or various benefits is honored (in accordance with the French legislation in force)

Communication commitments:

  • Code of non-racism and respect for the dignity of human, animal and environmental
  • Code of neutrality without yielding to sectarianism (School of thought or other) Code of good manners according to Muslim ethics (modesty, good conduct, respect for others, etc.)

Principle of honesty and charity in Islam ("the most beloved people by Allah are those that are most useful to others…" meaning hadith)

Principle and purpose of economic values in Islam ("God has permitted trade and prohibits Riba, the bank interest" Qur'an (2, 275))

Principle of anchoring in the real economy (it is the ensuing risk that legitimate financial flows)

Principle of respect for the rules of transactions in Islam (original permission: everything that is not forbidden is allowed)

Principle of respect for the rules of decency in relations with third parties (balance in all things)

It is important to remember that Easi Up is a crowdfunding platform which is only in relation to project holders and contributors on the principle of transparency.

It has by no means designed to ensure fundraising or their proper use, amount or methodology, or to ensure the profitability and sustainability of projects.

In practice, Easi Up is a service benefits of a technical platform that promotes entrepreneurship and good initiatives and their development through a more ethical, more virtuous finance.

Building together a community of projects

Our mission is to help you build a stronger, more cohesive and more emancipated community in economic and financial fields. It is therefore important to promote a sustainable dynamics using financial tools and contractual arrangements simpler and more consistent with Muslim ethics.

We will succeed together. The rules of conduct and the principles of legality, we offer you are to manage at best, beyond legal obligations, relations between the different parties.

We offer this Charter, based on the rules of islam in jurisprudence of economic and social relations. In return, we promise:

  1. Investors:

Do our utmost to avoid fraud, perfidy and illegal projects focusing on or even imposing to the promoters of financial contracts consistent with Muslim ethics, while asking you to keep your promises for contribution.

  1. Charitable project holders:

To make our possible to avoid misunderstandings, amalgam or cultic aberrations in your harvest donations projects online; respect for your promises in terms of consideration and transparency in your communication is a strict obligation.

  1. To the promoters for profit:

To require your conduct exemplary in the mounting of your project, a scrupulous respect for the financial terms, a responsible approach in your communication, all this according to the rules of Islam.

All, we wish you great success in your projects, in a cordial and entrepreneurial setting, reminding you that only the most high is the guarantor of the results.

NB: It will be possible for the promoters to profit to participate in sessions and other training workshops hosted in part by members of our Ethics Committee (upcoming terms).


3 possibilities of Islamic finance: loans without interest (riba), donations, pre-sale

Actors easiup

  1. Don: it is mainly intended for associations and finance charitable (humanitarian aid does not fall within this category).
  2. Presale: users will be able to finance the development of a product and above all to be part of the privileged who receive preview.
  3. Zero rate loan: exclusively for students, collected sums are used to finance tuition fees only. The amount is capped at € 10,000.



Issue security

EASI UP is a brand of the 570 Asset Management with a capital of €10,000 registered in the register of trade and companies of Paris under number 529 861 445 and whose registered office is located 2 rue Moulin – 75005 Paris iron. 570 Asset Management holds the status of investment finance, recorded at ORIAS No. 11063271, and member of the CNCIF, association approved by the AMF.


With Easi Up, you have at your service a dedicated and ambitious, full of ideas and skills, team in a dynamic and lively environment by a "start-up" spirit. Those responsible for projects and contributors totalled nearly 20 years (so 3 7 years on average per person) of cumulative experience in major financial groups.

My opinion after the test

Already in the surprise good 1 project topic, islam and religion but more education as not too oriented c´est said their slogan. Indeed the site surfing on two niches and j´avais especially l´impression qu´on was on l´islam. in all cases c´est not with this site that you are going to make l´argent, c´est more to vocation to generosity. It must be said that support of purely religious project would have can be done debate in France at this time.

Compared credofunding which is much more oriented religion (Catholicism), but allows the interests that does not allow this up easi.

 The main menu is can hidden because l´icone is really small when connecting but
 nothing dramatic.
easy up 01
The back office is a little light for my taste. What is funny c´est that exactly the same c´est than credofunding.
easy up 03
There are many students who wish to finance their studies (what I understand c´est expensive, poorly paid subsequently (a master HR or finance major promo allows you to d´avoir € 1700 crude at the mieaux) and especially it y a long phase d unemployment after which is difficult to repay a loan.)

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