3rd principle: PEGR and RPRG

RPRG: small effort rewards
RPRG: small effort rewards

3rd principle: PEGR (small effort big results); RPRG (big Efforts small results). In the life of every day watch and see who grows and how they do

Observe that s´enrichit and with what efforts

Look around you, in the life of every day and see who grows and how they do. In 90% of cases, you will see these two concepts at work (collect your rent or work). Be aware to recognize them and use them to enrich you.

In fact most of the people you worked with are in mode effort small results, for example they work lasts for a payslip, 1700 in France for a minimum of 140 hours (extra hours often are not reported).

Except that the work, and l´ont can tell me what l´on wants, is a necessity for most d´entre us.

While cash passive income requires that very can d´effort, just look a balance sheet of what has been cashed, in short a few hours per week.

Mode: switch from RPRG to PEGR

Put yourself in mode PEGR by acquiring assets that generate income and you will earn your financial independence faster. Use the RPRG mode funding loss of liabilities by buying assets that degrade and you fatigue to impoverish you. If you are in mode RPRG you provide a considerable effort to enrich you while in l´autre mode a few hours are sufficient.

We are necessarily in the RPRG early in our life

For all those who do not have heritage or starting capital, we are necessarily RPRG at the beginning of our economic life, because it must work.

However some will leave with an advantage or a handicap (savings or credit).

I am referring here primarily individuals who have a student credit, car or housing while d´autres will be opened by parents/grandparents life insurance.

1st goal: start mode PEGR

Your first goal should be to move as quickly as possible in mode PEGR and make income from your assets give you access to financial freedom.

To do this start by getting a good financial education by properly informing you on the subject, not to l´ecole, but observing people who succeed.

There are many and good books about this, or alternatively you can also read this site. This will gently at first and you go have a share more increasingly important passive income as time.

At the beginning you go put some income rate to constitute you a d´urgence background.

Then you are going to invest little by little to create revenues 'liabilities. I put passive in quotes, because they are not entirely passive, they are just very decorreles of working time.

Basically whether you lifting the morning you receive your income.

This concept was in the book of Oliviser seban, and yes I does not reinvent the wheel. But I really recommend you to buy it

everyone merit being rich despite the crisis

so I think to a proverb when writing this article:

If hard work we became rich, donkeys would have the Golden bat, where l displays on the site…

And yes the motto of the site comes from this article, indeed I find it quite suitable.

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